Two foundations was banned by Russia

Originally announced in Fortune magazine:
Two foundations that George Soros established was banned by Russia recently. The foundations are The Open Society Foundation and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation. Russia does give a reason for the ban. They say the foundations are hurting their security, and they go against their constitution. There could be another reason for the ban. Russia and Ukraine has been at odds with each other. George Soros had been asking Europe to put the Ukraine issue upfront and he was wanting for them to send more relief to the Ukrainian people. The Foundations are puzzled by this ban because according to them they have helped Russia, not hurting them. Back in 1979,George Soros started the Open Society Foundation to help South Africans get scholarships. Presently George has many foundations that assist in many pressing issues around the world. Source:

Also originally announced on CNBC:
The banning was not enough for Russia, there was a college library that burned 53 books that was associated with George Soros’ foundations. Along with those 53 books, there were 427 books that were destroyed. Russia’s reason behind the book burning and book destroying was because the books was giving a different point of view of Russia to people. Source:<ahref=url>

According to the Open Society Foundation website, George Soros is an extraordinary man. He had sent copiers to the Eastern Bloc in the 1980’s so they can print documents that were forbidden. He also promoted critical thinking by investing in an university called Central European University. With his foundations, he has given assistance to paralegals and lawyers who help people who are wrongfully accused. Through his foundations, he also brought to light issues dealing the Roma people. He provided education to the Roma people. Source:<ahref=url>

As stated on his website and Bloomberg, George was born in 1930. He fled the Nazi takeover in Hungary in 1947. George went to England to escape Hungary. He is alumni of London School of Economics. George began a hedge fund called Quantum Fund when he moved to the United States. In 2011, his foundations had investments of 835 million. Also in 2011, George stated that he was going to change the Soros Fund Management to a family affair and give money back to the outside investors. George has written many books, articles, and essays. His articles and essay are featured in many newspapers and magazines around the world.
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Igor Cornelsen Gives Investors A Few Heads Up On Brazilian Investments

Igor Cornelsen is an accredited investor that is considered to be an expert in Brazilian investments. Cornelsen has successfully invested in Brazil, when most investors were hesitant to enter the Brazilian markets. Igor Cornelsen’s approach is one of caution, patience and long term strategy. Brazil abounds in opportunity for the wise investor, but like any investment you must look beyond immediate results and see a long term plan unfolding or else you will fail.

Mr. Cornelsen has amassed a fortune through his investments in Brazil. He has become an expert figure not only on Brazilian investments and the Brazilian economy, but as a highly respected figure in the broad world of stock marketing investing. Igor Cornselsen on flickr has started his own “stock market investing” firm where he coaches up and coming investors who want to know the in and out of the investment game. Mr. Cornelsen also does consulting work, where he advises clients be they independent investors or institutional investors working for firms on how to better manage their assets.

Igor Cornelsen has several strategies and tips for investors looking to enter the Brazilian market for the first time. He also shares some general tips that will benefit the investor wherever he invests in. Igor Cornelsen’s first tip for any investor in Brazil or China or anywhere else is to view investing as a long term game, not a short term game where profits are immediate. Focusing on only the present and fast and big returns spells disaster for the investor. Such an approach leads to poor decisions with lack of insight, and makes investors more likely to cheat. Take Bernie Madoff for example. His desire for quick and easy returns with little thought for the future culminated in his imprisonment and the largest Ponzi scheme in history. A long term approach is the approach that all investors in the stock market should have if they wish to be successful and in the game for a long time.

Specifics to keep in mind when investing in Brazil include paying close attention to foreign currency restrictions. Currency exchanges and foreign currency transactions can be tightly regulated and restricted. Make sure you comply with the rules and have a reliable financial medium in which you could conduct business through. This is especially important if you are a foreigner and not residing in Brazil. It is also important to expect some red tape in Brazil. New regulations can make it difficult to trade and invest in certain companies and sectors. Being aware of new rules and restrictions will give you an edge and allow you to gauge the risk of investments in Brazil. Getting acquainted with native Brazilians is another strategy that Cornelsen advocates. You may get inside knowledge through natives, that otherwise would be unknown to you. Be friendly to natives and strike up a conversation and it may just land you a nice investment opportunity.

An Overview of Greg Hague and Real Estate Mavericks

According to an article published on Forbes magazine, Greg Hague has played major role in the residential real estate sector for more than 30 years. Hague, the founder of Real Estate Mavericks, is an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is also a lawyer, author, and also a law professor. He is best known for shaking real estate industry where he has created a number of real estate companies that are famous across the U.S. Hague noted that the general process of selling residences has not changed over the last 75 years.


