Matthew Fleeger is Looking to Lead Gulf Coast Western Into the Future.

Gulf Coast Western LLC combines the resources, manpower, and experience of oil and gas companies to acquire and utilize oil reserves in the U.S. Their leadership group attempts to maximize profit and minimize risk when finding new opportunities in energy.

Gulf Coast Western is a family business that was founded in 1970 and maintains a presence in the south eastern United States, Texas, and Colorado. Their presence in Louisiana was increased as a result of their partnership with other companies including Orbit.

This partnership has given them specific rights to areas and seismic data that can aid in their search for and development of, oil reserves. This venture has increased their prospects in a 1,000 square mile area in Louisiana. This partnership is expected to greatly increase Gulf Coast Western’s oil output.

Gulf Coast Western has also partnered with Northcote Energy Ltd. a Dallas based energy company. Their acquisition of 50% interest aims to expand well production in an area, Shoats Creek, which produces 4 million barrels of oil each year.

Gulf Coast Western operates, and looks to expand, under their current CEO Matthew Fleeger. Throughout his career he has shown an elite level of aptitude in the tanning, waste management, and oil and gas industries. He has been specifically lauded for his strategic planning, team building, and entrepreneurial skills.

Before Matthew Fleeger’s career at Gulf Coast Western began he founded a company called MedSolutions. This company disposed of medical waste. After 13 years at the helm of MedSolutions, it was sold to Stericycle. From there, Mr. Fleeger’s leadership skills enabled him to turn Palm Beach tan into an industry leader.

Matthew Fleeger’s unique skills have given him the ability to lead companies to success. Gulf Coast Western is looking for him, as their CEO, to lead them to success.