Talk Fusion CEO Mr. Reina Gives Back To Society

Bob Reina is one of the most famous online marketers who have been dedicating most of his work for the success of the business owners. Reina has many areas of specialization including being a relationship marketer and also a police officer. Mr. Bob is also concerned with the social well being of the American citizens. He recently donated $1 million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society.


He currently acts as the head of Talk Fusion, a company that offers video marketing solutions at a global level. Reina also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in criminology. Bob Reina is also well known for his birthday party that came as a surprise to many at Maui. Reina also received video emails from investors around the world wishing him a happy birthday.


Talk Fusion as an online marketing company was started to make the business owners dreams gets achieved. This company offers services such as video emailing, providing video market solutions, and video chatting. Talk Fusion Company has made it possible for investors and business owners to carry out businesses regardless of their location.


According to a liberation made by Talk Fusion Company, it is easy and affordable for companies and corporations to connect without experiencing any tariffs. This company has helped many businesses and enterprises expand within a short span of time. Promotion process of products is made easy with the Talk Fusion video marketing solutions.


Many companies have been inspiring to hold live meetings with their clients, a solution that has been offered by this company. Bob Reina depicts that the ability of a company to prosper lies with the business owners. Understanding basic marketing principles is one of the steps towards success according to him. Strategist Bob adds that the combination of company marketing and ideas generation leads towards success.


Talk Fusion has resulted in the success of many entrepreneurs such as Allen Milton, who conducts live meetings to make press releases, instead of being slowed down by identifying the target location. According to Allen, a live meeting is one of the most vital business tools that enhances live chat between an investor and a company owner.

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Madison Street Capital Produces the Top Executive

The entry of Madison Street Capital in the investment banking industry has significantly shaped and increased access to investment banking services in America, Asia, and Africa. The firm provides excellent services to its clientele hence offering efficient and practical solutions to their investment banking needs. Among the services it offers include: corporate financial advisory services, mergers, and acquisitions expertise, valuation services and public and private financial opinions.

Madison offers its services on an international platform; it is guided by the virtues of integrity, excellence, leadership, and service. Based in Chicago, the company serves a broad range of clientele including bond media group Inc., Central Iowa Energy, LLC, and fiber science. Additionally, the firm offers capital restructuring and reorganization, bankruptcy, buyout, private placement advisory services. Also, its customers benefit from business goodwill, intangible asset valuation and fairness and solvency.

The success of Madison Street Capital can be attributed to its chief operating officer Anthony Marsala. In a recent evaluation by one of leading organization evaluating finance professionals, Mr. Marsala scored highly as one of the most successful investment professionals below the age of 40. This was reached after a thorough evaluation of all successes and accomplishments that Mr. Marsala has had in his finance career as an investment banker.

The criteria applied by the evaluating firm covered several aspects of Mr. Marsala’s career. He was rated highly regarding visionary leadership and outstanding performance. It is good to note that Mr. Marsala emerged as the most outstanding financial professional among 100 other professionals proving that indeed he is arguably the best. The criterion for determining the top finance professional was very comprehensive. Anthony Marsala’s journey to the top started when he studied and specialized in finance.

Having obtained a degree in finance, Mr. Marsala started his career by working and participating in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and consultancy. Having acquired vast experience in finance and investment banking, he began his investment banking firm that would be Madison Street Capital. The company grew to be among the leading and reputable investment banking firms, offering investment banking services globally.

Anthony Marsala worked diligently and built his company’s reputation making it certainly one of the most established investment companies in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Madison Street Capital becomes the top company in providing mergers, acquisitions; business valuation and making mergers with other companies provide services and products on a wider scale.

Through his efforts, Anthony Marsala has enabled many firms in the field of agriculture, biotechnology, technology, food, medical and pharmaceutical companies achieve maximum financial potential. Owing to the success of Madison Street Capital in the area of investment banking, Mr. Marsala has displayed exceptional excellence, visionary leadership and a practical approach to financial investment solutions making him the best.

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Yeonmi Park’s Story Of Bravery And Strength

Recently, released a story about a courageous young woman named Yeonmi Park, who has come out to tell her story of escaping from North Korea. In her Amazon released book, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, Park details the arduous obstacles she overcame, which has become an inspiration to human rights activists all over the world.

