How To Use Netpicks To Invest In Foreign Currencies

The Forex is a place to invest that is quite diverse, and there are many people who will earn quite a lot of money investing. There are many different ways to use the foreign exchange market, and someone who uses Netpicks may make investment decisions that are profitable. Foreign currencies are easy to use for investment purposes, and they may be used to save money for a long period of time. This article shows how Netpicks will help the investor collect a nest egg that serves them.

#1: The Advice

The advice that is used by clients who come to Netpicks will help them select the currencies they will invest in. They may make their investments online after researching, and they may make a number of decisions that will ensure they are saving more money. Choosing a currency to invest in requires quite a lot of reading, and the site has articles that help clients learn.

#2: Making Informed Decisions

Making informed decisions is quite simple when someone has read on the website many times over. There are many people who will learn to make independent decisions because they came to Netpicks for help, and they have chosen to invest in currencies that they are familiar with and/or comfortable with.

#3: The Investment Dashboard

The investment dashboard for every customer keeps track of the investments they have made. It is quite simple for someone to use the site to see what they have done in the past days, and they will notice that they have made certain amounts of money on certain currencies more than others. They may return to the currencies that they are familiar with, and they may continue to invest in more currencies as they continue their studies.  Useful link here

There are many different people who will come to the Netpicks site to learn about investment, and they will earn considerable amounts of money because they have read and researched the currencies they have chosen.  Check for more details.   Netpicks offers assistance to all those who visit their site, and they allow investors to make more money in each new investment decision.

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OSI Group, World’s Top Supplier Of Food Products, Wins The Globe Of Honor Award

OSI Group is the world’s top supplier of value-added food products. The company offers its products to the leading food service and renowned retail food brands. OSI Group is among the biggest privately held firms in the United States.

The entity has unmatched resources, thus its ability to expand their operations to the global market. Over the years, OSI Group has been delivering custom food products to various companies. The entity’s success is anchored on the firm’s extensive capabilities that include the development of custom food products and a vast global food supply chain management from sourcing, producing, and distributing.

Recently, OSI Food Solutions UK was presented with the Globe of Honor Award for 2016 by the British Safety Council. The firm received the award owing to its exemplary management of environmental risks. The prize was given during an awards luncheon held in Drapers’ Hall in London. OSI was among 18 companies from around the world to be presented with the award. Notably, the prize is given to organizations that have demonstrated excellence in environmental management. To compete for the prestigious award, an organization had to have five stars based on the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme from 2015 to 2016. Additionally, these companies have to demonstrate to an independent panel of experts that they maintain excellent management across their operations.

The firm strongly believes that its employees drive the company’s success. OSI Group strives to establish and offer an environment that provides employees with challenging, stimulating, and rewarding opportunities. For more than 100 years, OSI has been delivering quality food items.

Presently, the company is known for its industry-leading innovation and commitment from its diverse workforce. Globally, OSI employs individuals who have passion, seek to develop creative solutions, and share its belief that each person can make a difference. New employees are provided with the opportunity to discover their expertise. The company enables employees to learn, and grow to their full potential.

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Enters The Best Internist In North Carolina: Imran Haque

Who is Dr. Imran Haque, and just what can he do for for patients who visit Horizon Internal Medicine? To fully understand the answer to that question, a little bit of light needs to be shed on his pedigree, practice and the results of the two, from the past to present. However, the spoiler to learning about the good doctor is that he has incredible range when it comes to his medical knowledge and skill set.


As far as creditability goes, Dr. Imran Haque is a graduate from the University of North Carolina. The foundation of his medical knowledge and focus comes from the University of Virginia School of Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. And, in a continuous effort to maintain his medical know how and can do, he is enrolled in a certification maintenance program. His practice is located in the state of North Carolina, more specifically, in Asheboro and Ramseur.


When it comes to the services available from Dr. Imran Haque and Horizon Medicine, patients get help with everything from laser hair removal to managing diabetes. He has more than a decade and a half of working experience, with impressive numbers that validate the value of his services. Starting out, the most important and assuring statistic associated with him is the number of malpractice, sanctions and board actions on his record. That number is zero, simple enough.


Of course, there are other numbers that can better speak to the competence in service from Dr. Imran Haque than zero. For starters, there is the number of individual conditions treated on his watch, which total 20, so far, and include ailments such as anemia, depression, obesity, and Osteoporosis. The number and range of procedures he performs is similar in their nature to the conditions that present themselves in his offices. These range from abscess incision and drainage to cardiac imaging with everything from biopsy and Echocardiography in between. Dr. Imran Haque handles challenges big and small, all the time.

