How CloudWick Can Help Create A Security Operations Center

As most cyber security experts predict more companies and organizations will experience data breaches in the years ahead, it is increasingly important to place a greater emphasis on data storage and security. However, due to the complexities involved with this task, most companies and organizations know little if anything about where to turn for assistance. But for those who discover CloudWick and the services it can provide, the creation of a security operations center becomes much more efficient and effective.

Relying on a team of experienced and knowledgeable data scientists, engineers, developers, and other IT professionals, CloudWick can create a security data lake that can safely and securely store vast amounts of data for any company big or small. To do so, it relies on developing a data lake that can capture and ingest a variety of incoming data, including network, virtual, machine, and cloud data, into one security data platform. Once this is accomplished, it can greatly reduce the inefficiencies found in most of today’s siloed security systems, even if the data is stored on-premises or in a cloud.

As many companies and organizations know all too well, the costs associated with IT upgrades and changes can become very high, often prohibiting smaller companies from making the changes necessary to protect their data. However, as CloudWick has developed new and innovative data storage methods through the data lake, it has been able to reduce the costs and complexities associated with these changes. As a result, a company’s security stack can be converged, consolidated, and modernized so that it can be placed onto a more secure data platform. By doing so, the data platform itself becomes much easier for employees to use, since it requires no prior cloud, search, or big data experience.

Rather that sit back and wait for the inevitable data breach to occur, more companies are now relying on the services of CloudWick to create security operations centers for data storage. In doing so, various aspects of a company’s IT system can be integrated with one another, resulting in greater security measures being in place 24/7.