Brown Modeling Agency-Not Only for the Super Model

Formally known as the Wilhelmina Austin, The Brown Modeling Agency came to be in 2015 as a result of the merger with Heymen Talent-South. It combines all the best aspects two of the largest talent agencies in the region. This union of agencies provides the greater-Austin area with a powerhouse full service modeling agency.

The Brown Agency is the clear leader for modeling placement in the greater Austin, Texas area. The agency has a wide diversity of offerings. They assist in taking models from still print to film and beyond. Brown represents models and actors with a wide breadth of talent pursuits including; print ads, commercials, film, television, industrial style videos, catalogue stills, audio-voice over, trade show and convention modeling and more. They also have an impressive do sea of brands which clients have an exposure to and the potential of work with. These brands include well-known brands such as L-Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell as well as many other popular and familiar companies.

In a report by Market Wired, under the direction of President Justin Brown, the agency promotes that modeling is no longer exclusively reserved for the tall and thin “beautiful people” – but welcomes the individual who wouldn’t normally give modeling a second thought. There are of course still those high standards for runway and super models, but there is certainly modeling needs where an ordinary look is desired. Take a moment to look at the less thought of areas of modeling.

Commercial Advertisements:

There is obviously a large need for “ordinary” people in the vast array of marketing general products. Advertisers seek to reach the average consumer and that target audience clearly doesn’t relate to the 5’8″ to 5’11” super runway model. Whether the marketing is in magazines, newspaper ads or billboards on the highway, the target audience is someone more like you – an average Joe or Jane. It’s always essential to have a friendly smile and approachable appearance, but being the height and size of a super model is what they aren’t looking for in this modeling assignment.

Large and Plus Size Models

Use of larger models is on the rise. The world of fashion now recognizes and embraces the fact that the average women are actually a size 12 (not the teeny size 3-5 most women dream of being). The Brown Modeling Agency accepts large size models from US size 10-16, but for runway models – you must be at least 5’8″ tall.

Extras on Television or Commercials:

Marketing steers toward the back drop of everyday people as their extras in TV and commercials. There are so many instances where a common look is more marketable. No harm in contacting The Brown Modeling Agency to see where you might fit.

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Let IAP Worldwide Manage A Facility

A company that has facilities to manage needs to find someone like IAP Worldwide to manage each building. There is a lot that can be done with a building when it is set up the right way, but every building needs to be given a chance to run the best way possible with help from someone who does this every day. IAP Worldwide does these things often, and they want to be sure that client has a building that actually operates in a way that works for them. There is no need to waste time, and there are a lot of resources that can be saved in this way.

Someone who hires IAP Worldwide should make sure that they are going to have a way of getting the building in shape. They cannot always be around, but they can trust IAP Worldwide to do the work for them. IAP Worldwide is going to send in people to run the building, and they are going to provide the assistance that is most needed for these situations. That means that everyone who is going to work the building is hired just to do this work. The people in the building care for it like it is their own, and the owner does not have to worry about it.

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There are many other small things that can be handled IAP Worldwide, and that frees up the owner to do what normally needs to be done just to manage their business. Someone who is trying to make changes to the way they manage their business can get IAP Worldwide to help, and then they will not have to do a thing. IAP Worldwide can also handle the technical services for these systems, and they will make it much simpler for people who are not sure what to do.

The idea is to make sure that all owners of property are able to protect their buildings and care for them. Someone who is hiring IAP Worldwide for help will feel much better because they do not need extra help. IAP Worldwide can actually do everything that needs to be done.

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Securus Technologies Introduces the Web-Based Analytical Tool, THREAD 3.1, for the Criminal Justice Market

Securus Technologies recently announced on PR Newswire the introduction of its most advanced, fully-integrated “Big Data” analytical tool in the US corrections market. The upgraded tool, THREADS 3.1, is major breakthrough in the technology as it is built around HTML 5 version allowing users to navigate the new structure just like using any other online tool. THREAD 3.1 will be mainly used by both public and private firms related to criminal justice and correctional markets.
According to the company, the new tool is built around web-based technologies that will help the application integrate with newer Internet application. Still, the developers ensured that the newer version encompasses all the useful features that current users are familiar with. As such, THREAD 3.1 offers an easy to navigate visual interface that is easier to understand. Kelly Solid, General Manager of Business Management for Securus Technologies confirmed that THREAD 3.1 enhances the system performance by eliminating unnecessary systems action and mitigating loads on search functions.

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Among the core features of the THREAD 3.1 is the upgraded technology that uses HTML 5 instead of the Silverlight technology. HTML 5 platform will also ensure that the application can integrate features from other HTML 5 platforms including the popular, Secure Call Platform. Besides, HTML 5 incorporates newer functions that will likely streamline the job for investigators analyzing complex features. As a result of the upgrade, the final product offers actionable intelligence and requires little training.

New features include the ability to listen to the SCP calls within the THREAD interface. In addition, context-sensitive reports, guided real-time analysis, customized mapping and printing are just few possible solutions that were absent in the previous versions. These modern features will enhance current capabilities of the software that already includes identifying and reporting on suspicious inmate calling patterns, associations, correlations, communication events and fraternization.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a Dallas based company [see,] that is recognized as an industry leader in providing software solutions to law enforcement and correctional facilities. The company is currently serving approximately 3,500 organizations related to public safety. The software and technology of Securus America helps law enforcement by offering emergency response services, information management, inmate self-service and data management. In fact, the software also helps 1,200,000 inmates across North America to improve their experience during captivity. The motto of the company is to make the world a safer place to live. Accordingly, THREAD 3.1 is another step in achieving the objective. Follow Securus on Linked In.


