The year of 2018 has started with a bang for Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, MD, FACS. The Dallas-based plastic surgeon is involved in no less than three major conferences just in the first two months of this year. The year began with a speaking engagement at both the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium in Miami and the Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting. The third conference he attended was Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting.

Why is Dr. Rohrich in such high demand? The answer is simple. He is known world-wide for his expertise in plastic surgery and is arguably one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. Dr. Rohrich has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. During this time, he has served in numerous capacities and roles. He has been a Visiting Professor to more than 150 national and worldwide countries and has presented in excess of 1500 lectures on all areas of plastic surgery. In addition, Dr. Rohrich has devoted his time to various Boards of Directors.

Dr. Rohrich received his extensive education and training from schools such as the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, Baylor University College of Medicine, University of Michigan Medical Center and finally at Oxford University. In 1986, he was awarded membership to the Division of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern.

Dr. Rohrich has published several hundred peer review articles on various aspects of plastic surgery. Good Housekeeping Magazine named him one of the best doctors in America. He is currently serving a President of the Association of Academic Chairman of Plastic Surgery. He holds a patent on a new breast implant technique as well as being responsible for utilizing new and unprecedented plastic surgery technology.

A generous giver, Dr. Rohrich had been involved with serval national charities and organizations over the years, including March of Dimes and Dallas for Children Foundation. In addition, as part of the Rod J. Rohrich MD Foundation, Dr. Rohrich yearly hand picks a student to mentor and support in his home state of North Dakota.

Dr. Mark McKenna reveals his secrets behind is success as a Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna, MD, MBA is a Medical Doctor. His passion for learning and patient advocacy molded him to be a dedicated servant in the community.He originates from New Orleans where he was brought up by his parents.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a graduate of the University of Tulane where he earned his medical degree. He started his career journey after completing his medical degree and began his practice with his father. His standout ambitions led to the launching of McKenna Venture Investments, a firm that dealt with boutique real estate developments. Dr. Mark McKenna later acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown, Inc. The launching o his companies created job opportunities to over 50 people with a different education background in finance, turnkey design-build, and real estate closing services. Creation of the job opportunities in the companies was a way of Dr. Mark McKenna giving back to the society.

Dr. Mark McKenna is the CEO of OVME a consumer-facing and technological enabled medical aesthetic company that reinvents elective health care that was launched in July. The idea of Dr. Mark McKenna to start OVME Company was as a result of accumulated skills he earned while serving in the aesthetic industry for more than a decade and acquiring undisputable experience in the aesthetic industry. He later sold his company to the public corporation in America. In 2007 Dr. Mark relocated to Atlanta and founded ShapeMed, an aesthetic and wellness center. Dr. Mark sold ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness firm and served as the National Director.

Dr. Mark success has a lot to do with surrounding himself with smarter people. He acquired his entrepreneurial skills through meditation and setting realistic goals through the knowledge he learns by voracious reading of inspirational books such as Think and grows Rich. He starts his day early before anybody else back at his home and takes his breakfast alongside his family before setting for work. Dr. Mark got married to Gianine McKenna with whom they were blessed with two daughters namely; Milana Elle and Ryder. Dr. Mark is an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization. He also served as a prudent board member of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Plastic Surgeon of Repute

Dr. Jennifer Walden was brought up in Austin. She was an achiever in her class itself while she was studying at the Medical Branch of the University of Texas at Galveston. She did her fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in Manhattan. Post this she started practicing in New York City which was highly successful. In 2011, she decided to come back and start practicing in her hometown. She has co-authored a book titled, “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.”

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been practicing plastic surgery for eight years now. Her focus is on cosmetic surgery exclusively. These include procedures such as breast augmentations, besides face-lifts, as well as eyelid lifts along with nose jobs. She states that liposuction is another popular procedure that is done on the abdomen, or inner thighs, or even arms. Rest is the minimally invasive procedures that are important. These include injecting of Botox or some other kind of soft-tissue fillers. To know more about him click here.

She is well aware that very few female doctors opt for cosmetic plastic surgery. There are nearly 8,100 certified plastic surgeons, and only 851 out of these are women.

Dr. Jennifer Walden states that the reason why so few women enter into surgery is that it requires a minimum of five years of training which is after completing medical school. This will be followed by a year or two of getting a fellowship. This means that a woman will have to delay her bearing of children. Besides, she feels that a female surgeon has to prove myself all the time. But Dr. Jennifer Walden is fine with all this. Instagram Photos.

She likes the fact that cosmetic surgery is mainly performed on women. And women are more comfortable talking about such things with another woman, who is a female surgeon in this case.