Betsy Devos: US Education Secretary

The conservative billionaire Mrs. DeVos was affirmed in her role as the most recent commander of the Education Department in the course of an incredibly tight vote that took place in the Senate. Do not forget, schooling is an obligation that is often handled at the state as well as municipality level. This fact applies equally for deciding on educational programs as well as for the appointing of course instructors.


Moreover, with a level of wealth that is gauged to be worth a couple of billion dollars, the DeVos family has generously donated to the conservatives upwards of two hundred million dollars. President Trump arrived on the scene to help save Mrs. DeVos the same day as her Senate experience by tweeting in the early hours of the morning that senators were protesting to continue the status quo. The political election of Trump in the role of president of the united states, as a matter of fact, provides possibilities to modify the status quo.


The declaration of Mrs. DeVos in the role of the most recent commander of America’s Education Department is also another chance for things to change. Besides, the present education provided by the public institutions could conceivably be thought to be insufficient on account of many negative consequences resulting from the domination of the unions coupled with the impossibility of terminating course instructors. Even so, when it came to the verification of Mrs. DeVos as the newest commander of the Education Department, a denial of her appointment was a humiliation which the conservatives prevented by a single vote.


Her rivals berated her tirelessly and additionally were striving to catch her producing an error in judgment. Her father-in-law’s company Amway was a small venture that over the long term proved to be popular and it was then found all over the world. The Senate additionally verified the scheduled appointment of Mrs. DeVos as the new and innovative commander for America’s Education Department with the final vote of Vice President Pence.


At the same time, the very first groupings to be influenced by the affirmation of Mrs. DeVos in her function as the leader of the Education Department will probably be the organizations most directly under her command. She likewise stated on Twitter that she was proud of her recent placement in the role of the latest chief of the Education Department for the United States of America. In spite of the efforts of her rivals, Vice President Pence acquired an opportunity to carry out his function as a tiebreaker when it arrived time for the verification of Mrs. DeVos.


At the nationwide stage, Mrs. DeVos established the American Federation for Children in the year 2010 to cater to her campaigns to reform schooling. Also, her partner was an applicant for the role of governor of Michigan in the year 2006. At fifty-nine, this affluent Republican Party contributor wedded to Mr. DeVos (whose dad, Richard DeVos, started Amway), is above all a politically powerful individual in the state of Michigan.


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End Citizens United Backed Candidate Closing in on Texas Senate Polls

An article from Premier Gazette discusses the Texas Senate race involving Republican candidate Ted Cruz and Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke. The article mentions that the most recent poll from nationwide group End Citizens United shows that O’Rourke is starting to close in on Cruz.

The recent poll reported shows that Cruz is now leading by only a margin of 45 to 37 percent. End Citizens United was created in March 1, 2015, with its main purpose being reducing the influence that money has on politics. The article discusses that at the beginning of the year Cruz was leading by 18 percent. These recent polls have shown that O’Rourke is now starting to catch up from behind and odds of him winning this race have started to rise at a dramatic rate. This could lead to the Democrats in Texas having a surprising win in this U.S. Senate race. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

What caused this change in the polls? The article discusses that Ted Cruz had a huge part in decreasing his own lead. A large aspect to the poll is that Cruz is beginning to get in his own way. The poll shows that 61 percent of voters in Texas do not know much about Cruz’s competitor. This can end up being a positive for O’Rourke if Cruz keeps getting in his own way and being portrayed in an unfavorable light. Already the Republican candidate has 49 percent of respondents viewing him in an unfavorable way.

The article goes on to discuss that Cruz has a reputation of putting his needs first over the needs of others. The Senator was one of the people that helped force the recent government shutdown that left many government employees without work or pay temporarily.

The article mentions that O’Rourke is focusing on a more no-frills approach to his campaign. The Democratic Candidate is also very good in his speeches and excite crowds. He has also traveled throughout Texas and worked hard to earn the hearts of the voters.

The article talks about End Citizens United and its dedication to stop the influence that money has on politics. The nationwide group, who is entirely funded by grassroots donors, believes that the power of money allows wealthy people to tip the balance of political power in their favor. This can come at the expense of many people who may not have the money to do anything about this. End Citizens United is working to change this power play in politics. The group[ has completely backed O’Rourke due to his no-frill campaign.

The article discusses how End Citizens United can bring attention and recognition for campaigners. The trustworthy influence the group has gained can bring a candidate’s message to light and spread it to many different audiences who may have not received it otherwise. Visit: 


I Am Ready To Help End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a super PAC I heard about recently that wishes to abolish all special interests from government. They are looking for ways to change the way government is run, and they are hoping that they may convince the public that changing campaign finance rules is important. There are quite a few people like me, and this article explains how we are hoping to educate the public on campaign finance laws.


#1: The Laws Take Time To Change


The laws will take quite a long time to change, and we have been focused on the 2018 elections. I often keep up with the Twitter feed of the cause because they are posting new stories that are quite enlightening. I did not know that this much big money was funneled into government every year, and there is evidence of it practically every day. I encourage others to read their social media feed, and I hope many will change their mind after reading the facts.


#2: The PAC Is Raising Money


I know that End Citizens United raised $4 million in a short time, and the goal is to raise $35 million to ensure the message is heard across the country. I have seen events happen in my community, and I hope that we have more in the future. Every new event we hold makes a difference in our community, and it helps us ensure that we may show the public that campaign finance laws are broken. The current state of government must change, and I believe in helping where I can.


#3: They Lobby Congress


I understand that congress will not change their minds overnight, and I am willing to call my local congressman to ensure they understand my position on the issues. There are quite a few people who will be swayed once they have heard from their population, and they will be afraid of losing an election if they do not listen to the people. We are banding together with End Citizens United to ensure that congress knows what we believe, and I hope that we are heard.


#4: Everyone Should Join In


Anyone who is dissatisfied with government should ensure that they have worked with End Citizens United to change the way people are elected. Someone with money should not be elected simply because they have wealth. We want to stop the way elections are won by only the most-wealthy people, and we hope to put elections in the hands of bright people with morals.


End Citizens United will hopefully change how campaigns are financed, and I plan to do my part. Helping the cause means that America will be a safer place for my grandchildren to grow up.