Keith Mann Helps Graduating High School Seniors in Brooklyn

The education of children has always been a major concern for all people. With education, children have the opportunity to accomplish whatever they want to accomplish in life. Education gives children a way to change their economic and social position. However, there are many children who live in areas where education is lacking in terms of quality. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of money to provide what is needed in the schools that comprise these areas.


There are various ways that children in these areas can receive a quality education. One of the ways is by starting charter schools in these areas. Charter schools provide what the public schools in these areas are not able to provide for the children.


Uncommon Schools is an organization that provides quality charter schools for areas where quality education is lacking because of money issues. Uncommon Schools has a network of charter schools that it runs in a three state area. The schools range from K-12 and serve thousands of children.


In addition to providing quality education for children by running charter schools, Uncommon Schools also tries to help children that go to the schools continue their education beyond high school. Uncommon Schools encourages and helps children to attend college. One of the ways that Uncommon Schools is able to help children attend college is with scholarships provided by people who want to help the children at Uncommon Schools.


Keith Mann is a local businessman in the New York city area where Uncommon Schools has several charter schools. Keith Mann recently started a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School located in Brooklyn. The scholarship can be used to help the graduating seniors pay for college expenses. The value of the scholarship is $5,000.


Keith Mann has his own company that he runs, which is Dynamic Search Partners(DSP). The company is an executive search firm that helps companies find people to fill executive positions in the companies.


Keith Mann has many years of experience in the executive search industry. He has made a name for himself as the owner of Dynamic Search Partners and has a solid reputation in the local business community.

New U.S. Money Reserve Website: A Trove of Information

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 with the explicit purpose of providing a resource for the procurement of precious metal investments. Since then they have assisted hundreds of thousands of clients in finding the right investment to diversify and secure their wealth. Earlier this year U.S. Money Reserve announced the launch of their new website filled with numerous features to both educate and assist clients. The website includes a knowledge center, newsroom and Gold Store. The website continues the U.S. Money Reserve’s commitment to excellence.

The new Knowledge Center provides answers to numerous questions about gold and precious metals. There are interesting bits history and informational pages about sets date runs, information about the U.S. Mint where much of our money is made. In another section, you can learn about how precious metals are graded. Additionally, you can find out information about the fascinating life of the director of the U.S. Money Reserve Phillip N. Diehl. Perhaps the most informative page is the “Why Buy Gold” section, helping the consumer understand why gold is an important part of anyone’s portfolio.

Inside the U.S. Money Reserve’s Newsroom, you can catch up on the latest news, not only within the company but also in the precious metal markets. Many of the articles help to inform the reader as to what is happening to the latest gold prices and why. The Newsroom serves to be a truly informative resource for anyone interested in precious metal investing. The information is helpful in guaranteeing you make the best investment possible for your financial future.

Finally, the Gold Store presents many of the U.S. Money Reserve excellent gold investing products. In the store, you can purchase gold and silver coins, certified coins and even precious metal bars, including gold and silver. U.S. Money Reserve’s world renown customer service is now available at your fingertips.

U.S. Money Reserve has continued their pursuit of excellence by establishing a world class website that continues to provide excellent services. It acts to inform and serve both current and future clients by allowing them to gain knowledge and get a better understanding of the importance of gold investments.

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Securus Technologies Receives An A+ Rating From The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau informed Securus Technologies that the company was given accreditation and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. As an organization, the Better Business Bureau provides third party information concerning businesses both large and small. The Better Business Bureau is known far and wide by many people as one of the most respected evaluators of business service and performance by third party organizations.


The Better Business Bureau provides the information that it does to help consumers. The information provided by the Better Business Bureau is typically used by consumers to get an opinion of businesses related to customer service and business performance. The fact that the Better Business Bureau is an objective third party gives more weight to the thoughts offered by the Better Business Bureau.


The accreditation and A+ rating that Securus Technologies received from the Better Business Bureau is an indication that Securus technologies is a well ran organization that provides good customer service and is able to complete the work done by the company in a professional manner.


Securus Technologies provides products and services to agencies such as law, corrections, and safety. The company provides a variety of products and services such as emergency help, incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, and information management.


