Marc Sparks Blesses Many Others with His Success & Generosity

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur’s, entrepreneur who has been starting businesses and ventures since he graduated in 1975 and shows no signs of slowing down right now. Many of these business ventures have gone on to be more successful than Sparks could have ever imagined. Sparks was never formally trained to run businesses and has no experience in the industry other than trial-and-error. He never went to University/college and he never had a “mentor” guide him. It was keen instincts and going on his gut that led him to start these businesses, and many of them being wildly successful. Learn more:


For a student who struggled to maintain a C+ average in high school no one is more shocked by the success of Marc Sparks than he is. It’s been a God-given gift that he is successful because he is nothing special or extraordinary. Those are the claims of Marc Sparks himself. Therefore, this leads Sparks to be an exceptionally generous donor who helps others with his own hard-earned wealth. The causes Sparks supports are limitless, and he has changed many lives with his exceptional generosity as he feels that is what God has called him to do by blessing him so infinitely. Learn more:

Marc Sparks heavily supports many different charities in the Dallas, Texas area where he currently resides. He supports the Samaritan Inn in Texas, which is a long-term shelter for people without homes to help them get back on their feet. On any given day, they house about 160 people, and additionally about 75 people are turned away each week because the facility is full. That alone breaks Sparks’ heart as he feels he shouldn’t have to turn away anyone – ever! He wants to expand the shelter till everyone has a place to stay. The average stay is about 4-5 months, and the person is able to find a job, get back on their feet, and move along on their own. This is usually done by finding a condo/apartment of their own where they can start again and pay their own way. Seeing people who come back to visit him and thank him for the transformation that the place offered in their lives makes what he does 100% worth it! Learn more:

Marc Spark’s passion goes far beyond the Samaritan Inn as he also helps with the Habitat for Humanity. Sparks hands have personally built parts of 12 homes for families so far, and he hopes to help build many more in the Greater Dallas Area in the future.


He also supports the “America Can! Academy” which is a massive network of magnet schools in impoverished areas in Dallas, Texas that help kids get into these schools even if they would never make it into or afford otherwise. It gives them a better education and helps them advance themselves once they graduate and move on to university/college or a job in real life. Learn more:



VTA Publications Explains How To Make Money In The Stock Market And Change Your Financial Future

Are you aiming for financial self-reliance or a way to earn extra money? Do you desire a proven, step-by-step guide or course that can help you master stock trading or enhance your skill of the stock market?

If you are one of those trying to find a proven investment vehicle or a way to amass a fortune in the stock market, you will be delighted to know that Jim Hunt of VTA Publications has a wonderful course called Wealth Wave. This popular course has been getting raving reviews from individuals around the world who have applied the detailed instructions provided by Jim.

Jim is undoubtedly a highly successful entrepreneur, author and publisher. He has awesome expertise in stock trading and in Wealth Wave, he shows secrets, tips and information that are actually hard to find. If you apply them, his trading program from VTA Publications and approaches are usually designed to assist you prosper.

Jim Hunt famous for his expertise in stock trading and other business endeavors and he enjoys assisting individuals attain extraordinary results in the financial markets on Jim announced that he would assist his mother become a millionaire by using his stock trading method.

Just like any many other undertakings, the ability to keep learning and moving forward will eventually lead to success.

To enjoy success in any area of your life, including business enterprise and finances, it is certainly suggested to avoid certain person – those who really don’t encourage or motivate you. These people are truly the naysayers and pessimists on These negative individuals always search for reasons why you will not win in the pursuit of better things in life. People who accomplish amazing things or enjoy their goals, always keep away from negative influences, and you need to do the same.

VTA Publications has been publishing high quality courses, guides, manuals and training materials for years and has helped thousands of men and women obtain the information they need to become prosperous. It is recommended that you check out VTA Publications and their information products, including various courses by Jim Hunt.

