Kisling Nestico & Redick take icy plunge for charity

Lawyers are often compared to sharks, but the law firm of Kisling, Nestico & Redick (KNR) prefer the life of a polar bear. KNR is preparing for the 16th Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump to be held on Saturday, Feb. 23rd as they will take the icy plunge into the frigid lake. The event benefits the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. The law firm is hoping to raise $25,000 this year for the charity.

Giving back to the community is something Kisling, Nestico & Redick feel strongly about. The polar bear jump is just a part of their ongoing campaign called KNR kids which helps kids throughout Ohio. KNR has been involved with this charity for many years and Kisling, Nestico & Redick take it very seriously, having raised over $100,000 over the past several years – providing much-needed assistance to these local organizations. The law firm also participates in weekly giveaways and other annual events including a school supply giveaway and Thanksgiving turkey charity.

While Kisling, Nestico & Redick are compassionate and generous to the community they serve, they are also well-known for their persistent and unyielding advocacy on behalf of their clients. Years of experience has enabled KNR to consistently achieve favorable results for their clients. Kisling, Nestico & Redick are always one step ahead. They can predict the next moves of their opponents and advise their clients of how to navigate the choppy waters of trials and come out on top. Favorable verdicts are usually the outcome when KNR has your back.

KNR look beyond the specifics of an individual settlement, instead focusing on the larger picture of changing the established rules of the game. This advocacy has resulted in organizations spending more time and money to increase employee training and safety programs. Kisling, Nestico & Redick look at this as a win-win, benefiting not only their clients but the entire community. This makes KNR a valuable asset for all Ohioans.

Jeremy Goldstein shows support for Fountain House

Fountain House, an organization that supports people recovering from mental illnesses, received a significant boost when Jeremy Goldstein hosted a dinner party in its support. There was plenty of food and wine at the event as everyone showed solidarity with the recovering patients. According to the World Health Organization, mental illness is a humanitarian crisis that is affecting over 450 million people across the world. It is a problem that has prevented many people from working, schooling, managing finances, and maintaining healthy relationships. It is because of this severity that Fountain House seeks to help these people in their recovery process.




How Fountain House was formed




Fountain House was founded in 1944 by a group of people who were recovering from mental illnesses. The group of six met while attending treatment and that is how they came up with the idea of supporting fellow patients. Over the decades, they have achieved many things as they help people by raising funds in several ways. The group was initially called “We are not alone” to show the state that most metal patients find themselves in when they feel isolated by the world. Their resolve was to ensure that nobody feels alone through a network that supports all patients.




Giving opportunities to recovering patients




The organization provides opportunities to recovering patients to learn and work. It is meant to make the patients productive through several initiatives. As they learn and work, they become part of the community that is making the world a better place. The group is led by a board of directors and a leadership team. Through mutual support, they operate several community mental health programs mainly in New York. Their innovative programs are based on research and knowledge about the process of recovery from mental health. Because of their activities, people with mental health problems have experienced an improvement in their living standards.




About Jeremy Goldstein




A leading executive compensation lawyer, Jeremy is a partner at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a law firm that advises compensation committees. For a long time, he has been involved in many big-money transactions. The New York University School of Law, Cornell University, and University of Chicago graduate is also the chairman of the Mergers and Acquisition subcommittee that falls under the Executive compensation committee in the American Bar Association Business Section. He is a published author who loves to write and talk about corporate governance as well as executive compensation.


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Randal Nardone Made His Fortune What it is Today

Randal Nardone is an ambitious lawyer who ended up making quite a fortune with his entrepreneurial skills. He attended the University of Connecticut and obtained his Bachelor of Arts as well as Science. He became a billionaire with partners Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Michael Novogratz and Wesley Edens. He owns an impressive 53 million shares that are worth $16 billion. He has also earned an additional 100 million in cash net payouts since the year 2005.

Randal Nardone is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone has also made it to have a place on the Forbes Billionaire list. The Fortress Investment Group was the very first hedge fund to go public in 2007, and the firm managed around $70.2 billion in assets in 2016.

The financial industry has become very successful as well as advanced and developed. In the 2010s banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies are considered to be the top industries rather than the more traditional types of industries such as oil and the railroad. Fortress Investment Group has made many of its founders extremely wealthy, and Randal Nardone was even ranked 557 on the Forbes 2007 World Billionaires list which is a very coveted position to be in. He is now one of the main leaders in the world in the financial industry and has built up quite the impressive resume.

Nardone was previously a member of the executive committee of the Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm before joining Fortress Investment Group. He was managing director, and he is also in many executive positions at Eurocastle Investment Limited, Alea Group Holding, and Brookdale Senior Living. For decades he has been where the action is, and he has established a very efficient allocation of capital which has helped to und many developments all over the world.


The Significant Role of the SEC Whistleblower Protection Program

In 2010, the Congress played a major role in transforming the laws that manage the United States’ finance industry. This was by passing the two important legislations, which are the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act. The Great Depression was the last reform that had been done before the enactment of this two laws. The Dodd-Frank Act supported the Securities and Exchange Commission to create new legislations that protect any individual who voluntarily gives it information about any organization that does not follow the state and federal securities laws. According to this whistleblower protection program, the informant should be given a significant monetary motivation and also assured that they would have job security.


After the enforcement of the whistleblower protection program, law firms were created to offer legal services to the SEC’s informants while others formed divisions to provide the representation. An example of these companies is the Labaton Sucharow, which pioneered the industry. The firm has been offering plaintiff representation for about five decades. It has a well-established program for filling litigations, and this ensures excellent service for its clients. The activities of the company are supported by its staff, which includes forensic auditors, financial experts, and in-house investigators who have adequate knowledge on the implementation of the securities laws.