The Better Business Bureau has a level of standards that all businesses must meet to achieve accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Securus Technologies has shown through its customer service and business performance that the company is worthy of the recognition given to the company by the Better Business Bureau.


Securus Technologies is a company that is showing organizations like the Better Business Bureau that Securus Technologies is a quality company. I feel that accreditation and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau tells a lot about the level of service provided by Securus Technologies.



Raj Fernando Life and Career

Raj Fernando was born in July 1971 in Denmark, and he was the youngest in a family of three. The family, later on, moved to the United States.Raj Fernando graduated from Beloit College with bachelor’s degree in history and economics. He also attended University College London.

Fernando began pursuing his career while still in college where he joined Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer. He exchanged various positions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and later joined Chicago Board Trade where he served from 1991 to 2001.

In 2002 Fernando established Chopper Trading where he acted as the chief executive officer of the company. Chopper Trading is a Chicago-based proprietary trading organization that dealt with fixed income, equities, and various products. Raj as the CEO of the company designed, implemented and also managed various risk managements, trading, monitoring and code security systems.

During this period Chopper Trading traded with various trading firms including Eurex, CME, ICE, and LSE. The company kept thriving, and it was the world’s largest global exchange with around 2500 employees across the globe. In 2015 January, Fernando sold Chopper Trading to another Chicago-based trading firm known as DRW.

In 2016, Fernando founded and launched an internet startup firm where he serves as the CEO and the chairman. Scoutahead is a company designed and implemented to improve professional and corporate growth and productivity using advanced and secure communication systems.

Raj Fernando is also politically active and productive; he is a political participant, donor, and fundraiser. Since 2003 he has made political contributions to various Democratic candidates. In 2008 he fundraised for Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. He also contributed for Obama’s presidential candidature. He has also made various contributions to different political organizations including women count which is a political committee.

Fernando has a passion for giving and supporting philanthropic events. He has funded various agencies including supporting wounded warriors, the Steppenwolf Theatre and big brothers big sisters amongst others.

Fernando sits as a board member of American Security Project; he also serves on the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee, and he is also on Global Affairs at Chicago Council.

The Road to Success with Marc Sparks

Determination, faith and a positive attitude are some of the keys to success. With only a high school diploma Marc Sparks has hit the record of being one of the successful prominent businessmen. He is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He founded Timber Creek Capital, LP, he is also the CEO of the company. His residential area is in Dallas, Texas.

The sky has been his limit yet he started from scratch. He is mostly associated with telecommunication but also majors in other businesses. He has started and nurtured many businesses. Some of the companies he is involved with include Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless and Splash Media.

Marc Sparks also has other qualities apart from being a glamorous entrepreneur. He is a humanitarian, he gives back to the community, they say when you give, many blessings will knock at your door.

His philanthropic efforts have been seen in various projects. He has spent his money in building affordable homes with Habitat, he has supported the American Can! Academy by giving a thousand laptops and lastly he has participated with the Samaritan Inn, a shelter for the homeless since the late 80s to host the needy.

Timber Creek Capital founded by Marc Sparks supports potential entrepreneurs in establishing starting businesses into income producing companies. Every business or company requires enough capital to start off.

Timber Creek Capital ventures into businesses that have a great strategy on how their business will run. Therefore Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist who offers startup money to businesses that appear to have a great future. Office space, required capital, tools, banking, networking and expertise in customer service are some of the opportunities provided by Timber Creek Capital.

Marc Sparks does not believe in failure. The reason he has started so many businesses is due to his great experience and understanding that at some point a business can be challenging, therefore that motivates him to do better. His expertise in the business world is to help such challenging businesses to grow.

Faith, effort, passion and firmness are some of the pillars that have contributed to the rise of Marc Sparks. Every business needs its guidelines to stand out. As a mentor to so many upcoming entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks has some few business guidelines to offer, they include keeping things straight forward, having a business plan always and showcasing something exceptional to the community.

Sparks is recently working on his book titled ‘’They Can’t Eat You’’ it narrates his journey to success. He outlines his challenges and success to entrepreneurship. Success is not only achieved by going to school. His aim is to inspire a thousand of people through his book.

