Securus Responds to GTL Briefing

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of communications and security products and services to the correctional facility and prison industries. The company has designed a number of different products that are used in thousands of locations across the United States, each of which are able to make prisons are more efficient and safer place to live, work, and visit. In total, they provide services to over 1,000 facilities, which account for over 100,000 prisoners across the country.


Due to the company’s success in providing these products and services, they are frequently considered an industry leader by their peers. In an attempt to keep up in competition, some of the peers in the industry will take legal steps to slow Securus’s progress. One company, GTL, recently sent out a news briefing that discussed their perspective of an ongoing legal battle between the two companies. Securus reviewed the briefing and had a number of different comments regarding the news briefing.


The first comment was related to GTL’s claim that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board decided to preserve all of GTL’s 55 cliams regarding its video visitation patents. Securus corrected the briefing saying that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board declined to even review the claims challenged. Furthermore, GTL claimed that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board stated that all of the technology used in the products was able to be patented, which Securus denies was even discussed.


GTL also provided comments in regards to the speed of the trial and case saying that they were just months away from a jury trial. Securus clarified that it is very unlikely that the case will ever be heard by a jury and if it is, they will be more than a year away from the commencement of a jury trial.


FreedomPop Goes Global In A Super Way

$50 million buys a lot these days. An entire 25-country network of interconnected phone service is possible with that kind of money. Anyone who doubts this to be true should just look at what FreedomPop is up to. The Los Angeles-based mobile phone startup has just raised a massive amount of money to expand all across the globe. Right now, the finishing touches are being made on deals with various mobile phone networks in various countries. Once the proverbial ink is dry, FreedomPop phone service is in the door.

And the $50 million is also going towards the creation of a Wi-Fi network hotspot. That means phone service is going to be accessible through the internet. Customers will have to pay a (one-time) service fee and buy a SIM card to access the Wi-Fi hotspot, but the costs are nominal. The savings, on the other hand, are going to be huge. Roaming fees, the bane of mobile phone carrying travelers, could end up being eliminated.

FreedomPop’s management and founders knew there was a huge market of customers interested in very low-priced mobile phone service. RCR Wireless recently hosted FreedomPop’s CEO on its YouTube Channel. He provides a lot of thoughtful insight on the company’s success during the interesting discussion.

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