Yeonmi Park’s Story Of Bravery And Strength

Recently, released a story about a courageous young woman named Yeonmi Park, who has come out to tell her story of escaping from North Korea. In her Amazon released book, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, Park details the arduous obstacles she overcame, which has become an inspiration to human rights activists all over the world.

In the book, Yeonmi Park speaks of the oppressive regime in North Korea and the starvation of the masses. There was not nearly enough food to go around, and she often ate insects and plants to fill the void. In addition, she and all other citizens were not free to speak about the oppression while still in the country. So her family made the decision to escape to China when she was just thirteen years old.
With the help of a trafficker, she and her mother did escape to the Chinese border across a frozen river in the middle of the night. However, the trafficker sold her mother as a bride-slave and took Yeonmi as a mistress. The years that followed were very difficult, but Yeonmi and her mother did make it to New York and reunited with the rest of the family, where they now reside. She then realized a whole new life with plenty of food and the freedom to speak about North Korea.
She ended up writing the aforementioned book and became an activist, speaking all over about what goes on in North Korea today. Propaganda has since come out of North Korea, attempting to discredit Yeonmi and her story, but she remains strong in trying to bring awareness to the world. To read the entire article about Yeonmi Park’s story, head over to