Josh Verne: Prospering in Life and Enterprise

When we come to the realization that we are the ones that limit ourselves in life, we will be able to prosper. In life, as in management, there are two types of managers. The boss is all about getting the job done and so he is authoritative and difficult. Leaders on the other hand are not so bottom down in their approach. At the end of the day, leaders rather than bosses get the job done.


Look for a Win-Win


A win for yourself should also be a win for your client and your employees. You should not settle for conditions that are hurting to your business and your life. This way of thinking programs you to always look for the best solutions to life problems.


Listening to Others More


Listen skills are a rare thing among leaders or people in positions of authority. It takes a lot of maturity to be able, as a leader, to pay attention to what those who follow you are suggesting or encouraging. When you learn to speak less, your words will have more authority when you finally get to say something.




Moderation in life and in business ensures a good balance. If you overdo one thing the other suffers. For instance if you over indulge office work, your personal and social life begins to suffer.


Your Passion


When you find out what it is in your life that you are passionate about, you will be able to sore higher in life and in business. That which excites you to action will propel you to success in all areas of your life. Find out the thing that you love doing and you will find success and happiness.


Josh Verne


In 2012, was started by Josh, Paul Dumas and Jon Dorfiman. Today, Josh Verne is CEO at Flocku is used by students as a platform to read, watch and share things.


Before teaming up with his colleagues to start, Josh was Home Line Furniture’s co- president. Today, owing to his expertise on how to grow and develop enterprises, Josh is widely sort by business minded folk to provide pointers on how to start and grow an enterprise. He advices balance in all areas of life.


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Contouring with Wengie


Wengie gives a contouring tutorial for both day and night. She notes that during the daytime, the harsh light can cause contouring lines to show up and a lighter touch is needed than during the night.

For the daytime contour look, Wengie states that she prefers to use a highlighting formula to contour rather than a dark contouring color. She uses a brightening formula or a ligher colored foundation to bring out the parts of her face she wants to draw attention to, such as her forehead, nose, chin, and cupid’s bow. She then uses her regular foundation on the rest of her face and blends thoroughly with a beauty blender to create a natural daytime contour look that isn’t super obvious in harsh lights. She also notes that if you want a more stated contour, you should use a foundation 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone, as this makes it look like your skin is naturally darker in those areas and doesn’t leave obvious lines.

For nighttime, Wengie starts with a full coverage foundation, then uses a lighter concealer to highlight the areas she wants to have pop. She uses a dark matte brown to contour her nose, under her cheekbones, and along her jawline. She notes that you want to contour under your jawline. She notes that having a contour line from the corner of your eye to your temple can help enunciate a winged liner. She then blends the light colors first, and the dark colors last. She comments that she likes using her fingers for her nose, and that you should always contour dark colors away from a highlight, not towards it.

She ends by commenting on how much she loves contouring and how it’s an awesome way to sculpt your face into a shape you like, and how much better contoured faces look in pictures.

Which EOS Lip Balm Should You Try?

Up until a few years ago, most people had never heard about Evolution of Smooth (EOS) products. That is, until the founders of the New York-based company were able to secure a deal with Walgreen’s and expose their products to customers who have become fans of the brand. It also doesn’t hurt that celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have been known to use EOS lip balm as well.

EOS lip balms stand out because of their spherical shape, and a number of knock-off drug store brands have emulated the shape of the lip balms as well. The colors of the lip balms are also an indication of the their flavors. For instance, sweet mint is a light green color, and feature ingredients that keeps the lips protected in cold weather. Medicated tangerine, which is available in an orange sphere, acts as a shield for lip as well, and helps to prevent cold sores. Summer Fruit, which is a combination of peach, strawberry and blueberry, gives the lips a subtle tint and a pleasant scent while protecting the lips with antioxidants.

EOS also has a line of hand lotions that keep the skin moisturized and youthful, and shaving creams that protect the skin during hair removal. For more information on all the great products EOS has to offer, visit The products are available on Target stores and online at Ulta.