Marc Sparks Blesses Many Others with His Success & Generosity

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur’s, entrepreneur who has been starting businesses and ventures since he graduated in 1975 and shows no signs of slowing down right now. Many of these business ventures have gone on to be more successful than Sparks could have ever imagined. Sparks was never formally trained to run businesses and has no experience in the industry other than trial-and-error. He never went to University/college and he never had a “mentor” guide him. It was keen instincts and going on his gut that led him to start these businesses, and many of them being wildly successful. Learn more:


For a student who struggled to maintain a C+ average in high school no one is more shocked by the success of Marc Sparks than he is. It’s been a God-given gift that he is successful because he is nothing special or extraordinary. Those are the claims of Marc Sparks himself. Therefore, this leads Sparks to be an exceptionally generous donor who helps others with his own hard-earned wealth. The causes Sparks supports are limitless, and he has changed many lives with his exceptional generosity as he feels that is what God has called him to do by blessing him so infinitely. Learn more:

Marc Sparks heavily supports many different charities in the Dallas, Texas area where he currently resides. He supports the Samaritan Inn in Texas, which is a long-term shelter for people without homes to help them get back on their feet. On any given day, they house about 160 people, and additionally about 75 people are turned away each week because the facility is full. That alone breaks Sparks’ heart as he feels he shouldn’t have to turn away anyone – ever! He wants to expand the shelter till everyone has a place to stay. The average stay is about 4-5 months, and the person is able to find a job, get back on their feet, and move along on their own. This is usually done by finding a condo/apartment of their own where they can start again and pay their own way. Seeing people who come back to visit him and thank him for the transformation that the place offered in their lives makes what he does 100% worth it! Learn more:

Marc Spark’s passion goes far beyond the Samaritan Inn as he also helps with the Habitat for Humanity. Sparks hands have personally built parts of 12 homes for families so far, and he hopes to help build many more in the Greater Dallas Area in the future.


He also supports the “America Can! Academy” which is a massive network of magnet schools in impoverished areas in Dallas, Texas that help kids get into these schools even if they would never make it into or afford otherwise. It gives them a better education and helps them advance themselves once they graduate and move on to university/college or a job in real life. Learn more:



Success Academy: for learning, for life!

What is a charter school? By simple definition is a school that is publicly funded, and ran by the teachers, parents, and other leaders of the community. This gives the schools greater freedoms when it comes to teaching the students they enroll in their schools. One such outstanding system is the Success Academy in New York.

Success Academy was founded in 2006, by Eva Moskowitz, an educator and official, who saw the need for something different. She noted that many districts had students who couldn’t read, write, or perform other basic skills that are typically taught in school. Success Academy currently teaches elementary through high school ages, with future interest in preschool and online programs.

The demographics of this school system are interesting. Success Academy is open to all New York residents. They currently have 41 schools, with at least 14,000 students enrolled. Over three quarters of their students are from lower income families, and over 90% identify as minority. Students with disabilities are also welcome into the schools. Language is not a barrier to Success either!

Success Academy uses different teaching methods beginning in elementary school that set each student up for success in the present, and future education, including college. The ‘scholars’ of Success Academy begin their elementary education with age appropriate learning styles. For instances, students receive 80 minutes of standard teacher lead instruction. Afterwards, they participate in group learning and individual studies. There is importance placed on students learning their individual learning styles, interests, and finding their own voice within the system. This importance on individual interests and goals continues into middle school with a variety of electives the students may choose from. As they progress into high school their education becomes more rigorous, with a more defined intention toward college.

While the teachers and educational leaders play the major role within the school, the parents are expected to have just as much of a role in their young scholars academic lives. They are expected to make certain homework assignments are done, and even participate in classrooms. Parents are part of the success of the students almost as equally as the teachers. It’s the perfect formula for succeeding in school and life!

JHSF Touches The Stratosphere Under Jose Auriemo Neto’s Stewardship

If there is a real estate group in Brazil that has absolutely dominated the Brazilian high end real estate industry, it has to be JHSF without the slightest shadow of a doubt. Whether it be upper-end residential projects or state of the art and modern commercial real estate this company is clearly heads and shoulders above the competition.

