Enters The Best Internist In North Carolina: Imran Haque

Who is Dr. Imran Haque, and just what can he do for for patients who visit Horizon Internal Medicine? To fully understand the answer to that question, a little bit of light needs to be shed on his pedigree, practice and the results of the two, from the past to present. However, the spoiler to learning about the good doctor is that he has incredible range when it comes to his medical knowledge and skill set.


As far as creditability goes, Dr. Imran Haque is a graduate from the University of North Carolina. The foundation of his medical knowledge and focus comes from the University of Virginia School of Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. And, in a continuous effort to maintain his medical know how and can do, he is enrolled in a certification maintenance program. His practice is located in the state of North Carolina, more specifically, in Asheboro and Ramseur.


When it comes to the services available from Dr. Imran Haque and Horizon Medicine, patients get help with everything from laser hair removal to managing diabetes. He has more than a decade and a half of working experience, with impressive numbers that validate the value of his services. Starting out, the most important and assuring statistic associated with him is the number of malpractice, sanctions and board actions on his record. That number is zero, simple enough.


Of course, there are other numbers that can better speak to the competence in service from Dr. Imran Haque than zero. For starters, there is the number of individual conditions treated on his watch, which total 20, so far, and include ailments such as anemia, depression, obesity, and Osteoporosis. The number and range of procedures he performs is similar in their nature to the conditions that present themselves in his offices. These range from abscess incision and drainage to cardiac imaging with everything from biopsy and Echocardiography in between. Dr. Imran Haque handles challenges big and small, all the time.