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Securus Technologies Blasts GTL For Negative Comments

A company like Securus Technologies takes what they do very seriously. That is why when GTL tried to say that they were not doing a good job for the public, they became enraged. The court system will take them a long time to fight GTL, so they took matters into their own hands in the meantime. They published an article that corrected all the negative comments.


Since they want the public to have a better idea of what they do, they invited them to their company. It is in Dallas, and there they will be able to see what technology they are working on, and how it will benefit the facilities that will use it. They will be able to ask questions of the company, and learn as much as they can while they are there during the presentation.


The company Securus Technologies has been in the safety field for many years, and they are the leader in the field. The government utilizes them for their expertise all over the nation, and the company deals with over 1,100,000 inmates throughout the year. They are use monitoring techniques like incident reports, interviews, videos and more. Every week, they are in the process of developing even more intricate ways to keep the public safe. They are exceptional at what they do, and they will continue to be a fantastic benefit to many companies throughout the country. They are known all over the world for what they can do, and they are commended for it all the time.


Christopher Burch’s vieiw on how fashion changes alongside technology

Mr. Christopher Burch, a renowned entrepreneur, believes that as technology improves, so does the fashion industry. According to Chris Burch, the two industries grow hand in hand. He argues this out by taking a look at the past, comparing it with the present and predicting what might happen in the future.

Taking a look at technology, people walked around with boom boxes in the 70s. This only allowed them to tune into their favorite stations, play cassettes and record them. In the 90s, the Walkman took over, allowing people to walk around with personal music. Currently, the iPod is the in thing. Chris Burch states that people go for a technology that they consider fashionable.

As for fashion, Mr. Burch argues that fashion designers are embracing technology in order to deliver. This, then, propels them to be more innovative and functional. He goes on to quote Anouk Wipprecht, a fashion designer that incorporates tech with fashion. Anouk compares technology to a playground, saying that they are similar. This, he explains, is because technology provides one with unlimited options as one goes deeper.

Mr. Bruch predicts a future in which fashion will be used to generate energy. He states that since kinetic energy can be used power devices such as watches, fashion designers are looking to incorporate features that generate energy into fashion. For instance, Soledad Martin, a fashion designer, is trying to come up with shoes that generate energy as one walks or runs. The energy can then be used to charge a phone.

About Christopher Burch

After graduating from Ithaca College with an undergraduate degree in 1976, Burch partnered with his brother, Bob. Together, they founded and grew Eagle’s Eye apparel, a business that they later came to sell at $165 million. The initial starting capital was $2000. This shows the entrepreneurial might that Mr. Burch has. He believes that there are three fundamental practices that one should have to be successful. Working together as a team is one of them. The others are being keen and taking notes when producing, and finding time to brainstorm and produce.

Burch’s experience in business is unmatched. He has been in the industry for over 40 years. He is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a company that he himself founded. Before this, he worked for many other companies, which he helped grow and become big brands. The Continuum Group and the Guggenheim Capital are a few examples of the companies. He served as a board member in both firms.

Focus on the Newly Appointed Capital Group Chairman

Capital Group’s Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Tim Armour as the new Chairman of the investment management firm. At the time of his appointment, Tim was the Chairman of the Capital Research and Management Company and the management committee of Capital Group. This change was a reflection of the leadership succession plan that had been projected for a number of years. The plan was finally formalized after the demise of the former chairman, the late Jim Rottenberg. Rottenberg died as a result of a heart attack.

Tim Armour’s Education and Rise at the Capital Group

Tim Armour started his career at the Capital Group Company in 1983 and has over the years added to his experience in the investment management industry. He was a student at Middlebury College, a private college in Middlebury, Vermont in the US, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. After his graduation, he joined The Capital Group as an associate’s program participant. His commitment level was soon recognized and he was promoted to become an equity investment analyst. The new position helped him cover global telecommunications and companies in the United States. He was then promoted to assistant chairman. He worked with other senior members in the passing, adjusting and implementing of the group’s overall strategies and monitored its operations.

