Stocking Up for the Pups

I have been working as a veterinarian’s assistant for over two years and I have been introduced to so many different brands of dog food, dog treats, flea treatment, you name it. Any product out there for dogs and cats, I have read about it. At our clinic we use the same products around the clock, unless it is specifically ordered in by a client. Right now on our shelves there is Beneful Dry Food, Beneful Puppy Chow, Beneful Healthy Weight and Incredibites. All of which are extremely healthy for dogs and helps promote a beautiful and healthy lifestyle for dogs of all ages. We do have moments where clients refuse the food on the shelf. That is until we explain to them the great health benefits from their dogs consuming Beneful products. 98% of those clients end up saying to heck with it and give Beneful one try before they judge the company again. I don’t ever try and force it on anyone, but I do suggest them trying it at least once for their family friends sake. Our clinic really never had any specific brand before, but a year ago we decided that we should decide on one particular brand that we would always have in stock and that brand was Beneful. Not only is it the most healthy choice on Facebook for our animal friends, but it is also the most accessible and best priced dog food on the market. All in all it hands down the best yet.