According to him, Amazon strategies are not applied when selling real estate. After conducting his research, Hague found out that home sellers are losing between 3-8 percent of the price of the homes due to current inefficiency. People are still using traditional methods where real estate agents are consulted and erects a sign on the property, the home is placed in MLS, a few ads are made, open days are held, and then a buyer is found. Hague thinks this strategy should not be applied in the 21st century, and compares it to a grocer who places a loaf of bread on the shelf.


Hague says it more sophisticated to launch an iPhone costing $500, than to place a home worth $500,000 on the market. He intends to turn things around in this sector using his latest venture, Real Estate Mavericks. This is a real estate coaching firm, where Hague has developed crucial steps and formula that home sellers should follow when placing their property on the market. Real Estate Mavericks will educate home sellers on the process and steps that would increase demand on their property because according to Hague, the value of a property is determined by the time it has stayed on the market.


One of the step contained in the 22-Step Home Launch Formula, is to follow a set sequence before erecting a yard sign and also before placing the home on MLS. The listing agents will use marketing strategies like amazing home at remarkable price coming soon, to attract the attention of potential buyers and increase the demand of that property. Hague says that buyers tend to pay more for homes when they are exposed out there for all to see.


Greg Hague is a real estate expert who has worked in this industry for 35 years. So far he has build several real estate firms that are among the best performers in the United States. Hague is ranked among the top agents dealing in luxury homes. Previously he served at Wall Street Journal as a real estate specialist and has trained more than 10,000 top real estate brokers in the U.S.


Men and their Sharp New Styles

The Trend of the Modern Man
The Business Insider has reported that there is good reasons why the modern man has been dressing better. They have become concerned about the overall fit of their shirts. The modern man is now accessorizing in many new ways. They have even been purchasing belts that match and glasses that can be viewed as cool. The current trend excludes the notion that the average guy cannot dress well. Men do not need to be afraid to look and feel their best.

The Internet has Changed the Way Men Shop
Men have not always taken so much time on their appearance. You may wonder why the modern man is emerging into sharp new styles. The internet has made shopping much more convenient for the well-dressed man. The shopping experience omits the long lines and e-commerce has experienced a large growth. Expect an additional 15 percent projection in this overall growth within the next five years.

Paul Evans Will Change Every Man’s Game
Paul Evans will provide luxury footwear to every modern man. High-end Italian and stylish shoes will change the game when walking into the next business meeting. Every man will enjoy a new and highly distinguished new look and feel. Looking great in a comfortable shoe that is made from the highest quality materials will leave any man feeling satisfied. The game will change with a little help from Paul Evens.

Thinking Ahead an Paul Evens
Paul Evens is one company that thought ahead. Direct-to-consumer and Paul Evens were ahead of the times. E-commerce and convenience led the way. This luxury Italian footwear already knew what their customers desired from a great shopping experience. Great quality with a great price. Combine these items with an exceptional selection and convenience, you will discover that Paul Evans was thinking ahead.

U.S Money Reserve: Is the Penny on Its Way Out?

Philip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve president, appeared on an interview, CNBC Squawk Box, re the demise of the penny.

There is a debate regarding the use of the penny because no one uses it anymore. People throw them away or store them. Some people are questioning that if the penny is out of circulation, it may cause inflation. Philp Diel does not agree with that argument. Penny lobbyists are the ones who want to keep the penny in circulation. Furthermore, Philip Diel states that only 25% of transactions are in cash, and the remaining 75 % is in electronic form, so only a small amount of sales would be affected by the elimination of the penny. Also, more competition amongst companies would encourage them to increase the penny.

There is an argument that if goods get priced at $4.99, $3.99, and $2.99, the value of the penny will go up, and it gets rounded off. Philip Diehl does not agree. He thinks that the penny could be rounded down, and no one wants to get a customer angry over one cent. Additionally, eliminating the penny does not create a new situation because companies could lower or raise prices regardless. Philip Diehl did agree, however, that if the penny gets eliminated, one will save $105 million dollars annually.

Another argument is that if Philip Diehl is against the penny, shouldn’t he also be against the nickel because it costs more than five cents to make? Philip Diehl states that the nickel is slightly different because they could easily change the composition of the metal to make it more profitable. Conversely, the penny is useless because it has been worthless for the past 25 years.

