Adam Milstein And His Donation Innovation

Adam Milstein is mostly know for his generous and charitable contributions to the Israeli and Jewish-American communities. Adam Milstein and his wife Gila have also co-founded several highly successful non-profit pro-Israeli organizations. Among these organizations is the Israeli American Council (IAC). It was founded in 2007 and is based in Los Angeles, California. Other organizations are the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the Sifryat Pijama B’America. All of these organizations have the common goal of promoting the unification of Israeli-Americans as well as helping to nurture a stronger sense of Jewish identity among the children of first-generation Israeli-Americans.

Adam Milstein first came to the United States with his family in 1981 and soon earned his MBA from UCLA. After completing his formal education he went into the commercial real estate business where he was able to quickly move up to the position of managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties firm. Adam Milstein currently lives in Encino, California with his family which includes three daughters, two grandsons, and a granddaughter.

Many of the charitable deeds that were attributed to the Israeli-American community were inspired from the charitable actions of a friend of Adam Milstein. That is when Adam and his wife began to co-found several non-profit pro-Israeli organizations. Adam and his wife have implemented what’s known as the Donor Forum. The Donor Forum provides a facilitated method of creating a closer relationship between philanthropists and soon to be non-profit organizations. The couple is also well known for continuously assisting pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish non-profits to get established. The couple helps them by providing the organizations with resources through their own organization.

Adam and Gila also participate in the events themselves to ensure their success. They actively participate and give their own time to work with people. Recent events have been able to raise substantial amounts of money. A recent event held by the Israeli-American Council was able to raise over $16.5 million. The donors that were able to assist in the raising of this lucrative amount of money were Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. Many of the participants feel that the IAC has made tremendous progress over the years.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Featuring Early Background Information

Dr. Mark McKenna serves as Medical Doctor. He also has license in medicine and surgery from the Board of Medical Examiners of Florida State and Georgia. The Doctor also was open in saying he believes he was an entrepreneur since birth. When he was growing up his parents were both self-employed. Dr. Mark McKenna thinks that he got shifted to him an entrepreneur mind. Also, his parents gave him wonderful examples of what should be expected from an entrepreneur. That was by his parents businesses.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s father is an experience surgeon with a private practice of his own. Also, his mother is an owner of a publishing company of her own. When he was really young his parents who were his examples introduced him with an impression of independence. That sense was never given up. Currently, he believes that he can’t see working for anyone else. Also, he’s been entrepreneur since going into a work environment.

Dr. Mark McKenna would spend free time working late at a local prison undergoing medical examinations. While doing that he made enough money to create his first investment. This was in real estate. Quickly he established his first company. This was called “McKenna Crescent Investments. The company consistently grew. This took him to both start up Universal Mortgage Lending and obtain Uptown Title. This was as time went on. They would construct and create real estate properties that were populous. This company portfolio gave him the chance to get everything done in-house. They would plan and construct financing, residential real estate properties, begin financing of mortgages.

Over fifty-five people in the company had jobs. That was until hit of Hurricane Katrina. Not that long millions of his money left his portfolio, his company began to come alive again. Low-income housing that was destroyed in the flooding was reconstructed or modernized.

The Doctor also has a new company called OVME. This company gives the ability to link those who want to advance themselves with practitioners of improved heath. This is a clinic that mixes Uber’s advantage with ShapeMed’s experience and standard.

Dick Devos and the FAA

Dick Devos has been named to the FAA’s Management Advisory Council. For many years, Devos has worked alongside the aviation industry, although many only know him from his days as the President and CEO of Amway. He has been working in other industries as well as helping his hometown of Grand Rapids since the 1990s.


In the early 1990s, Devos was just coming out of a sales role at Amway, where he had led global sales. He wanted to help Grand Rapids expand and become a rapidly growing business epicenter. To do that, he gathered all of the business leaders together and looked at different areas of the city that could be built to bring in new traffic and commerce. The first idea was to build a sports arena and convention center, but the plans were far outside of the downtown area and business district.


Devos saw that as a warning sign because it reminded him of what had happened in Detroit when the teams left and there was no need for a sports arena. He wanted to bring some kind of sustainable building to the area, so they decided to build a Performing Arts Center. In fact, over $134 million has been donated to Grand Rapids and education from the Devos Family Foundation. The foundation has given these contributions and helped build a variety of different centers for community and growth.


