IAP Worldwide Expands its Market through Lucrative Acquisitions

Ingenuity and Purpose are two principles that have flown the IAP Worldwide Services flag for the past 60 years. They are a team of bold professionals willing to venture into uncharted waters, making the impossible possible. And now with their recent acquisition of two companies, the future could only get brighter for the franchise offering global-scale logistics, facility management, and high-end professional and technical services.

The journey to success for IAP Worldwide started with a dream. A vision to be a leading solution provider, to businesses in the private and public sectors, in solving daily demanding challenges. By embracing every challenge that comes through their door, they have succeeded in diversifying what they have to offer and at an advanced level.

IAP Worldwide are an industry leader in aviation engineering solutions. They are able to provide engineering, technical and logistic services that help sustain aircraft systems for their clients. One of their biggest clients is the US armed forces where IAP Worldwide has carried out various repair and acquisitions of aircraft parts, implemented aircraft program upgrades, and improved automation of equipment and work stations meant for experimental projects.

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And that’s just a tip of the iceberg; IAP Worldwide is also a heavy investor in IT and communications. They have kept several businesses professionally connected by designing, building and managing expedient communication and IT setups. IAP Worldwide has supplied competitive solutions like cyber system security, IT infrastructure design and management, long haul fibre, data operation centre and extensive solutions around communication and security.

A recent win for IAP Worldwide Services is the acquisition of two businesses involved in the Aviation and IT Communication sector. DRS Technologies is one of the said companies, that is heavily invested in providing management services for aircraft repair, logistics running and mission supports. The second company, Tactical Communications and Network Solutions provides solutions in IT infrastructure, engineering and communication support, with a big client being the U.S. Department of Defense.

With this fresh merger, IAP Worldwide aims to spread its reach wider globally and command an even bigger market. The two companies will be consolidated into one unit, Aviation & Engineering, which will be a department that will reach out to more clients in American soil, and also across the borders.