Philip Diel got asked a question re who benefits by keeping the penny in circulation. He states that the Mint does not produce pennies. The job is outsourced. The mint only stamps coins, bags them, and sends them to the Federal Reserve. It is the zinc lobbyists who want to keep the pennies in circulation because the penny is 97.5% zinc. Moreover, the Illinois Congressional Delegation has been an active supporter of the penny because Abraham Lincoln appears on it.


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Bruce Levenson, Donations, and The Center for Philanthropy

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership was made possible by seed money from Bruce and Karen Levenson. This Center is located at the University of Maryland, and raises some ten thousand dollars every semester. Altogether, the annual twenty-thousand dollar yield of the center is distributed among nonprofit groups that are deemed worthy of the donation. Basically, Bruce Levenson of UCG is primarily responsible for an organization that is perpetually philanthropic. This was his aim, this has been his hope, and it is his continual joy. According to Karen Levenson, what they’ve done with the center is the “most profound” philanthropic pursuit of either Levenson. The Center seems as though it is poised to succeed, too. It’s already grown enough that a dormitory has been added. As well, prominent nonprofit agencies throughout D.C. regularly recruit from The Center. Organizations such as the Marriott Foundation and the Smithsonian are especially pleased with the leadership and philanthropy acumen undergraduate and graduate students affiliated to The Center achieve. According to many in the nation’s capital, this Center is a leading organization for such training in the country. Many don’t realize that Bruce Levenson is so involved in philanthropy, or so passionate about it. He is best known as the owner of a prominent NBA team. But Bruce has exceptional philanthropic pursuits, and he continues to render such support to agencies of the nonprofit persuasion. According to the PR Newswire article this writing summarizes, The Center has had a national impact, even sending graduate students as far as India.

Great Places To Continue Living In An Easy Access To Add On Service Environments

If, it has been quite a long time since visiting a grandparent in an assisted living facility many are surprised by how fantastic current places are for married couples, singles and even close friends. It has become a fabulous chance for those to start out early on, in retirement residing in their own single family home. The great thing is later on services can be added. This is a great option for not knowing what the end of life will bring. It gives people a chance to fly solo as long as need be. Family never have to worry because all it takes is a quick add on to current services.

There are many perks, in living in a place like this. Besides family having an easier time dealing with an aging parent it is also a great chance to achieve a wonderful sense of security. This is something that can be overwhelming as the aging process is often different than expected. This way freedom can be had but options in stand alone places can later be placed with the Senior. After all it should be one of the most enjoyable times of life, the golden years.

The Manse on Marsh is one fabulous facility quite worth checking out if one is looking for something in the San Luis Obispo California area. They have numerous options to help a loved one cope with the aging process. The best time to get into that is often before one reaches old age as it makes life much easier to have things in place rather than to meet an uncertain point later on in life. At the very least go take a tour of the fabulous facilities and talk to parents about setting a plan in place before it gets to be to late.

It offers great opportunities for retirement planning and the Manse on Marsh is setup just like a home so it is comfortable to visit, and they search for the best staff for that reason. It is like sitting and visiting with a friend in the living room instead of being at a place that is cold and lonely. The warmth of the Manse is often times heartwarming and the care provided is spectacular. It gives each visitor a real sense of family, something reputable sites like praised. That is coming from the staff, the people who live and the center and also the owner is all about see to it that it keeps up its award winning persona.

Retirement planning can be overwhelming but, when you go to a place that is all about making people feel a certain type of comfort, it is a great place to be. There is no need be at it alone it is a complete team format.

Jamie Garcia Dias Creates His Mark In Brazilian Literature

A Pioneer in Brazilian Literature
Jamie Garcia Dias is clearly an intriguing individual. He is indeed a pioneer in the Brazilian literature area, and is well known internationally as a painter as well. This is a person who is filled with colorful character. He is known very well in the Brazilian literature and also as a wordpress blogger. He has actually been writing for many years. He began in the year 1985. He is amazing because he started to write at the age of 15. He writes in a truthful and arousing style. He has the ability to engross the reader with his captivating content. He is a master of the pen. Jamie Garcia Dias has a fine reputation in the financial arena as well. He does appear to be passionate in regards to Brazilian literature. He is a human being who is astute and clear. These qualities come through in his writing.