Whether it is Sao Paulo, Salvador or Manaus JSHF is the group that has set all the important benchmarks in luxury residential and luxury commercial projects. It hasn’t restricted its achievements only to Brazil, but abroad as well-in Punta del Este in Uruguay and New York in the USA.

Overall the company has been organized into four verticals Shopping Center, Incorporation, Fasano Hotels & Restaurants, and Airport. Of course, the credit for their stellar achievement can be directly attributed to the direction provided by the company’s dynamic Chairman and CEO Jose Auriemo Neto’s stewardship.

Among his notable achievements have been the collaborations with international fashion stalwarts like Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermes that resulted in the opening of the letters’ luxury stores in JHSF owned Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex. There is no doubting the fact the Neto has the extraordinary business acumen and the yen to conclude the highly successful real estate business deal.

Perhaps his exemplary background has a role to play in this. He has studied at the famed Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo. Jose Auriemo Neto academic qualifications apart Neto showed his merit very early in his stint with JHSF when he founded the group’s services department and brought into existence the parking lot management company Parkbem.

Neto has also done a stupendous job of managing the group’s commercial development extensive shopping and retail portfolio, which not only boasts of the Cidade Jardim shopping complex in Sao Paulo, but also the Metro Turcuruv, and the Belavista in Salvador as well as the Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus. All in all, one can easily surmise that under Neto JHSF has grown from strength and from the likes of it the success story will see many more exciting chapter. Do watch the space.

Jason Hope’s Internet of Things is Embraced by Airline Industry

We are rapidly approaching the point where the internet is going to be completely saturated in our day to day lives. This concept actually has a name – The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is an umbrella term that covers all of the bases when ti comes to describing a networked and connected world. Jason Hope is a renowned futurist who has been helping to get the word out for this growing industry over the past several years. Jason Hope’s work as a futurist and a technologist has been important and it is becoming increasingly so with the Internet of Things.

You can look to the internet for an answer to just about every problem you interact with during your day to day lives. That is why the Internet of Things, as promoted by Jason Hope, has become so important. The truth is that there is a burgeoning industry that many people simply aren’t paying attention to. We can look to how we use exercise devices, smart cars, or merely cell phones in order to see just how important the internet has become. Hope pushes this concept even further with a nod toward the aviation industry. The airline industry is coalescing around the Internet of Things in a big way, and they could prove to be the pioneers of the entire industry.

Virgin Atlantic in particular has reached out to the Internet of Things in a big way and it isn’t better exemplified by anything other than their Boeing 787 jet. The Boeing 787 is connected from head to toe to the internet via a wireless network. Data feeds to computers which are watched by analysts in real time. Doing this allows the pilot to keep an eye on every single important detail regarding their plane — thus ensuring the safety of everyone on board.

Hope believes that airline industries will push the IoT even further by implementing it to satisfy customer service needs. Hope believes that airports will use wireless devices to keep customers on track to their destination. He also believes that airplanes will also be fitted with technology to meet the comfort needs of the passengers. There seems to be a great many possibilities ahead for the Internet of Things. General Article.

Jose Borghi: The Common Denominator in the Brazilian Advertising Sector

It is hard for anyone to discuss advertisements in Brazil without Jose Henrique Borghi’s name popping up into the discussion. The co-CEO at Mullen Lowe Brazil is regarded by many as the best ad agent to have ever graced the Brazilian and by extension the larger Latin America’s advertising arena. His degree is in marketing and propaganda, which he completed in the 80s at Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo (PCUSP). His choice of career was largely influenced by his elder sister who out of love for her brother took it upon herself to show him the way. It was after the two siblings attended an advertising event that Jose’s career choice and subsequent destiny was sealed.

Jose’s Career

Jose Borghi first experience in the ad agency was at Ogilvy ad Academy where he was employed 29 years ago. After working briefly as one of the agency’s ad agents, he joined the Talent agency in the same capacity. Jose was at that time young, talented, and ambitious. A decade into his career, he was able to achieve a major professional milestone when Leo Burnett hired him as its chief creative officer. This role was Jose’s career turning point for it provided him with a chance to sharpen his managerial skills within the advertising space. This experience was fundamental when he was laying the ground for his agency, BorghiErh.BorghiErh started operations in 2002 and was managed by Borghi and his partner Ray Erh. This is the company that has evolved and rebranded over time to become the current Mullen Lowe Brazil.


