Fagali Airport; ‘The Little Samoan Airport That Could’ Is Now An International Hub In The South Pacific

The chain of islands, known as the Samoan Islands, are found in the central vicinity of the South Pacific. Fagali airport, which operates out of the Samoan Islands, is located on the Samoan island of Upolu, which is the second largest of the two islands that comprise more than 90% of the island chain’s entire land mass. It’s also the island which specifically houses about 75% of the nation’s entire population. Fagali airport , which is small and can be found in the village that bears the same name as it does, serves the Upolu capital city of Apia.

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Since its creation, the airport has had its share of ups and downs, including its unremarkable beginning as a rural, unpaved air field. Then, in the summer of 2002, the airport took some significant steps towards modernity. Paved and sealed, it enjoyed a brief period of use before being summarily closed three years later due to a host of concerns, including safety and noise. Flash forward to the same summer period, just four years up the road, and ‘the little airport that could’ gets a second chance at International travel status according to cheapflights.com. In 2009 it underwent renovations and was again reopened for the use of the traveling public. This time it stayed open.

Although once a government-overseen entity, Fagali airport is now privately owned by Polynesian Airlines. There are regularly scheduled flights departing from and arriving at Fagali, including from the largest of the Samoan islands, known as Savai’i, and also from Pago Pago, the capital of American Samoa, which is located southeast of the Samoan chain. Both Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air fly out of Fagali Airport. Would be passengers have the option of contacting the airlines directly, or accessing them on several different websites online. Due to its nature as a tourist hub, there are a number of luxury hotels within easy driving distance of the Fugal airportas well as an array of eating establishments and also the Royal Samoa Golf Course.

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