Genucel- a subsidiary of Chamonix –leads in recovery therapy for domestic violence women victims

Domestic violence has been on the rise in recent years all over the world. When domestic violence occurs families break up, and the repercussions left to the individuals affect their physical and well being. Research has shown that the United States of America is no exception to the cases of domestic violence. There exist several states in the United States with the effects of domestic violence evident through broadcasting over the media and other channels. Many domestic violence cases do not reach the public domain and individuals involved may suffer in silence.

According to alivenewspaper, women experience domestic violence more often than men. The state of New Jersey has reported the most significant cases of domestic violence. Women Aware is a nonprofit organization located in Middlesex New Jersey that helps families affected by domestic violence. The organization has professionally trained staff who interact with the victims of the violence to offer specialized therapy.

Genucel works in the provision of specialized care to the women of New Jersey region who are more prone to the emotional and physical abuse than their male counterparts. Women aware organization was formed in 1981 and has been instrumental in the provision of essential amenities such as food, shelter and educative recovery program for Middlesex County domestic violence victims and their families.

The contribution of Genucel to the recovery of domestic violence victims

Women Aware partners with Genucel- a subsidiary of Chamonix company- in the provision of therapeutic products to help women in their recovery phase. Genucel company has developed grab bags and anti-aging products in addition to providing monetary assistance to the nonprofit organization for the women afflicted by the violence. Women Aware have a hotline number available throughout where women can report cases directly to the organization for assistance.

Women Aware has various self-care recovery programs for victims to enable them to regain their self-worth and self-esteem. Women Aware has developed physical exercise as a way of reducing the emotional effects of domestic violence. The organization engages the victims in a walk as part of the physical activity. Walking helps in circulation and improving the skin which serves as a critical step in regaining of self-worth and esteem.


How Jeffrey Schneider’s Expertise has Been Instrumental in the Success of Ascendant Capital

As an alternative investment company, Ascendant Capital focuses on addressing the needs of its clients using unique solutions. The company majorly focuses on private equities that generate income. A leadership team that believes in diligent customer service heads Ascendant Capital. The company’s securities are offered through Axiom Capital Management. The company is committed to sourcing and collaborating with competent fund managers. This partnership strives at creating unique strategies to meet clients’ needs. Ascendant’s professional team structures exceptional investment plans through open consultations and intensive research.


Ascendant Capital redefines alternative investment services by creating beneficial relationships with its employees, partners, and clients. The company is renowned as a trusted source of reliable alternative investment services. As the brains behind Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider has overseen the development and strategic direction of the firm. He ensures that the company raises sufficient funds that are needed by emerging and established alternative fund sponsors.

The company also adopts different awareness creation, sales, and marketing techniques when structuring its funds. Its clients include private banks, family offices, and broker-dealers. Ascendant has over fifty broker-dealers, several family offices, and 250 investment advisors. The firm usually records an increase in profits every year. Ascendant dedicates the funds raised in purchasing real estate properties and acquiring tech startups.

Jeffrey Schneider’s Career Background

Jeffrey Schneider has facilitated the fast-paced growth of Ascendant. The Austin-based firm began offering investment solutions to its clients with a professional team of five individuals. The company has since expanded its workforce to over 30 workers. Schneider is enthusiastic about the Ascendant’s excellence in the future. According to him, the alternative investment sector is lucrative. Fund managers can reduce the volatility in assets and diversify their holdings through the industry. Schneider also believes that alternative investment allocations are higher than RIA’s allocations. He served as a fund manager for Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management before founding Ascendant Capital. Schneider led the two companies through a series of profit generation initiatives. After attending the University of Massachusetts, Schneider ventured into the financial service sector. Schneider has worked for Smith Barney, Alex Brown, and Merrill Lynch. During his tenure at Merrill Lynch, he learned the skill of analyzing managers.

Besides business, Schneider is a fitness enthusiast. He embraces a diet plan that comprises of healthy and highly nutritious food. He also participates in half ironmans and marathons. These sporting activities have helped him in maintaining his physique. Schneider is also involved in charity work when he’s not working. He has contributed generously to organizations such as Cherokee Home for Children, and God Loves We deliver. His philanthropic endeavors focus on empowering the community and promoting peace. They also concentrate on developing institutions that help unprivileged people in accessing necessities like food and clothing.