Appointment as Chairman

Capital Group’s board of directors settled on Tim Armour to be the new chairman. Tim has defended a couple of times the track record of the group’s stock pickers in his Los Angeles-based office. In a recent interview, Tim stated that he always follows his first mantra, “we will get you better returns over time”. Tim explained that this mantra had brought him lots of success over his career.

Tim’s Advice to Investors on Choice of Managers

Armour is also a team player and often suggests to investors that they should strive to look for services from active managers who consider making an earning from their quality input. He believes that the best managers are those that devote most of their time to analysis and research in order to uncover the perceptions of a company’s imminent opportunities.

Janet Yang, CFA’s Thoughts on Capital Group’s Success

According to Janet Yang, CFA Capital Group has managed to stay at the top due to hard work. The group proved to everyone that it is an enduring franchise given its $1.4 trillion assets under its management, 7,000 employees and a rich history that spans over eight decades. The group has remained focused on investment, getting long-term results and is fully committed to its financial advisers.

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Jose Borghi, the Influential Brazilian Advertiser

Jose Borghi is the originator of the Brazilian ad agency, Mullen Lowe, which was formerly known company as Borghi Lowe. The firm is recognized as one of the leading advertisers in the mass media of Brazil. He is also the founder of important campaigns such as the of Parmalat’s Mammals. He realized his advertising dream while he was in high school. After attending a Castro Neves Theater performance, he began to develop an interest in his dreams and started perfecting them.

Jose Borghi started his first job in 1989 at the Standard Ogilvy agency. Others included the FCB, DM9, Talent and L’eo Burnett agencies. His vast experience in the various sectors allowed him to establish his agency firm, the BorghiErh in collaboration with Erh Ray.

The company was later changed to Borghi Lowe in 2006 after the division of the partnership. Since then, the firm has grown and gained popularity in the global and the domestic market. However, they recently merged with the Mullen Group to form the Mullen Lowe agency with Jose Borghi as co-CEO.

The renowned advertiser strongly believes in his dream even in teeth-troubling situations. Therefore, he is devoted to putting more efforts in his career for greater achievements. Besides campaign operations, he has acquired great responsibilities over significant companies.

For instance, Jose Borghi has led domestic and global firms in winning awards through advertising their products and services. This includes companies like Unilever, Fiat, Procter, American Express, Delta Airlines and Asia Motors. Moreover, he was nominated by APP as the Advertiser of the Year in 2009 in the 26th year columnists Sao Paulo.

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About Mullen Lowe

Located in Sao Paulo, the advertising agency provides marketing and advertising services to companies in Brazil. It is committed to enhancing creativity and innovation in their operations. The company’s primary goal is to raise their customer’s brands attention to higher levels. They also propose solutions to their clients that will increase their sales.

E-Commerce and Digital Tradeoff

Jose Borghi features a continued growing trend of E-Commerce. The great dealer says that such methods of trading are excellent alternatives to increase brand sales. It will facilitate satisfaction of consumer’s demands that are increasingly opting for digital businesses. Digital dealings have grown over the years becoming the core business form of many firms.

Additionally, Jose states that companies need to adapt to the consumer’s behaviors, who want to acquire modern practices and find needs in the quickest way. Moreover, the firms have to select the best Brazilian advertising strategies to increase their trade and motivate their clients to purchase their brands.

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A New Take on Cleansing Your Hair, WEN by Chaz Dean

What Do Traditional Shampoos Do to Your Hair?

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional shampoo that won’t strip your hair of natural oils and isn’t made up of harsh chemicals? If you answered yes then you might be interested in Wen hair care by Chaz Dean. Traditional shampoos do more damage than good to your hair. Traditional shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils, by doing this it will make your hair feel dry and frizzy. Traditional shampoos also contain harsh chemicals such as, Sulfate. The sulfate in your shampoo is what causes it to foam when mixed with water. Sulfate was originally used in factories as a way to clean engines. This Sulfate will also make your hair very dry and brittle, it can even irritate your scalp.