George Soros Clinton Cash Infusion

The legendary trader from New York, billionaire trader George Soros is opening up his wallet for the 2016 presidential election. Soros continues to ramp up donations to the Clinton campaign, with another cash infusion. This recent donation comes on top of the eight million dollar contribution he made in early 2016.

Soros cemented his name in 2016 as a leading political donator to the Clinton Campaign. Soros 2016 contributions have toppled the cash he donated in 2012 to the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton continues to extend her open door policy with the billionaire trader. Mr. Soros is passionate about policy discussion. One policy in particular stimulated his latest donation spree to Hillary Clinton: Immigration.

Soros dislikes Donald Trump’s immigration policy, and his support for Hillary extends far beyond words. As rhetoric ramps up in 2016, George Soros continues to reinforce his support for the Democratic Presidential nominee by committing cash to defeat Donald Trump.

Soros displayed his commitment to immigration reform with a recent contribution to Immigrant Voters Win. The purpose of this contribution is twofold:

1) Get more Latino voters to the polls
2) Persuade Latino swing voters to support Hillary Clinton

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The contribution comes amidst a perceived enthusiasm gap with voters. Both sides are courting undecided voters heavily. George Soros is utilizing a wise strategy to get immigrant voters fired up to go to the polls.

Demographic shifts provide another piece of the political puzzle. Each year, Latino voters hold more voting power. This power has not gone unnoticed by either side, which is why Mr. Soros ramped up his donations to immigrant voting groups.

Any donation from Soros commands attention from both sides of the aisle. Democrats look to George Soros support as a marker for their campaign success. The more he gives, the more the Democratic base gets energized. The more they get energized, the more they contribute, and not just in dollars. A George Soros contribution sparks a passionate Democratic response.

Republicans keep tally on the billionaire’s donation like hawks watching prey. Mr. Soros wields heavy influence, and Republicans use his contributions on Forbes as a tool to energize their own base.

Michael Vachon, Soros’ political adviser notes the billionaire’s renewed passion for the 2016 election. “This year the political stakes are exceptionally high.” As election season heads into the final weeks, all eyes will be on Soros. Mr. Soros hinted at additional contributions as election day approaches. Buckle up, it’s about to get interesting.

Evolution of Smooth and the Celebrity Factor

Lip balm is fairly inexpensive product. It doesn’t require a whole lot money to purchase this, and most people would not give much thought to what they buy. There are generic products that can be purchased for less than a dollar. This would make some people wonder if it was possible to get customers to spend as much as $3 on a product that essentially did the same thing that the $1 product does. Many customers may ponder this, but the astounding answer to that question is yes. Evolution of Smooth has already proven this with the lip balm that seems to be headed for world domination in lip balm industry.

Fast Company covered the success of this company and many different factors were assessed. One of the most interesting links to the success was the celebrity factor. When Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is seen using a product there is going to be some internet buzz about it. When socialites like Kim Kardashian use the product all of her fans on Instagram and Facebook( are going to start buzzing about this product. That is the thing that has led so many people to consider EOS lip balm.

If people were polled on whether or not the product works, the overwhelming majority would answer with a yes. If these same people were asked if they liked the container and flavors the answer would also probably be yes. If, however, these people were asked about whether the reliability, container or flavor was what influenced the purchase of the product, neither of these may be the answer. The celebrities that have used EOS products have played a big part in the marketing. Fans that see their favorite celebrities with these products are bound to buy and try based simply on the celebrity factor. EOS lip balms are available on Walmart stores and can also be purchased online thru ULTA and eBay.


James Dondero Challenge

Highland Capital is one of the best investment firms in the country based on recent ratings by customers. Over the years, the company has made a lot of investments into its customers and local community. James Dondero is passionate about helping people in this area of their life.

He knows that just a few decisions can have a huge impact on the amount of money a person is able to accumulate. If you want to start investing for your future, this is a great company to work with. According to Insider Monkey, James Dondero recently announced a giving challenge where he would donate a large sum of money if the goal was reached.

James Dondero

There are few people who are as passionate about their work as James Dondero. Over the years, he has built up Highland Capital to be a great investment firm. If you are looking for someone to help you in the wealth building process, he is a great person to go to. He has a lot of great experience in the field, and this experience is helpful in a variety of ways.

