Richard Dwayne Blair: You Are Just Three Pillars Away From Financial Freedom

Financial freedom has never been more easily accomplished if you listen to what Richard Dwayne Blair has to say about it. He is an executive at Wealth Solutions Inc and has helped numerous people do what they need to in order to get on the right track with their money and wealth. He firmly believes that making things less complicated for the average person to understand is the most important thing that any financial advisor can do. Thus, he has boiled it down into three pillars.

Figure Out Your Aims

What is it that you want out of life in the first place? Are you the type of person who is happy with where you are in general with the choices that you have made financially? Odds are that you have higher goals than where you are at this very moment. Those goals can be reached if you just start to figure out what they are exactly. That is all that there is to the first pillar.

Set Up Investments That Meet Those Goals

What you invest in should be a reflect of what you want to get out of those investments. In other words, your risk/reward ratio in investments should line up pretty well with what you expect from them in the first place. If that is the case, then you have made the right choices.

Put The Plan Into Action

Your final assignment to follow the Richard Dwayne Blair plan is to put your plan into action. Richard Dwayne Blair says that this is the moment when things go from being a theory to being put into real-life practice. Once you hit this realm, you have made it all the way to the point where you are able to really see results. That is when it starts to feel real good.

How Jeffrey Schneider’s Expertise has Been Instrumental in the Success of Ascendant Capital

As an alternative investment company, Ascendant Capital focuses on addressing the needs of its clients using unique solutions. The company majorly focuses on private equities that generate income. A leadership team that believes in diligent customer service heads Ascendant Capital. The company’s securities are offered through Axiom Capital Management. The company is committed to sourcing and collaborating with competent fund managers. This partnership strives at creating unique strategies to meet clients’ needs. Ascendant’s professional team structures exceptional investment plans through open consultations and intensive research.


Ascendant Capital redefines alternative investment services by creating beneficial relationships with its employees, partners, and clients. The company is renowned as a trusted source of reliable alternative investment services. As the brains behind Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider has overseen the development and strategic direction of the firm. He ensures that the company raises sufficient funds that are needed by emerging and established alternative fund sponsors.

The company also adopts different awareness creation, sales, and marketing techniques when structuring its funds. Its clients include private banks, family offices, and broker-dealers. Ascendant has over fifty broker-dealers, several family offices, and 250 investment advisors. The firm usually records an increase in profits every year. Ascendant dedicates the funds raised in purchasing real estate properties and acquiring tech startups.

Jeffrey Schneider’s Career Background

Jeffrey Schneider has facilitated the fast-paced growth of Ascendant. The Austin-based firm began offering investment solutions to its clients with a professional team of five individuals. The company has since expanded its workforce to over 30 workers. Schneider is enthusiastic about the Ascendant’s excellence in the future. According to him, the alternative investment sector is lucrative. Fund managers can reduce the volatility in assets and diversify their holdings through the industry. Schneider also believes that alternative investment allocations are higher than RIA’s allocations. He served as a fund manager for Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management before founding Ascendant Capital. Schneider led the two companies through a series of profit generation initiatives. After attending the University of Massachusetts, Schneider ventured into the financial service sector. Schneider has worked for Smith Barney, Alex Brown, and Merrill Lynch. During his tenure at Merrill Lynch, he learned the skill of analyzing managers.

Besides business, Schneider is a fitness enthusiast. He embraces a diet plan that comprises of healthy and highly nutritious food. He also participates in half ironmans and marathons. These sporting activities have helped him in maintaining his physique. Schneider is also involved in charity work when he’s not working. He has contributed generously to organizations such as Cherokee Home for Children, and God Loves We deliver. His philanthropic endeavors focus on empowering the community and promoting peace. They also concentrate on developing institutions that help unprivileged people in accessing necessities like food and clothing.


Wealth Solutions Inc., and Richard Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial investment advisor who co-established Wealth Solutions Inc., based in Bee cave, Texas. With 25 years of experience in the finance services industry, he is a registered member of Security Exchange Commission granting him the authority to be paid after providing advice regarding securities. Being a SEC certified investment advisor, he can also be to manage individuals and businesses portfolio or offer them financial planning services. Blair is also a Certified Financial Planner who took exams on estate planning, financial planning, taxes, retirement and insurance to achieve his certification status.


Richard was inspired by his wife, mother and grandmother who were teacher at the beginning of his career. Richard witnessed how they used education to boost the knowledge and confidence of their students and therefore combined that experience with his natural passion for finance to come with the idea of establishing of a firm that would manage people wealth, assets or retirements. He was employed in a financial institution in 1993, and after one year, co-founded his own private company, Wealth Solutions Inc.


Wealth Solutions is an integrated investment advisory focused on providing financial planning, wealth management and retirement planning.


The company is aware that a lot of people have created and accumulated a lot of wealth but they have no idea about how to preserve this fortune. At Wealth Solutions, they will be offered a variety of both traditional and alternative investment plans to help them achieve their long term investment goals.


In creating a comprehensive financial plan, Wealth Solutions will help clients determine their assets and liabilities, set their short and long term financial objectives as well as evaluate their existing financial position. Together, the client and the company will develop and implement a financial plan the meets mutually a beneficial goal.


Regarding the sophisticated retirement issues, Wealth Solutions will collaborate with clients to identify opportunities for building wealth by employing conservative plans including mutual funds, IRA investments and annuities. Retire planning is particularly Richard’s specialty. He will analyze his client’s incomes sources, manage his or her assets as well as determine his or her future expenses.


And as the financial markets continue to change, Wealth Solutions will similarly adapt its financial strategies and investment advisory to meets the needs of existing and potential clients.


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