What is WEN Made of and What Does it Do?

WEN cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean is different. WEN does not contain Sulfate. WEN cleansing conditioner is made up of glycerin, which is used to moisturize the hair, chamomile extract which is used for its soothing and calming proprieties, wild cherry bark is used to help condition the hair, rosemary extract is used to soothe the hair and panthenol is used to help strengthen and restore your hair. With traditional shampoo you will need to use several products to wash, condition, and detangle your hair. When using WEN by Chaz Dean, there is no need for several products. WEN cleansing conditioner is a 5 in one product. WEN takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave in conditioner.

Summary of WEN by Chaz Dean

WEN by Chaz Dean is great for all hair types. WEN can help you get the manageable, healthy hair you want and deserve. WEN does not contain harsh chemicals such as sulfate, and will not strip your hair of natural oils or leave it dry and brittle. When using WEN there will be no need for several hair care products in the shower. WEN is an all in one cleansing conditioner designed to get your hair washed and feeling better in no time.




David Osio Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most important industries in the entire economy. Over the long term, this is an industry that can impact the entire economy. There are a lot of people who are trying to take things to the next level in this area. David Osio is someone who has done a great job of helping people get to the next level in this area. If you want to invest for the future, he is a great person to go to. Not only that, but he has a lot of experience with technology and developing applications to suit the needs of his customers. There are many people who are excited about all of things he is doing to get to the next level. David Osio has had a great career in real estate, and he is trying to use his experience to help as many people as possible during the process.


David Osio


From the time he was young, David Osio has always wanted to work in real estate. However, he is no longer buying and selling real estate like he was previously. Instead, he is trying his best to take things to the next level in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he is trying to leverage technology to help people who want to buy and sell property and make the best decision possible in this area. David Osio has developed a lot of applications in this area that will help people spot issues with local properties before they go and make an offer. This is something that a lot of people have been asking for.


Future Development


In the coming years, David Osio will continue to develop his products and services to meet the needs of clients. He has done a great job already of developing things in a way that will drive value for the future. With all of the changes recently in the real estate business, it is important to think about ways to improve your quality of life. David Osio is someone who is thinking about the long term trajectory of his life with every investment that he makes. This is something that he tries to encourage other people to do as well. If you want to invest for the future, he has a plan in place to help you achieve your goals.

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Brad Reifler the Man Behind Successful Companies

Brad Reifler is an American born businessman; he is the founder and the current chief executive officer of Forefront Capital. Brad has served as the CEO of the Forefront Capital Company since it was founded in the year 2009.

Before Reifler Founded Forefront, he was as the chief executive officer of Pali capital. Reifler had founded Pali capital 1995 and served as the CEO of the company till 2008. This was after he found out that his partner was involved in unlawful activities. For the time Reifler served as the chief executive officer of the company, Pali Capital had grown to $1bn in revenues, and the company had employed over 250 people. Pali had offices in Unite States, Latin America, Austria, and Singapore.

Just recently under the leadership of Brad Reifler, Forefront Capital launched a fund called Forefront Income Trust, funding that has made it possible for Middle-class Americans to invest in products that were reserved for the 1% of the population or the accredited investors. The fund is not related to the equity markets. It does not allow users to make any money until they reach a stake of 8%. For direct investors, a donation of 3% is made to veterans and military families.

Brad Reifler started his solo career in 1982. He founded Reifler Trading Corporation, which became one of the largest independent futures company in the year 2000. Later in the year, the Reifler sold the company to Refco Inc. the world’s biggest futures company. Refco was owned by Brad Reifler grandfather.

Currently, Reifler Serves as the director of the Sino Mercury company, Genesis Security Company, director of European American Investment Bank, and also the director of the Foresight Research solutions. Throughout Brad Reifler’s career, he has been a successful entrepreneur who has founded and served as A CEO of big companies in the United States.