White Shark Media Talks About Keywords


White Shark Media is a search engine marketing firm based out of Miami, FL. The firm specializes in AdWords and PPC campaigns, but does provide insights into other areas as well. The company’s blog is filled with a lot of helpful information about online marketing. One recent entry covers the very much misunderstood topic of keywords. Clients in need of a marketing boost definitely do need to understand how keywords are supposed to help.

Keywords do help a search engine marketing campaign. Keywords direct traffic towards a particular website. They help Google and Bing know what particular AdWords ads need to be placed in search results. Good keywords do attract the attention of people skimming a screen. With the right selection of keywords, a marketing campaign does get a very good boost.

The “too much of a good thing” rule does apply when it comes to the subject of keywords. Keyword stuffing refers to the outrageous overuse of keywords within content. Keyword stuffing is extremely frowned upon by the search engines. Those who engage in keyword stuffing are usually buried in the results. Rewards for keyword stuffing are not likely to be found.

The blog article notes that keywords should appear two or three times in the content of text. Anything more thank twice or thrice could cause major problems. Putting the keywords in the titles of the content is necessary as well. Strategically placing the keywords in other sections of the content such as headers helps. Basically, staying true to safe and reliable approaches to keyword usage is extremely helpful. Deviations from common sense uses of keywords would definitely cause complaints.

The blog also points out that picking keywords correctly is of paramount importance. Some simply choose keywords out of the air. To say this is a risky, not-very-workable approach would be an understatement. Hitting on the right keyword to use out of pure guess work is not a good plan. Using effective research tools is necessary in order to find out what particular keywords people are using the most.

Seriously, it would be a smart strategy to rely on the keywords people are actually using when they search for things online. Using keywords that are not used often leads to missing out on traffic. The best keywords are ones that draw in traffic.

White Shark Media review is a company known for having a lot of clients who have spoken positively about the services provided. Testimonials and reviews do reflect positive experiences. Those who wish to learn more about PPC and SEO tactics should read the company’s blog. Others who are interested in services should speak with a representative of the company to learn more.

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