A Renown and Celebrated Brazilian Writer
Jamie Garcia Dias has earned the respect and admiration of many, and that has translated into tons of Facebook fans and Twitter followers as well. He is indeed a celebrated author. He has been honored with numerous literary awards. He is the author of approximately 20 books. He is an educated man. He was educated at University of Rio de Janeiro. He also joined the Carioca Literature Academy. He passed his knowledge onto his own students. He became a teacher of literature. There is good reason for the celebration of this renown writer.

Dedicated to Brazilian Culture and Brazilian Life
It is not hard to understand the reasons for the honors and awards that Jamie Garcia Dias has been the recipient of, and all of them have been listed through his site. This is a truthful man who clearly seems to be dedicated in every way to Brazil. He is a fascinating writer who inspires magical and majestic words and stories. He is a wonderfully gifted author who instills a sense of curiosity.

Doe Deere Is Breaking All Of The Rules

Doe Deere is the mastermind behind the Lime Crime make up line. Ever since Deere was little she loved things like makeup and fairytales. She had a dream to create a makeup that was cruelty free and fun. She wanted to incorporate the idea of fantasy and fairytales with her makeup brand. With Lime Crime she was able to do just that. Doe Deere was born in Russia, and she loved to look at Eastern European tales and plays. When her preschool teacher had asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up, she said that she wanted to be a mermaid.

Deere is a woman that is really into fashion, music, and subcultures. She believes that makeup is something that should make women happy. She wants makeup to be a way that a woman can express herself. Deere attended the Fashion Institute of technology in New York City. She worked in fashion design and illustration and she ended up dropping out early and starting her own clothing line. After working as a designer, she began to experiment with makeup. That is how she got into creating Lime Crime. Deere was able to start a company with just a couple hundred dollars and now it is a mega-success.

The Bustle did an interview with Deere to get some of her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break. The first beauty rule is to not wear a bold eye with a bold lip. Deere says that she likes to break this rule every day. Deere likes to do things like use blue milk eyeliner and red velvet lipstick. She enjoys rusty reds and vibrant colors for lipstick. Deere believes that this is a mix that makes her happy, so she does it. The next fashion rule that Deere likes to break is to not mix too many colors. Generally in the makeup world, they say that too much makeup can make a person look like a clown, but Deere believes that she should be unapologetic about adding splashes of color.

The next beauty trend that she loves to break is to not mix too many patterns. Deere believes that patterns are fun and the more patterns that can be worn, the merrier. The fourth beauty rule that she doesn’t adhere to is to not wear socks with open toed shoes. Deere loves socks, in fact she calls herself a socks addict. Since socks are a piece of clothing that are super fun, she believes that there is no reason to hide them.

The next beauty secret that she does not adhere to is to wear neutral clothing when hair is an unnatural color. Even though Deere believes that black-and-white can be great settings for a natural hair, she loves to wear different color clothes to mix things up. Deere is a woman that has always stuck to the things that she has believed to be true, and that is why she has been able to be such a success in the fashion industry.

The Success of Coriant

Coriant is a company that was formed in 2013 to become one of the most successful network operating companies around the world. The technology that Coriant is currently using is being funded through Siemens Optical Network, Tellabs, as well as Sycamore Networks. The company itself became an independent company from Nokia Siemens Networks which was owned by a company called Marlin Equity Partners.

The products that are offered through Coriant are of top-notch quality. This particular enterprise sells hardware as well as software for the purpose of creating both an effective as well as an efficient operating system. The operating system enables businesses to access the cloud which will further the advancement of e-commerce.

This network operating system enables networks to create a new way of gaining a high revenue through the optimization of business to consumer applications. These specific applications include video, mobile, and even the cloud. To prove that this company is efficient and productive, the networking operating system is currently being used by over one hundred thousand different clients in over 100 different countries. This service provided is the optimal service for cloud and data center operators, large enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, as well as for utility companies. The overall network is powerful which satisfies the needs of any client of Coriant.

The current CEO and innovator behind Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir. Shaygan Kheradpir is both a business as well as a technology executive who has held an executive position at other corporations including GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Network. What has made him so successful for every business he has been involved in, is the fact that he uses product development as well as cost-cutting initiatives.

Mr. Kheradpir’s extensive knowledge in electrical engineering as steered Coriant further to become even more innovative. He is an efficient leader that understands when costs need to be cut and he understands where to cut the costs. This type of knowledge and instinct has gained him success of the years to build and grow several developing companies around the world that are currently some of the most well known companies.