Jose stands as one of the most decorated advertising agent and executive. Some of the awards he has received include 11 One Show, 16 April Awards, and Agency Professional by the Brazilian Advertising Association (ABP).

Jose’s Sporting Enthusiasm

Outside of his career, Jose is a fitness enthusiast and a sportsperson. His favorite sporting activities include biking, commuting, jogging, and 12 Ironman events.

Paul Mampilly Newsletter Trademark Changes on Investment Direction

     Increasing assets and reducing liabilities is the goal of every investor be it individual or a company. In this case, many investors seek expertise in this area for advisory on the best investment and profit generating areas. Despite being few, Paul Mampilly has been one of the few gurus who has made a difference in the investment world due to his in depth and exemplary performance. The 65 years old has made a name on Wall Street due to his online guidance to over 60,000 subscribers into stocks markets. This has been accelerated by his recent launch of Profits Unlimited Newsletter where he uses his skills, experience, and knowledge to help people get rich.

The one-time cafeteria gas station worker, concentrates on new ideas, putting readers first and giving an ear to people’s perspectives. Before founding the Profits Unlimited, Paul also served as the senior editor of Banyan Hill where he helped Americans to make wealth through proper investing, technology adapting and focusing on special opportunities.

The Fordham University graduate career started in 1991 where he worked for the Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He gradually rose to working with Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetics Assets before heading to Hedge Fund .In all these Paul managed multimillions worth accounts. During his service, it saw the Hedge Fund being recognized as Words Best in annual returns by the Barron. He later worked in various companies which include Royal Bank of Scotland, Stanberry Research LLC mentioning a few.

His expansive 25 years’ experience in investment world has enabled him to achieve impressive returns even in a financial crisis. Through the experience, Mampilly present small and developing companies with innovative business products and also shares his knowledge with thousands of people in the stock market. And the latter has been his retirement prioritized idea to every average people to help them make money from their investment. He has made this accessible through the publishing newsletter business which is affordable to all Americans.

Paul Mampilly work has earned him a top position in 2008 and 2009 Templeton Foundation investment competition and has seen him being featured on CNBC, Fox Business News, Kiplinger’s and Bloomberg TV. The United States based investor is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. He strongly believes in technology millennial trends in positively impacting the economy.

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Brown Modeling Agency-Not Only for the Super Model

Formally known as the Wilhelmina Austin, The Brown Modeling Agency came to be in 2015 as a result of the merger with Heymen Talent-South. It combines all the best aspects two of the largest talent agencies in the region. This union of agencies provides the greater-Austin area with a powerhouse full service modeling agency.

The Brown Agency is the clear leader for modeling placement in the greater Austin, Texas area. The agency has a wide diversity of offerings. They assist in taking models from still print to film and beyond. Brown represents models and actors with a wide breadth of talent pursuits including; print ads, commercials, film, television, industrial style videos, catalogue stills, audio-voice over, trade show and convention modeling and more. They also have an impressive do sea of brands which clients have an exposure to and the potential of work with. These brands include well-known brands such as L-Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell as well as many other popular and familiar companies.

In a report by Market Wired, under the direction of President Justin Brown, the agency promotes that modeling is no longer exclusively reserved for the tall and thin “beautiful people” – but welcomes the individual who wouldn’t normally give modeling a second thought. There are of course still those high standards for runway and super models, but there is certainly modeling needs where an ordinary look is desired. Take a moment to look at the less thought of areas of modeling.

Commercial Advertisements:

There is obviously a large need for “ordinary” people in the vast array of marketing general products. Advertisers seek to reach the average consumer and that target audience clearly doesn’t relate to the 5’8″ to 5’11” super runway model. Whether the marketing is in magazines, newspaper ads or billboards on the highway, the target audience is someone more like you – an average Joe or Jane. It’s always essential to have a friendly smile and approachable appearance, but being the height and size of a super model is what they aren’t looking for in this modeling assignment.

Large and Plus Size Models

Use of larger models is on the rise. The world of fashion now recognizes and embraces the fact that the average women are actually a size 12 (not the teeny size 3-5 most women dream of being). The Brown Modeling Agency accepts large size models from US size 10-16, but for runway models – you must be at least 5’8″ tall.

Extras on Television or Commercials:

Marketing steers toward the back drop of everyday people as their extras in TV and commercials. There are so many instances where a common look is more marketable. No harm in contacting The Brown Modeling Agency to see where you might fit.

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