Enterprising Advice From Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah

Recently Sanjay Shah did a podcast interview with Eric Dye for his Entrepreneurial Radio show. During the interview Sanjay Shah gave listeners advice and tips that worked for him to be a successful businessman. He had told listeners,”I think this applies to anyone who is thinking of starting a new business. I would say that the most important thing is don’t underestimate the amount of money you need to start. The other thing is don’t assume that you can actually do all of the work yourself.” Mr.Shah also discussed his charity Autism Rocks with listeners, encouraging them to visit the Autism Rocks website for more information about the neurological disorder.

Sanjay Shah grew up in an affluent part of Central London. He began studying medicine at King’s University before switching majors to accounting. After graduation he worked for many prominent companies in the investment world such as Barclay Bank, ING, Credite Suisse and Merrill Lynch. While working for these companies he learned the ins and outs of investment banking and trading. After the financial crash he began Solo Capital with a handful of staff and a small office. Solo Capital has grown into a global business with headquarters locates in London and Dubai. Sanjay as also expanded Solo Capitals acquisitions to include companies in Denmark, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Kenya and Malta. Today Solo Capital has a net worth of $280 million dollars.

After his youngest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Sanjay Began reading everything he could about the disorder. He took his family to Dubai and the Autism Research Facility there. Upon learning about the long waiting list he decided something needed to be done. Founded the Autism Rocks foundation. The first Autism Rocks concert was held in London to an invitation only concert that was headlined by Prince and raised millions of dollars for Autism research. He later partnered with Cambridge University by forming the Autism Trust. The majority of the funds raised are distributed to the Autism Researd and Development within Cambridge University to further them research into new Autism treatments and diagnosis tools.

DEVCO History

DEVCO which is known as New Brunswick development corporation is a private nonprofit urban real estate. It was founded in the mid 1970s in order for it to serve as a catalyst for the city’s revitalization. It was then recognized by the New York Times as one of the powerful engine for economic growth. DEVCO helped the city achieve a remarkable renaissance. DEVCO operated under the guidance of the commissioner who is responsible for the international cooperation and development. DEVCO is also known to be an organization chart and also mission statement due to the structure put by the management and its purpose for the organization.

Its expertise are known for creating strategic alliance as one of the strongest public private partnerships and innovative project financing structure that has resulted in a diverse inventory of award winning used project. Since its inception, DEVCO has overseen nearly 1.6billion dollars in investing in New Brunswick. Today even in some of the challenging times in the country’s history New Brunswick Development Corporation has remained too robust because of its unique in rapprochement of redevelopment. It is therefore known that successful redevelopment requires a lot of capitalizing on momentum. It is therefore recognized as an opening one project that breaks on ground. DEVCO is third in the envisioning projects in future.

According to the article written by pressofatlanticcity about New Brunswick Development Corporation last month, the Middlesex county improvement authority failed to pay 1million dollars in a principal and interest on a loan of 20million dollars received from a casino. The loan was made in 2005 where the bankrolled construction of the Heldrich , a new Brunswick hotel and conference center development which were funded by the nonprofit Brunswick development group. According to the board of directors of DEVCO the CRDA will be paid but it will take a couple of years to pay.


White Shark Media Talks About Keywords


White Shark Media is a search engine marketing firm based out of Miami, FL. The firm specializes in AdWords and PPC campaigns, but does provide insights into other areas as well. The company’s blog is filled with a lot of helpful information about online marketing. One recent entry covers the very much misunderstood topic of keywords. Clients in need of a marketing boost definitely do need to understand how keywords are supposed to help.

Keywords do help a search engine marketing campaign. Keywords direct traffic towards a particular website. They help Google and Bing know what particular AdWords ads need to be placed in search results. Good keywords do attract the attention of people skimming a screen. With the right selection of keywords, a marketing campaign does get a very good boost.

The “too much of a good thing” rule does apply when it comes to the subject of keywords. Keyword stuffing refers to the outrageous overuse of keywords within content. Keyword stuffing is extremely frowned upon by the search engines. Those who engage in keyword stuffing are usually buried in the results. Rewards for keyword stuffing are not likely to be found.

The blog article notes that keywords should appear two or three times in the content of text. Anything more thank twice or thrice could cause major problems. Putting the keywords in the titles of the content is necessary as well. Strategically placing the keywords in other sections of the content such as headers helps. Basically, staying true to safe and reliable approaches to keyword usage is extremely helpful. Deviations from common sense uses of keywords would definitely cause complaints.

The blog also points out that picking keywords correctly is of paramount importance. Some simply choose keywords out of the air. To say this is a risky, not-very-workable approach would be an understatement. Hitting on the right keyword to use out of pure guess work is not a good plan. Using effective research tools is necessary in order to find out what particular keywords people are using the most.

Seriously, it would be a smart strategy to rely on the keywords people are actually using when they search for things online. Using keywords that are not used often leads to missing out on traffic. The best keywords are ones that draw in traffic.

White Shark Media review is a company known for having a lot of clients who have spoken positively about the services provided. Testimonials and reviews do reflect positive experiences. Those who wish to learn more about PPC and SEO tactics should read the company’s blog. Others who are interested in services should speak with a representative of the company to learn more.

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