In the book, Yeonmi Park speaks of the oppressive regime in North Korea and the starvation of the masses. There was not nearly enough food to go around, and she often ate insects and plants to fill the void. In addition, she and all other citizens were not free to speak about the oppression while still in the country. So her family made the decision to escape to China when she was just thirteen years old.
With the help of a trafficker, she and her mother did escape to the Chinese border across a frozen river in the middle of the night. However, the trafficker sold her mother as a bride-slave and took Yeonmi as a mistress. The years that followed were very difficult, but Yeonmi and her mother did make it to New York and reunited with the rest of the family, where they now reside. She then realized a whole new life with plenty of food and the freedom to speak about North Korea.
She ended up writing the aforementioned book and became an activist, speaking all over about what goes on in North Korea today. Propaganda has since come out of North Korea, attempting to discredit Yeonmi and her story, but she remains strong in trying to bring awareness to the world. To read the entire article about Yeonmi Park’s story, head over to

Sam Tabar Shows His Philanthropic Side

Financial wunderkind Sam Tabar has recently showed support for a company called Thinx which specializes in helping American and African women. He has added it into his portfolio when it comes to investing. Thinx is a company that sales fashionable underwear designed for the incontinence and menstruation of women. These undergarments work as sanitary pads that can be used over and over. One advantage that this gives women is that they would be able to go to work and school in spite of their period. The company has been started up through Kickstarter. As of right now, five styles of underwear that mix style with function are being offered to women.

Sam Tabar as a capital strategist and an attorney sees the value in this business plan. His experience in these fields have allowed him to see companies that have a lot of promise in profiting and can also achieve their goals in an ethical way. He knows when a company truly has something legitimate to offer. He can pick out the trustworthy from the unethical companies that cheat their customers. His portfolio consists of many profitable investments. This shows him to be a trustworthy person when giving advice on investments and business opportunities.

Among the activities that Sam Tabar took part in was the counseling of clients, even giving them tips on issues like the formation and the structure of hedge funds. He has also dealt with employment issues as well as issues with compliance to regulations. He follows all of the rules that make sense while at the same time thinks outside of the box in order to come up with new solutions. He also respects companies that do similar things which is why he invests in companies like THINX. They help solve a major problem that affects women throughout the globe.

Sam Tabar has a lot of experience in financial and legal matters. He has worked in companies like Bank f America, SPARX, and Roth & Zabel. Among the activities he does for his job is to cater to hedge funds. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about hedge funds and regulations. He has graduated from Columbia Law School. He understands how to be an ethical businessman. One thing that he is very passionate about is in finding practical solutions for people. He is also willing to help those that provide these same solutions to different groups of people.

Sam Tabar has a successful portfolio because of his selective manor of choosing a company to invest in. When he believes that a company is special and trying to solve a major problem for people, then he will invest in that company in order to support it. His investments have turned out to profit him in many ways.

Enterprising Advice From Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah

Recently Sanjay Shah did a podcast interview with Eric Dye for his Entrepreneurial Radio show. During the interview Sanjay Shah gave listeners advice and tips that worked for him to be a successful businessman. He had told listeners,”I think this applies to anyone who is thinking of starting a new business. I would say that the most important thing is don’t underestimate the amount of money you need to start. The other thing is don’t assume that you can actually do all of the work yourself.” Mr.Shah also discussed his charity Autism Rocks with listeners, encouraging them to visit the Autism Rocks website for more information about the neurological disorder.

Sanjay Shah grew up in an affluent part of Central London. He began studying medicine at King’s University before switching majors to accounting. After graduation he worked for many prominent companies in the investment world such as Barclay Bank, ING, Credite Suisse and Merrill Lynch. While working for these companies he learned the ins and outs of investment banking and trading. After the financial crash he began Solo Capital with a handful of staff and a small office. Solo Capital has grown into a global business with headquarters locates in London and Dubai. Sanjay as also expanded Solo Capitals acquisitions to include companies in Denmark, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Kenya and Malta. Today Solo Capital has a net worth of $280 million dollars.

After his youngest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Sanjay Began reading everything he could about the disorder. He took his family to Dubai and the Autism Research Facility there. Upon learning about the long waiting list he decided something needed to be done. Founded the Autism Rocks foundation. The first Autism Rocks concert was held in London to an invitation only concert that was headlined by Prince and raised millions of dollars for Autism research. He later partnered with Cambridge University by forming the Autism Trust. The majority of the funds raised are distributed to the Autism Researd and Development within Cambridge University to further them research into new Autism treatments and diagnosis tools.