The law firm’s whistleblower representation practice and attorneys are headed by Jordan A. Thomas. He has been working in the securities sector for a couple of years, and therefore, he has ample experience. Jordan once served the SEC as a deputy principal litigation counsel for its enactment department, and he was also an assistant director of the commission. One of the major roles that he has played in the industry is being a member of the panel that formed the SEC whistleblower program.


The Securities and Exchange Commission’s informants are currently entitled to 10-30 percent of the sanctions that the organization collects as a result of the information that they provide. The Commission also ensures that they are not sacked or blacklisted by their employer for being whistleblowers. The Dodd-Frank Act forbids companies from harassing SEC sources.


The whistleblowers are currently allowed to use attorneys as their representatives in situations where they would like to provide information anonymously. It is important for the informants’ identity to stay private, and therefore, they are advised to avoid giving personal information when reporting cases. The SEC uses attorney-client privilege to safeguard the information that it receives.

Great Attorney for SEC Whistleblowers

The attorneys that are a part of the Labaton Sucharow law firm are experts in the SEC. They know the ins and outs of the commission and they are able to help the people who want to blow the whistle on bad practices within the SEC. They are so dedicated, in fact, that this is the only group of people who they will service. They are a team of attorneys dedicated to helping people who want to be able to blow the whistle on unfair practices that are done by the SEC and may actually be illegal in the business world.

The Labaton Sucharow firm was not only created for the SEC. They were originally a business law firm that helped many different businesses with the various legal needs that they had. They were experts at business and they always made sure to pass their expertise on. When the SEC rolled out the whistleblower program, they knew that they had to do something to help. Since they had worked with these type of people before and knew the SEC well, they knew that this was the right direction for them to be able to take their law firm.

The SEC made the program in response to an overwhelming number of cases of internal theft. It was out of control and they needed to be able to stop it somehow. They created the program to help protect people who wanted to be able to tell on their bosses and other higher ups but who did not want to have to be reprimanded or, worse, fired because they blew the whistle. The SEC guarantees that they will protect any whistleblower who comes forward with information about things that are going on in the SEC that should not be going on or that are illegal.

They also help people who want to blow the whistle by rewarding them for coming forward with information. The rewards are often high and are something that people can look forward to. They are given out depending on what type of information comes from the whistleblower and from what they give them. They want to make sure that the claims are real and that things are really going on that shouldn’t be. For that reason, they do extremely thorough investigations before they make the decision to give (or not to give) someone a reward for coming forward.

The SEC Whistleblower’s Path

The publicly traded stock market is a financial institution open to anyone. If a person wishes to purchase $100,000 worth of stock, the person may do so. An individual who only has $50 is certainly allowed to place a buy order. What all buyers and sellers of stocks must adhere to are the rules. Insider trading, for example, is barred and barred for everyone.

Looking the other way at wrongdoing is not something an honest person wants to do. Guilt is sure to weigh on the mind of someone who knows swindlers and cheaters are bending and breaking the rules of the market. Blowing the whistle to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) could start the process of setting things straight. Unfortunately, worries about retaliation are sure to worry the individual who wishes to come forward.

Those with such concerns are not being paranoid. Retaliation is always a possibility in the workforce. Someone who sees illegal activities in a financial firm he/she works for may end up being more worried about losing a job than reporting illicit activities. To address this matter, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was passed in 2010. The act helped create a new whistleblower program, a program designed to protect those who come forward to report crimes and violations.

The act even set up a generous rewards programs. A person who helped the government recover money through the enactment of the law may receive a percentage. So, if a financial institution is levied with a major fine or sanction, the whistleblower could receive up to 30%. The compensation alone may not completely motivate people to come forward and blow the whistle, but the reward may help some make a final decision regarding what to do.

Making decisions on one’s own is difficult. Navigating the stormy waters of the legal system after coming forward may also have its difficulties. To address such matters, seeking representation by a SEC whistleblower attorney is suggested. In fact, procuring representation turns over a lot of responsibilities to the attorney. Things could end up being smoother and safer this way.

Choosing A Competent Attorney in New York City

If you find yourself in a legal dilemma, you need one of the best attorneys you can find. You will need to find an attorney who specializes in the type of case you are dealing with.

Choosing an attorney is not something to be done without research. It is imperative that you do your home work and pick someone who is well known for rendering outstanding service to clients. Although there are many attorneys in the New York City area, providing proficient services to both institutional and individual clients, you need to be aware that not all attorneys render the same level of service.

You can start looking for an attorney by asking friends, relatives and other professionals you come in contact with for recommendations. Attorneys that you or someone you trust knows can be valuable even if their practice is in a different area. Attorneys tend to know other attorneys, and they will be able to know which ones are most reliable.

Schedule a meeting once you have a list of attorneys, and have a consultation with a few of attorneys. Ask whether the attorney has handled your type of case, how he intends to approach the case, how much he charges, and finally ask the attorney to provide you with other pertinent information that they can’t provide right away. If your case needs some research, allow the attorney to perform the necessary research.

Once you have a competent attorney on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive a good representation. That is why you need to consider Ross Abelow – one of the most reputable attorneys in the NY area.

Ross Abelow is a highly successful and reputable attorney with the flair of persuasiveness. Mr Abelow is a New York based attorney, and he has great expertise in Family, Matrimonial and Commercial Litigation Law. He has powerful litigation skills and is well experienced in the field. Many businesses and individuals have relied on his negotiation and litigation skills to obtain favorable results in their respective cases.

Ross Abelow has provided outstanding legal services for many years and is well respected by his peers and clients. He has an extensive list of satisfied clients who keep on using his services whenever they need another legal representation or advice. Mr Abelow strives to obtain the best outcome possible for his clients and has achieved great results.

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