JeanMarie Guenot Has One Impressive Career


JeanMarie Guenot has acquired more than twenty years of experience in the fields of pharmaceutics and biotech and is very well respected because of her cntributions. She has worked with companies when they were in all different stages including both private, public, development in the commercial and corporate areas, management and the development of businesses.


A lot of her interest is in taking companies and rebuilding them so they are able to operate more efficiently and with better results than before. JeanMarie is the current CEO of a company called Amphivena Therapeutics. They are involved in developing antibody therapy for different types of hematologic malignancies. They are based out of California and have raised fourteen million dollars in a series MPM Capitol was running.


Before she created Amphivena JeanMarie Guenot founded SKS Ocular, as noted by CrunchBase. This company specialized in ophthalmic incubators and the treatments needed for glaucoma. She also worked for Hoffmann-La Roche as an executive and found drugs to successfully treat inflammation’s, as well as diseases affecting the metabolic and autoimmune systems. Her time at PDL BioPharma development was spent in the area of developing commercial portfolios.


JeanMarie Guenot was the leader in the negotiations for the development and collaboration of Biogen Idec-PDL. She was also responsible for the license for a drug used in oncology called Ophthotech. Her experience and knowledge in the treatment’s and drugs needed for numerous diseases is quite impressive. Her training has mainly been in chemistry and in the designing of drugs.


JeanMarie originally started her chosen career path at Atlas Venture. She was responsible for the management of investment ventures. She has developed drugs to treat specific diseases in many fields including oncology. Her Ph.D. was earned in California in the city of San Francisco. She received her MBA in Pennsylvania while she was attending the Wharton School.  Find Jeanmarie on Facebook here:

An Entrepreneurial Genius Gives Financial Advice to Young People

Having the smallest amount of financial knowledge can really give someone a leg up in this world. Contrary to what many young may think, the world of finance is not a difficult subject to learn about. With just a few tips and life lessons about dealing with money can change someone’s life in miraculous ways.

One of the first things young people need to understand is how to properly manage a budget. Personal finance is much like the financial stability of a business. Just as businesses create and maintain budgets, it is wise for individuals to figure out how to balance their income with times when they will be spending their money or saving their money. By creating a fully planned out budget, individuals can avoid entering into debt and unexpected expenses while still planning future goals.

Another big issue that everyone of every age needs to understand is taxes. No one likes taxes because people know that they get paid less than they earn. Nowadays, people use direct deposit to get paid, so they don’t really get a good look at their pay stubs. A pay stub displays how much money was earned and how much money was taken out for taxes. Everyone pays Federal income tax and social security as well as state and local taxes, along with any other deductions such as health insurance and 401K.

What could really help young people set up a bright financial future for themselves is understanding compound interest, having good credit, and getting good deals. Compound interest is earned when there is money in an account receiving quarterly interest from the bank. Good credit and good deals can help young people achieve financial milestones without breaking their banks.

Brad Reifler, the man reasonable for such advice, is an exemplary serial entrepreneur. Currently, Brad Reifler is CEO of Forefront Capital. Brad Reifler also sits on the boards and manages many other companies. He’s director at Sino Mercury Company and founder of Forefront Capital. He founded his first company in 2000.