A Nutritious Diet For Your New Puppy

When you get a new puppy, you want to make sure that you take care of him well so he’ll grow up healthy and strong. One of the main ways in which you can do this is to ensure that your puppy eats a wall balanced, nutritious diet designed especially for dogs that are not yet full grown.
A nutritious puppy food formula is the ideal way to start your puppy off. Beneful offers a dry food ( formula on WalMart that is designed especially for puppies, and not only contains all the necessary nutrients for a healthy puppy, but is also designed to be flavorful and fun for your young dog to eat.

The Healthy Puppy dry dog food by Beneful is made with real meat and vegetables for a highly nutritious meal. Made with real chicken, peas and carrots, this variety is rich in calcium to help your puppy’s bones grow strong and healthy. It also includes DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid that aids in healthy brain and vision development.

With 28% percent protein, the Healthy Puppy food will keep your puppy energized throughout the day while the added calcium, phosphorous, vitamin A and vitamin E will help him grow up strong and healthy. Beneful brand foods also include healthy fats and fiber essential for a healthy dog’s growth and development.

When puppy is old enough to start on adult food, you might want to start him out with Beneful Incredibites. This range is designed for smaller dogs, so might be a good transition food. The Incredibites range offers wet dog foods with real beef, chicken and salmon. Each meat variety also contains real veggies such as tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. All of these foods include the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

Another good transition food is Beneful’s Playful Life food. This is a dry food that’s designed for young and active dogs. The high protein formula would be ideal for dogs that are transitioning from puppy to adulthood. Made with real egg and beef, this recipe also incorporates blueberries and spinach for added flavor and nutrients. Like Beneful on facebook:

A Solid Portfolio Needs Gold

The financial year of 2016 promises to be an exciting and dangerous year. The year started off with a massive sell-off of stocks on Wall Street frightening investors both large and small.

The first quarter of 2016 has shown a devaluation of stocks and bonds and an overall loss of value to the world economy cannot affect the U.S. Money Reserve. Because of the combined effects of the slowing of the Chineses economy coupled with the falling price of crude oil, the world economy lost significant value and the luster of a positive, productive, stable economy –

The Chinese economy had been the driving force for the world economy but the engine slowed and halted growth. The war in the Middle East and the resulting refugee crisis in Europe have left the powerhouse of the European Union confused, sputtering, gasping, and still looking desperately for solutions.

Whenever the world’s economies reach this kind of tipping point, investors curtail purchases of stocks and bonds and seek out hedges against an economic catastrophe. In the case of collapse (history has provided several to examine), those who can afford to buy gold, do so in an attempt to have a valuable, tradeable commodity in a society where a nation’s currency has little or no value.

Philip Diehl, the president of US Money Reserve, has spoken out about the need to have gold coins both for investment and as a means of continuing life in a cashless society. Diehl was an innovative director of the US Mint; his background and commitment to service there has served him well as head of the US Money Reserve according to Retail Menot. From an investment perspective gold has increased in value from $40 an ounce 40 years ago to the recent high of $1500 an ounce.

While most investors purchase gold coins because of their certified gold content and purity, there are numismatists who simply enjoy having a beautiful representative of American coinage. The color and heft of a solid gold coin is something which appeals to both investors and collectors.

Many people in the United States see signs of a collapse of society. They are moving their families to secluded parts of the American West and establishing shelters stockpiled with food and supplies necessary to survive. In any doomsday scenario, these survivalists have the will, space, firearms, food and probably some gold coins to survive the imagined catastrophes.

George Soros Warning of another Financial Crisis

George Soros is an experienced executive and billionaire with vast experience. His experience has earned him respect and authority in the financial field having entertained the investment business since the late 1960s. Recently, Soros indicates that the challenges that the Chinese banks and currencies were facing were a pointer to bad things to come. George Soros insists that given the Chinese rise in the recent years, its influence on the developing countries cannot be ignored. Also, he goes ahead to intimate that the mere fact that it does business with lots of countries will bring a challenge and possible problem if its currency does not improve.

The Chinese currency has lost value on, and it is beginning to bite on the close allies. He warns that the associates were at risk too. The primary concern is that the Chinese economy was insisting on investment and manufacturing, but had never paid attention to consumption issues. The economy cannot sustain itself in that in case there will be no market, and the industries will not last for long. The Chinese are being asked to being a self-sustaining economy before getting out.

