About Nick Vertucci

He is a man who gained a name in the world of real estate, but these days it is his poker skills that have been gaining Nick Vertucci note. The millionaire has been seeing success at games and making headlines with his poker savvy.

Nick Vertucci has a background that includes being an author, having penned Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed, and real estate investor. He founded NV Real Estate Academy through which he shared his strategies for success; that company has been recognized as one of the fasting growing in the nation. Through these avenues and with a well-noted willingness to make bold decisions, he saw financial success that made him a millionaire. With the skills that he acquired in these arenas, especially in the realm of real estate, he has seen significant success in his pursuit of poker.

The success that Nick Vertucci has seen in the realm of poker has gained notice. In a headline for an article published on November 2, 2018, the newspaper Chronicle Week proclaimed “Nick Vertucci Makes a Name as a Ferocious Poker Player.” In it, it is noted that he has already conquered the real estate arena and has now moved on to the realm of the celebrity poker table.

Nick Vertucci has made significant winnings in the realm of poker, too. Games see him winning thousands of dollars with his poker skills. His biggest win to date has been $300,000, which he netted for finishing in fifth place.

With his skills, love for the game, and passion for making big decisions, he is set to continue not only playing poker but also reaping the financial rewards of doing so. With his success in this realm, he gains more note for his skills outside of the real estate arena.