James Dondero : Above and Beyond Philanthropy

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the city of Dallas, Texas, James Dondero has been able to frequently give back to the community in the form of grants and private donations. James Dondero is the co-founder of Dallas-based Highland Capital Management, an alternative investment firm for businesses and individuals clients alike. Mr.Dondero received his education from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he would go on to earn two degrees in financing and accounting. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Due to his educational achievements, Mr.Dondero would quickly find himself working at JPMorgan Chase & Co. His talents quickly elevated him to being placed in charge of over one billion dollars worth of fixed income funds. Later in his career, Mr.Donderow would be hired as the CEO of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. During his time with the company, James Dondero was able to transform this little known company into a multi-billion dollar enterprise at the end of his time with them.

It was through these positive experiences that James Dondero began to really contemplate the idea of forming his own firm. As we all know James Dondero would then become the co-founder of the highly successful investment firm Highland Capital Management. Since then Mr.dondero has been able to use his fortune and the company’s investment power to fund various projects across the city of Dallas. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

One prime example is the one million dollars that Mr.Dondero was able to allocate to the Dallas City Zoo in order for them to begin building a brand new hippopotamus exhibit. After the death of one of the zoo’s senior hippos, the decision was made to close down the exhibit altogether. Understanding the disappointment of zoo goers and even staff within the organization, the Dallas Zoo decided that due to popular demand they should rebuild a new exhibit.

The project according to their plans would cost the zoo over 14 million dollars to complete. The monetary assistance of James Dondero to the project was a key component of getting that project completed. Today, families from all over the state can now visit the Highland Capital Lodge, the name given to the zoo’s new exhibit.

Visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highland_Capital_Management

Adam Milstein And His Donation Innovation

Adam Milstein is mostly know for his generous and charitable contributions to the Israeli and Jewish-American communities. Adam Milstein and his wife Gila have also co-founded several highly successful non-profit pro-Israeli organizations. Among these organizations is the Israeli American Council (IAC). It was founded in 2007 and is based in Los Angeles, California. Other organizations are the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the Sifryat Pijama B’America. All of these organizations have the common goal of promoting the unification of Israeli-Americans as well as helping to nurture a stronger sense of Jewish identity among the children of first-generation Israeli-Americans.

Adam Milstein first came to the United States with his family in 1981 and soon earned his MBA from UCLA. After completing his formal education he went into the commercial real estate business where he was able to quickly move up to the position of managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties firm. Adam Milstein currently lives in Encino, California with his family which includes three daughters, two grandsons, and a granddaughter.

Many of the charitable deeds that were attributed to the Israeli-American community were inspired from the charitable actions of a friend of Adam Milstein. That is when Adam and his wife began to co-found several non-profit pro-Israeli organizations. Adam and his wife have implemented what’s known as the Donor Forum. The Donor Forum provides a facilitated method of creating a closer relationship between philanthropists and soon to be non-profit organizations. The couple is also well known for continuously assisting pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish non-profits to get established. The couple helps them by providing the organizations with resources through their own organization.

Adam and Gila also participate in the events themselves to ensure their success. They actively participate and give their own time to work with people. Recent events have been able to raise substantial amounts of money. A recent event held by the Israeli-American Council was able to raise over $16.5 million. The donors that were able to assist in the raising of this lucrative amount of money were Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. Many of the participants feel that the IAC has made tremendous progress over the years.


Jason Hope’s Research Contributions

Jason Hope Wants A Longer, Better Life For All

Jason Hope

Entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope is a native Arizonan. He went to school at Arizona State University and received a finance degree. His MBA is from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope has a passion for many things that include technology, innovations, and giving back to the community.

Philanthropic organizations

Jason Hope recently donated 500,000 dollars to the SENS Foundation. The Sens Foundation is a non-profit organization located in California. The organization’s research is in the area of rejuvenation biotechnologies. Their goal is to help fight the battle of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Atherosclerosis, Diabetes, and more.Hope also provides support to other organizations. Most of them pertain to the areas of education or medicine. Many of them are in Arizona but others are in other areas around the globe. These organizations include the Boys and Girls Club, Teach for America, the Andri Agassi Foundation, the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Arizona Science Center, and Family Health International.

Grants for students

Jason Hope takes investing in the future very seriously. One way he has decided to make that investment is to provide grants to high school seniors and college students who have come up with a solid technological idea. Hope understands that coming up with funding to back a brilliant idea is not always easy. He is giving students the opportunity to get the funding to help make their innovation a reality. After the students submit a plan, Hope personally reviews the plan and decides if the student will receive a grant ranging from 500 to 5000 dollars.

Everyone can be a philanthropist

Hope focuses a big portion of his life on philanthropy, especially the work that is being done at the SENS foundation. He believes that everyone can be a philanthropist with a little guidance. According to Hope, the first step is finding what exactly it is that you are passionate about. Next, are looking to help out an organization on a local level or national? Are you going to be donating money or your time, or are you able to do both? Lastly, do your homework and talk to the people within your circle and see what organizations they support. One person can make a difference.