Nutritious Ganoderma is a Success Infused in Columbian Coffee

Sometimes healthy foods don’t taste very good, so naturally, people aren’t crazy about trying it. According to Zoominfo, Bernardo Chua has created a remarkable line of delicious hot drinks infused with one of the most nutrient-filled foods on the planet, the Ganoderma Lucido.

Organo Gold is the name of the successful direct sales company that Bernardo Chua founded with a unique idea to infuse the incredible super-mushroom into rich, Columbian coffees, hot chocolate, and herbal teas. The general public found that this was a delicious way to use the natural Ganoderma on a daily basis.

Ganoderma is an ancient herb that has been in Chinese medicine for over 4,000 years and for good reason. The Ganoderma grows on the Asian Mountains and this mushroom has super antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as other nutrients. Bernardo grew up in the Philippines with a mother who was from China. She brought the Ganoderma with her, so Bernardo was completely familiar with its incredible qualities.

At a young age, Bernardo made a commitment to himself to introduce Ganoderma to the world. Eastern countries knew the healthy qualities of this natural plant, but the western world had never heard of it. Today, Organo Gold is 55th in all direct sale companies and has one million distributors in 33 countries.

Bernardo Chua has accomplished this success in less than a decade. Organo Gold is his second networking company built around Ganoderma, but he didn’t get the concept for Ganoderma to be infused until 2004 when Gano Excel closed. Three years later he founded Organo Gold, which includes four rich coffee blends and three delicious herbal teas infused with Ganoderma, Ganoderma in capsule form, and several natural skin products.

Bernardo Chua has chosen a minimal number of products, but they carry maximum effects, and the company is reaching more people every day. He chose this method of transmitting the great news about Ganoderma because he knew that this was the way for people to experience the Ganoderma first-hand. Today, Mr. Chua simplified the name, and now the company is simply called Organo.