Evolution of Smooth and the Celebrity Factor

Lip balm is fairly inexpensive product. It doesn’t require a whole lot money to purchase this, and most people would not give much thought to what they buy. There are generic products that can be purchased for less than a dollar. This would make some people wonder if it was possible to get customers to spend as much as $3 on a product that essentially did the same thing that the $1 product does. Many customers may ponder this, but the astounding answer to that question is yes. Evolution of Smooth has already proven this with the lip balm that seems to be headed for world domination in lip balm industry.

Fast Company covered the success of this company and many different factors were assessed. One of the most interesting links to the success was the celebrity factor. When Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is seen using a product there is going to be some internet buzz about it. When socialites like Kim Kardashian use the product all of her fans on Instagram and Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/eos/) are going to start buzzing about this product. That is the thing that has led so many people to consider EOS lip balm.

If people were polled on whether or not the product works, the overwhelming majority would answer with a yes. If these same people were asked if they liked the container and flavors the answer would also probably be yes. If, however, these people were asked about whether the reliability, container or flavor was what influenced the purchase of the product, neither of these may be the answer. The celebrities that have used EOS products have played a big part in the marketing. Fans that see their favorite celebrities with these products are bound to buy and try based simply on the celebrity factor. EOS lip balms are available on Walmart stores and can also be purchased online thru ULTA and eBay.