Most people see Devos as a businessman, but he is more than that. He has several pilot licenses and a real passion for education. He has championed educational choice along with his wife, and he has run for governor. While not successful in his run, he was able to get a taste of the political spotlight and finally find an area where he can continue his legacy. He has worked alongside the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford Airport for many years, bringing in new business and helping the airport expand.


In the early 2000s, he worked with the airlines to create an international business traveler center as well as new food court upgrades.


Most people don’t realize that Devos has joined the FAA as a volunteer and will be meeting with the council every three months to help the FAA plan and decide upon different regulations and budgets.


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NewsWatch TV: A Suitable Marketing Partner According To Various Reviews

Making its claim to fame in 1989, NewsWatch TV is an entertainment source that many have come to know, love, and faithfully tune in to. Offering 30 minutes of engrossing content, NewsWatch TV centers around the following topics: political campaigns, business affairs, medical breakthroughs, product releases, fashion, technology, travel, and tourist hot spots. Most prominently, though, NewsWatch TV is renowned for their celebrity interviews. In fact, some of Hollywood’s finest have appeared on their program. From Bradley Cooper and Mila Kunis to Will Smith and Carrie Underwood, superstars of elite status have given NewsWatch TV their esteemed stamp of approval.

While NewsWatch TV takes pride in their celebrity endorsements, this news outlet shines most when flexing their marketing muscles. In other words, NewsWatch TV partners with companies of varying sizes to promote products and services via personalized campaigns. Though delivering enthralling stories is their shtick, NewsWatch TV also has a genius for advertising. The outpouring of adoration they’ve received from clients validates this claim. In fact, here are what companies find most rewarding when partnering with NewsWatch TV.

In addition to being marketing connoisseurs, NewsWatch TV also has considerable influence. As it happens, their show airs on nearly 100 million households. No doubt a staggering figure, companies relish the idea of making it to such a substantial amount of television screens. What’s more, working with NewsWatch TV doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Up-and-coming brands even state that their modest budget allows for a decent advertising plan. Finally, NewsWatch TV invariably delivers on their promises, generating leads while furnishing companies with a favorable ROI.


The Short Seller Sahm Adrangi

For a man who started off his firm with just $1 million back in 2009 and now manages more than $150 million, you can say it’s quite impressive. Well, Sahm Adrangi who most people find his unique approach to the bull market as quite remarkable has attracted a large number of individuals and investors who love his exemplary work. Although his achievement may seem effortless, Sahm at one time nearly lost all his investors, but through his hard work and determination, he managed to get back on his feet. And for those who chose to stay with him were rewarded accordingly.

Sahm Adrangi grew up in Vancouver, Canada holds a Degree in Economics from Yale University. Seeking to make a name for himself, he knew it was not going to be comfortable at a market where competition is much stiff and competitive. Under his hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi acts as the Chief Investment Officer. Kerrisdale conducts research and publishes reports on certain misconceptions of various companies. Mr Adrangi came to the limelight for the first time in 2011. This was after exposing several Chinese companies that he believed were engaging in fraudulent activities. He published reports on China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corp which were later found to be accurate by the Exchange Commission and their operations terminated.

Following Mr Adarangi’s passion for biotechnology, Kerrisdale capital has published his research on various companies and industries about biotechnology. Such companies include Unilife, Zafgen, Bavarian Nordic, Pulse Biosciences and Sage Therapeutics among others. Also, Sahm Adrangi has researched various companies related to mining activities exposing their dishonest way of conducting their business. Companies such as Northern Dynasty Minerals is one of the companies that have fallen victim to this demise. In 2014, Kerrisdale capital exposed Globalstar which is a telecommunication company for its fantastic presentation about Terrestrial Low Power Service.

Sahm Adrangihas worked in several companies before starting his hedge fund. He has worked in Deutsche Bank and also Longacre Management. Sahm’s marvellous works and skills have attracted so many to the extent that he has been called as a speaker in several conferences. Activist Investor Conference, Sohn Conference, and Distressed Debt Investing Conference to list a few.

The OSI Industries Growth and Diversification

The food manufacturing industry has enormous market demands ranging from the manufacturing bit to the supply chain resolutions highly needed. This requires huge financial resources and high infrastructure for the processes of development, production and distribution.