James Dondero fell in love with finance when he was young, and he has always wanted to work in this field. However, he never knew that he would lead a huge investment firm like Highland Capital.

Giving Back

One of the things that sets Highland Capital apart from other investment firms is giving back to others. There are a lot of events the company has had over the years to help their customers.

James Dondero recently announced a giving challenge to the local community. In Dallas, there are a lot of people who have major financial needs. James Dondero will match a huge amount of the giving with his own money if the challenge is met. This challenge has given the company a lot of positive press in the local media. This is just another example of the power that James Dondero has in the industry.

The Kabbalah Centre International: Proving The Scientific Wisdom of the Ancient Jewish Sages

Many people are familiar with the more mainstream texts of Jewish spirituality such as theTorah and the Talmud. Unfortunately for the world, the more esoteric teaching of the Jewish Kabbalah have not yet gained as much acceptance by the general public.

This problem mainly has to do with history. In the past, the Kabbalistic texts were only taught to a few scholarly Jewish men over the age of 40. However, as many religious scholars are now discovering, the lessons the Kabbalah can teach all of mankind profound lessons about the nature of the universe, the existence of God, and the spiritual discipline that leads to liberation.

Although more people than ever can get their hands on the Kabbalah today, it seems that only Jewish scholars and New Age enthusiasts really take these mystical works seriously. This may have to do with the increasing scientism and secularization of Western society.

In order to get more average people interested in the lessons the Kabbalah, the Kabbalah Centre International was established in 1984 by Philip Berg. This organization’s headquarters is in Los Angeles, but they have classrooms all around the world.

One of the ways the workers at the Kabbalah Centre attract skeptical students is by pointing out just how much of Western science was actually inspired by the Kabbalah. For instance, one of the central authors studied at the Kabbalah Centre is a scholar in the 16th century named Rav Isaac Luria. Luria’s Kabbalistic texts were so influential on intellectuals in Europe that Western luminaries such as Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz openly praised Luria’s work in their own times.

Teachers working at the Kabbalah Centre invite people from all faiths to study the Kabbalah with them. Nobody is required to know anything about Judaism, Hebrew, or the Bible to begin reading and discussing the Kabbalistic texts at any of this non-profit group’s locations. The leaders of the Kabbalah Centre are more interested in seeing the similarities between the Kabbalah and other systems of spirituality, such as Vedantic Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Sufism, and Gnosticism.

Rather than creating more divisions between religions, the Kabbalah Centre wants to promote an atmosphere of tolerance, intellectual liberty, and peace. As of today, the Kabbalah Centre has locations in the USA, Europe, Israel, and the Americas.

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Great Attorney for SEC Whistleblowers

The attorneys that are a part of the Labaton Sucharow law firm are experts in the SEC. They know the ins and outs of the commission and they are able to help the people who want to blow the whistle on bad practices within the SEC. They are so dedicated, in fact, that this is the only group of people who they will service. They are a team of attorneys dedicated to helping people who want to be able to blow the whistle on unfair practices that are done by the SEC and may actually be illegal in the business world.

The Labaton Sucharow firm was not only created for the SEC. They were originally a business law firm that helped many different businesses with the various legal needs that they had. They were experts at business and they always made sure to pass their expertise on. When the SEC rolled out the whistleblower program, they knew that they had to do something to help. Since they had worked with these type of people before and knew the SEC well, they knew that this was the right direction for them to be able to take their law firm.

The SEC made the program in response to an overwhelming number of cases of internal theft. It was out of control and they needed to be able to stop it somehow. They created the program to help protect people who wanted to be able to tell on their bosses and other higher ups but who did not want to have to be reprimanded or, worse, fired because they blew the whistle. The SEC guarantees that they will protect any whistleblower who comes forward with information about things that are going on in the SEC that should not be going on or that are illegal.

They also help people who want to blow the whistle by rewarding them for coming forward with information. The rewards are often high and are something that people can look forward to. They are given out depending on what type of information comes from the whistleblower and from what they give them. They want to make sure that the claims are real and that things are really going on that shouldn’t be. For that reason, they do extremely thorough investigations before they make the decision to give (or not to give) someone a reward for coming forward.