Over the last few years, the Chinese economy has grown, but lacks the continuity formula. According to Soros, the Chinese need a new growth model that they will stick to, and will bring possible revaluation of the currency. In a panel in Washington, he warned that the effects of the one he anticipates may be worse compared to the previous one.

Apart from the financial world and investment, George Soros is a donor who likes to promote democracy. Given that many nations do not have a soft touch for democracy in their countries, they have resisted his work and even gone ahead to ban the activities of organizations linked to him. The Open Society Foundation has been prohibited in Russia and named among the groups that are a threat to national security. Also, they have found out that the organization is abusing its constitution.

The Open Society Institute and the Open Society Foundation were founded by Soros so as to help see an end to communism and promote democracy. Their work on has seen resistance in Russia and Hungary. In fact, Hungary accuses the OSF of supporting immigration. In their view, by championing for their rights, the level of immigrants flowing into the country will increase. However, Soros sees it differently. He sees that all human beings should have their rights upheld and freedoms cultivated.

Despite the tough talk by some nations, the Soros organizations have continued to do what they were founded for and have seen success. Also, the organizations have received tremendous support from some local NGOs within their countries of operation. It is the support they receive that helps sustain their efforts. Also, other international organizations have stepped in its support so that all people can have their rights upheld and freedoms guaranteed. The nature of work associated with George Soros has made him a man of outstanding character and admirable professional abilities. Therefore, his sentiments on an impending financial crisis are taken seriously.

DEVCO History

DEVCO which is known as New Brunswick development corporation is a private nonprofit urban real estate. It was founded in the mid 1970s in order for it to serve as a catalyst for the city’s revitalization. It was then recognized by the New York Times as one of the powerful engine for economic growth. DEVCO helped the city achieve a remarkable renaissance. DEVCO operated under the guidance of the commissioner who is responsible for the international cooperation and development. DEVCO is also known to be an organization chart and also mission statement due to the structure put by the management and its purpose for the organization.

Its expertise are known for creating strategic alliance as one of the strongest public private partnerships and innovative project financing structure that has resulted in a diverse inventory of award winning used project. Since its inception, DEVCO has overseen nearly 1.6billion dollars in investing in New Brunswick. Today even in some of the challenging times in the country’s history New Brunswick Development Corporation has remained too robust because of its unique in rapprochement of redevelopment. It is therefore known that successful redevelopment requires a lot of capitalizing on momentum. It is therefore recognized as an opening one project that breaks on ground. DEVCO is third in the envisioning projects in future.

According to the article written by pressofatlanticcity about New Brunswick Development Corporation last month, the Middlesex county improvement authority failed to pay 1million dollars in a principal and interest on a loan of 20million dollars received from a casino. The loan was made in 2005 where the bankrolled construction of the Heldrich , a new Brunswick hotel and conference center development which were funded by the nonprofit Brunswick development group. According to the board of directors of DEVCO the CRDA will be paid but it will take a couple of years to pay.


Autism Rocks Benefits From New Board Members Skills

The arrival of new board members for the charity Autism Rocks has been followed by the announcement of a music festival to be held in Dubai to raise funds for research into Autism. PR Newswire reports Solo Capital founder Sanjay Shah has sought new blood for the board after the charity become one of the most important in terms of providing funding for research into autism being conducted at Cambridge University, the aims of Autism Rocks include identifying autism as soon as possible and providing assistance to families affected by the neurological condition.

Solo Capital was established by Sanjay Shah after his own son was diagnosed with autism soon after the family had moved to Dubai from London following the creation of Solo Capital. Sanjay shah had hoped to enter something of an early retirement after spending many years working on the financial markets of London and finding himself missing out on life with his family.

Solo Capital is headquartered in London, but also has offices in Dubai and many other areas of the world; Solo Capital is based in the financial markets offering the chance for individuals and groups to get expert help on their investment options. Solo Capital has proven a major success for Sanjay Shah and has seen a large number of experienced investment specialist employed to give the best advice to its customers.

Autism Rocks began by giving small invitation only concerts by major musical stars from across the world, which have already included performances by Prince and Elvis Costello. To increase the level of donations provided for the charity Sanjay Shah has brought two of his trusted friends onto the board to increase the level of financial and musical expertise available to the company. Pete Best was a well known figure in the financial industry and his brother Will a popular music broadcaster for many TV stations; the two men have been friends of Shah since their days together in education and are trusted by the Solo Capital founder to push the charity on into the future.