The OSI industries began as two small obscure family businesses that later joined hands to supply freshly ground beef. Over the years, the industries took off and became a franchise model supplying the ever-growing number of restaurants.

They then transitioned from regional to national and international suppliers providing consistent products. With the pressure to supply gaining momentum, they adopted a technological process of freezing food with nitrogen improving efficiency and affordability. This created new openings for expansion and cost reduction in the food sector.

Its series of development and mutual collaborations in different countries has made OSI industries a global food provider. With more than sixty-five facilities in more than seventeen countries, the industries can deliver custom-made food products and maintains consistency and responsiveness.

The main partner was McDonalds, but with the continued expansion the industries acquired new clients such as Starbucks, Subway and Burger King among others. It also expanded its food production from sausages, bacon and hot dogs to producing poultry products.

OSI industries, over the last decade, have grown into the largest protein products producer including new products like sausages and pizza. It has also diversified to new territories with the Asian market being the most recent.

Current OSI industries’ operations involve producing new and better products through customer feedback services. This enables the company to stay abreast of the needs of the customers since the consumers become sophisticated and knowledgeable about their tastes and preferences.

Safety and quality is an important factor in the food production industry. The OSI industries have integrated new safety techniques as well as partnering with producers to improve the quality of products.

These procedures are also aimed at the environmental effects of food production. This has bagged the industries several awards for their environmental endeavors including the British safety council for exemplary management among others.

Fortress Investment Group Determined to Maintain Industry leadership

Notable efforts have been realized by Fortress Investment Group in the quest for the maintenance of the industry performance leadership. Since its formation, Fortress Group has been on the move towards achieving its fundamental goals which are the provision of quality services to its clients and also maximizing yields for its investors. These objectives have kept the company on toes and motivated it to put more efforts which have indirectly led to the company becoming the champion of the investment industry. Fortress Investment Group has also demonstrated tremendous growth that has made it recognized by a lot of investors who are always willing to put their wealth under the management of the company.

Fortress Group is propelled by various fundamental principles that have been designed and maintained through the organization’s stable leadership. One of the principles is the efficient and proper management of the company’s operations. The organization has developed management tools that are very robust in the monitoring of its investment strategies which at times are quite sophisticated. This helps the company to ensure that its operations can deliver value to its clients by providing impressive yields from their investments. This has been successful through close monitoring and evaluation of its strategic and operational facts on the ground to ensure that any trends in the investment market are properly analyzed, and their impact acknowledged.

Another aspect that has led to the flourishing of Fortress Investment Group is that of its asset-based strategy of investment. During the formation stage in 1998, Fortress Group’s main focus was on the management of private equity as the main source of investment funds. Later on, the management of the company contemplated the reduction of the company’s investment risk by diversifying its investment portfolio. This led to the introduction of other asset classes like the real estate, credit funds, hedge funds and other forms of traditional investment vehicles.

This led to the drastic growth of the assets under the management of Fortress Investment Group to the extent that it even won some of the industry awards that recognize the best performing organizations in the industry. Currently, Fortress manages assets worth more than $64 billion on behalf of its valued clients.

The Powerful Video Tutorial Guides on Trading From Netpicks’ Youtube Channel

In such a competitive global market or industry that people live in, it’s hard to pick the right financial decisions. People are often put into a place of decision fatigue because of the many available options, packages and offerings that promise to grow their assets. However, not all finance companies can offer the most efficient, risk-averse financial and trading suggestions. It is only through tested, smart trading companies like Netpicks that the right strategies could be employed, see (

In understanding the competence, expertise and goals of Netpicks as an investment educational platform, one has to at least view the recently uploaded videos that the company has on their Youtube channel. It is there that many of the potential clients can learn about the right interest rates, financial concepts and series of tips on how to start trading right. The videos available are fantastic reference and strong points for both beginners and advanced traders today. There are also videos in the Youtube channel about some of the most common biases that traders usually make. One of these biases is the Emotional Bias. It is argued by the video that most of the traders today deal with uncertainty mainly through their emotions. They as a result become irrational in their financial strategies, and this leads to a scuppering of their assets’ complete growth. People of different trading specialties could also learn from Netpicks’ videos about day-trading and Renko charts. These are essential guides for any trader to avoid themselves from great asset loss, or even worse, complete ruin.


