Nabors Industries CEO: Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the current CEO and Chair of Nabors Industries, based in Hamilton Bermuda. Tony, as coworkers affectionately refer to him, is a graduate of both Yale and Harvard Universities. He holds a JD from Harvard Law School, a BS, and MS from Yale University in Mathematics. His career commenced in 1979 with the law firm Baker & McKenzie where he was a Managing Partner from 1989 to 1991.

Tony later joined Nabors Industries as the CEO in 1991 becoming the company’s President in 1992. Tony assumed the role of Nabors Deputy Chair in 2003 and held the post until June 2012. Since 2012, Anthony has been serving as the Chair of Nabors Industries and a Director of Stewart Stevenson, LLC. As such, he leads one of the world’s most influential energy prospecting company. Anthony had a humble beginning in his home town of Newark. Growing up in an Italian working class neighborhood in New Jersey where his early life was influenced by the strong work ethics and honor.

From his young age, he knew that success does not come easily. So, as soon as he learned to read, Petrello studied textbooks for hours on end every day. Among his peers, he had an unusual determination and drive for mastering difficult subjects, for example, differential calculus. In addition to that, he displayed a mathematical brilliance expected from logicians or trained physicians. While at Yale University, Petrello was impressive as well. Despite stiff competition at this institution, he distinguished himself from his peers.

As a result, he proved his community’s expectation of him right. Serge Lang, a mathematical theorist, praised the genius of Petrello for his input into the development of number theory. Later, however, Petrello switched his academic interests from mathematics to the humanities. He enrolled at Harvard Law School where he continued his education. Shortly after graduation from college, his married his college sweetheart. A majority of people expected him to settle into family life, but not Tony. He worked in various positions before joining Nabors Industries, where he worked in various roles until he became its current CEO.

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