New York’s Real Estate Boom Continues Skyward

New York City is famous for its amazing real estate. Tourists who travel to New York marvel at the amazing sites they come across. Even those who have been following the Big Apple’s real estate investment scene consistently become stunned at new developments. Incredibly huge real estate deals are always emerging in the New York region. The Real Deal published an article on the top 10 upcoming projects soon to come to fruition. They are impressive and worth millions upon millions.

43 West 47 Street is one of the “smaller” projects as it focuses on the building of a 17-story office building. A two-towers project on 28-10 Queens Plaza South is going to reach 27 stories. The cost of this project is going to be well over $600 million. In the Bronx, on the 2900 block of Park Avenue, a grand plan for a 154-unit residential complex is in motion. Omni New York is running the project. The finished result should be impressive.

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