About Netpicks

It’s not a stretch to claim that Netpicks is right now one of the most established and foundationally strong investment educational firms in the industry today. It’s been in operations since 1996, and so far, all the assistance, financial strategies and insight it has shared to people have been acknowledged to be gold standard.

From stocks, Forex, Futures, ETFs and day trading, Netpicks has all the trading expertise and dedication to grow their assets to their highest potential. It is also a source of pride of the specialists working for Netpicks that the trading systems they offer have always targeted specific goals that are unique to each client, important source

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Dr. Saad Saad Advanced Pediatric Surgeon

Pediatric Surgeon Expertise

Dr. Saad Saad is an established medial professional who specializes in pediatric surgery. Majority of his encounters are with children who have foreign objects stuck in their esophagus. Dr. Saad has over 40 years experience in the medical industry with specific practice in pediatric surgery. Throughout his tenure as a surgeon, he has helped over 1,000 children. This is significant considering the procedure is potentially life saving. With all of this successful medical experience, Dr. Saad Saad has a wealth of knowledge and enjoys extending his expertise to the medical industry. Dr. Saad Saad is considered a leading expert in the field.


Expert Advice

Children are often very curious at a young age, everything is new to them. Unfortunately, this curiosity can lead to children swallowing foreign objects which can get stuck in their throats, either the wind pipe or food pipe depending on the size of the object. Luckily, Dr. Saad Saad has expert advice for this occurrence. He advises that it can cause further harm to stick a finger down the throat to retrieve a foreign object when it is swallowed. If the child is young, age 6 or below, the Heimlich Maneuver is the best bet to remove an object stuck in the windpipe. However, when object becomes stuck in the food pipe or windpipe, surgery may be required. Dr. Saad Saad has many methods to tackle certain issues and has even created a procedure to decrease invasiveness and it has proven successful.


Future Guidance

Throughout his tenure as a expert in the field, Dr Saad Saad has identified trends and certain objects which pose a greater risk and occur more frequently than others in his practice. Batteries are one easily swallowed object which pose the greatest health risk. In addition, peanuts are also easy to swallow and can get lodged in the windpipe. With 40 years experience, Dr. Saad Saad has seen many random objects that have been swallowed by his patients. One of the largest objects Dr. Saad Saad has had to remove from one of his patients was a toothbrush. The patient insisted that they had not swallowed anything abnormal but was experiencing tremendous abdominal pain. A simple x-ray proved Dr. Saad’s suspicion that something was indeed swallowed. His expertise is extremely valuable to the medical industry.

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Academy of Art University Student Showcase at New York Fashion Week

The Academy of Art University participated in its 21st season of runway showcases at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Ten BFA and MFA graduates of the university’s School of Fashion debuted their collections at Skylight Clarkson Square on September 9, 2017.

In total, Academy of Art University students presented five womenswear collections and two menswear collections during this NYFW season. Two of the collections were collaborative efforts. Sara Kozlowski, the Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA, was in attendance, as was America’s Next Top Model personality Ms. J. Alexander. The shows were also livestreamed for audiences around the world.

The diverse backgrounds of these 10 graduate designers informed their debut collections, which offered both local and international points of view. All manner of textures and silhouettes were on display, and the collections demonstrated technical craftsmanship using materials ranging from vinyl to rubber bike tubes. Themes included sustainability in fashion, exploration of personal stories, and philosophy. Many collections drew inspiration from nature, different cultural traditions, and architecture.

Located in San Francisco, California, the Academy of Art University was the first art university to be invited to present student work at NYFW and has been doing so on a biannual basis since 2005. The university also showcases its student, faculty, and alumni work locally in San Francisco, holding over 70 exhibitions every year in galleries around the city.

The School of Fashion’s undergraduate and graduate program offers coursework in design, textiles, knitwear, and merchandising and also teaches students to use the latest technological tools to aid them in their design work. In addition, students receive mentorship from industry professionals who have trained under famed design houses such as Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta.

Since its founding in 1929, the Academy of Art University has produced a number of famous alumni who have made names for themselves in various fields from television animation to athletic footwear design. Several of its alumni have competed on the television program Project Runway, and some students have gone on to win Academy Awards, Emmys, and Pulitzer Prizes.