Providing Toys for Big Boys Spells Success for Danilo Diaz Granados


A Targeted Market


Danilo Diaz Granados must have known that one of the most key elements in marketing is determining a target audience and a specific demand. Established entrepreneurs everywhere know that this concept is at the core of all successful business; there must be a demand for a specific product or service in order for the business to flourish. A specific market is also known as a niche, and Danilo Diaz Granados had a specific niche in mind.


Birth of a New Concept


Following his graduation from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics, Danilo Diaz Granados demonstrated his understanding of this concept. After moving to Miami, Florida, he realized that there was a niche for a luxury boutique that would cater to successful Latino men in the metropolitan Miami area. His visions of grandeur produced a very lavish and elite boutique……one that offers ornate or diamond encrusted high-end watches, sports related inventory, distinguished eye wear, a designer magazine, travel opportunities, and more.


Hence, Danilo Diaz Granados was obviously on target when, along with some business partners, they co-founded the “Toys for Boys Boutique” in Miami.


What Men Wouldn’t Love Toys and Joys Like These


Following is just a sample of the amenities offered by the Toys for Boys Boutique:



  • Helicopter flights to racetracks wherein each man gets to drive a racecar;
  • Private, extravagant breakfasts at exclusive museums and featuring sneak peeks at future building sites;
  • Dom Perignon toasts while on sunset cruises;
  • Flights on sleek jets to exotic destinations…. and more….




One only has to imagine a combination of the south Florida coastline, sun and surf, bling, big boy “toys,” and testosterone to know that this boutique has and is doing well.


If you Want to Join The Fun


Danilo Diaz Grenado and Toys for Boys can be found on several social media sites, such as Facebook , Instagram, and @Danilo_G1 on Twitter.

George Soros Warning of another Financial Crisis

George Soros is an experienced executive and billionaire with vast experience. His experience has earned him respect and authority in the financial field having entertained the investment business since the late 1960s. Recently, Soros indicates that the challenges that the Chinese banks and currencies were facing were a pointer to bad things to come. George Soros insists that given the Chinese rise in the recent years, its influence on the developing countries cannot be ignored. Also, he goes ahead to intimate that the mere fact that it does business with lots of countries will bring a challenge and possible problem if its currency does not improve.

The Chinese currency has lost value on, and it is beginning to bite on the close allies. He warns that the associates were at risk too. The primary concern is that the Chinese economy was insisting on investment and manufacturing, but had never paid attention to consumption issues. The economy cannot sustain itself in that in case there will be no market, and the industries will not last for long. The Chinese are being asked to being a self-sustaining economy before getting out.

Over the last few years, the Chinese economy has grown, but lacks the continuity formula. According to Soros, the Chinese need a new growth model that they will stick to, and will bring possible revaluation of the currency. In a panel in Washington, he warned that the effects of the one he anticipates may be worse compared to the previous one.

Apart from the financial world and investment, George Soros is a donor who likes to promote democracy. Given that many nations do not have a soft touch for democracy in their countries, they have resisted his work and even gone ahead to ban the activities of organizations linked to him. The Open Society Foundation has been prohibited in Russia and named among the groups that are a threat to national security. Also, they have found out that the organization is abusing its constitution.

The Open Society Institute and the Open Society Foundation were founded by Soros so as to help see an end to communism and promote democracy. Their work on has seen resistance in Russia and Hungary. In fact, Hungary accuses the OSF of supporting immigration. In their view, by championing for their rights, the level of immigrants flowing into the country will increase. However, Soros sees it differently. He sees that all human beings should have their rights upheld and freedoms cultivated.

Despite the tough talk by some nations, the Soros organizations have continued to do what they were founded for and have seen success. Also, the organizations have received tremendous support from some local NGOs within their countries of operation. It is the support they receive that helps sustain their efforts. Also, other international organizations have stepped in its support so that all people can have their rights upheld and freedoms guaranteed. The nature of work associated with George Soros has made him a man of outstanding character and admirable professional abilities. Therefore, his sentiments on an impending financial crisis are taken seriously.

George Soros Expecting Another Crash

Born to a jewish family in 1935, George Soros grew up under Nazi occupation in Budapest, Hungary. During the following communist rule, Soros fled. He ended up in London and worked as a waiter and railroad porter. After saving up some money, Soros was able to attend the London School of economics in order to get his bachelors and masters in philosophy. Following a brief stint as a traveling salesman, Soros began working at an investment firm in London, Singer and Friedlander. It was after that this Soros moved to America and found decades of success in working as a trader and analyst and then running his own firm.

When he has created a large net worth for himself, Soros decided it was time to step back from the daily activities at his firm and pursue what he was passionate about, philanthropic work. In the late 1970s, George Soros founded the Open Society Foundations. This foundation was meant to increase the human rights individuals around the world received, to force governments to become more transparent, and to create more open societies. The charity started out by getting tuition to black South Africans under the apartheid regime. The charity also sent xerox machines and other support to dissidents in the Eastern Bloc in order to assist in their cause.

Currently, Soros has been paying a great deal of attention to the crisis in Europe. He has always been a big supporter of the European Union and the principles that it was founded on. He has expressed concern, publicly, about the possibility of the E.U. crumbling. Soros worries that they are having to face too many crises at once. There is the Greek debt situation, the refugee crisis and terrorism, in addition to the current debate over the United Kingdom’s place in the E.U.

Soros has also recently spoken out on Bloomberg about impending economic trouble. He believes that a crash that is similar to 2008 is going to hit soon. And when George Soros makes an economic prediction, people listen. Bloomberg wrote an article discussing Soros’ prediction. Soros made the prediction in Sri Lanka at an economic forum. He said that one of the main problems that is holding many global markets down is the situation in China. He explained that even after the government had poured billions of dollars into the economy and cut interest rates to a record low, the manufacturing sector, and therefore the entire Chinese economy, did not improve. This situation is creating high amounts of volatility in the market. Treasury bonds are expected to increase in price by nearly 6 percent. The VIX or fear gauge has risen 13 percent.

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