Shared Office Spaces And The Freedom Of Time


Shared office spaces are one of the answers to a lot of wishes. Before shared office spaces, people had to go to work at a certain time. They had very little control over their schedules. If they wanted to work, then they often had to wake up early and be at the company at a certain time. While some people did not have a problem with that, there are those that wanted to sleep in. Fortunately, there are shared office spaces that are open for 24 hours. This gives people the chance to work at anytime they want. They don’t have to worry about a boss writing them up or firing them.


One of the 24 hour locations is Workville, which offers shared office space all over NYC. One of the great features that come with being at a shared office space is that people are more able to take advantage of all of the different areas in the space. For instance, Workville has three terraces and a couple of cafe lounges that people can rest at. It is almost like a home away from home. Workville is especially good at making people feel at home. When people are more relaxed, they could be more productive as opposed to having a ton of people on their backs.


With Co-working spaces, people have enough respect to focus on their own work no matter what time they come in. They eventually learn when they are most productive. Afterwards, they make sure that they come in at that time so that they can make the most of their productivity. People can also do their work away from the shared office space if they choose. When there is freedom, there is a will to work. People will achieve higher levels of success with the right type of freedom that they can get from the facility.

Mike Baur the business shark tank

Before rising to fame, Mike Baur served as a banker in the Swiss Private Banking. His leadership qualities also saw him clinch the top managerial seat. Twenty years in the banking and finance industry has given him a good chance to practice his dream profession. The knowledge he acquired over the years and the love for business prompted him into practice. Starting an ICT company at an early age of thirty-nine years has also enticed him into investing in the youths. His capabilities remain a hail for the good work to his training institutions. He is a double MBA holder from the Universities of Rochester in New York and Bern.

Just as the assumed title, Mike Baur has turned out as one of the luckiest shark tanks in the business world. He has built an excellent reputation in the corporate sector. He is the co-founder of the Swiss START UP Factory (SSUF) and also the partner managing director. Due to his full recognition, he has been hailed by many business entrepreneurs as their idol. Many events and business seminars have highlighted him as a mentor. Coaching young business entrepreneurs, opening investment networks for other investors and providing channels to mass entrepreneurial spaces are all facilitated by him. He is a reference for the many business partners who seek accounting and financial advice. His business success is depicted through his company’s financial independence. Unlike many firms who seek financial support, (SSUF) is a privately financed organization.

The well-established companies find employees all over Switzerland and the globe at large. Useful links to the well-established accelerator programs make this possible. The success of the Swiss START UP Factory is tied to the help of this think-tank man. He guides and advice a range of activities from business treaties, for instance, the partnership between CTI Invest and Swiss Ventures. To facilitate the growth of other industries, Mike Baur has guided real conventions being a stroke. The Swiss, after holding a very positive accelerator program in the launch year 2014, it plans another big event in the year 2016. The go down is thought to be in association with a Geneva-based Fintech-accelerator Fusion. The collaboration would expand on the activities that were offered previously in the similar event. For all the help and developments experienced within the Swiss atmospheres thanks to Mike Baur.

How Andy Wirth Feels the Current Drought Will Effect the Ski Business

Recently, CEO and businessman Andy Wirth of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, Ca, conducted an interview describing the effects of the current California drought upon businesses throughout California, namely the ski industry. The interview was hosted by the KCRW radio station and covered some extremely important developments in the business world regarding the California drought. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

During this interview, Andy Wirth discussed concerns about the Squaw Valley Ski Resort’s ability to maintain its extremely large clientele base in extreme circumstances such as inclement weather.

Wirth also discussed previous years where the ski industry has had to endure extreme weather conditions and the way that these instances have shaped the way that the ski industry responds to drought situations now.

Andy Wirth ended the interview by giving a few substantial reasons for his hope in the continued success of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, as well as the continued success of the business and sporting companies located in California and other areas affected by the drought.

The radio host from KCRW began his interview by discussing the California drought and the general effect it was having on the economic system in and around the state. Andy Wirth agreed that the the drought was causing businesses to have to work harder to maintain their usual levels, but instead of being negative about this situation, Wirth discussed the importance of developing businesses through rough economic times.

Wirth believes that less than ideal conditions, such as the current California drought, can build executives into long term leaders and solidify their businesses in the economic world.

Andy Wirth stated that some of his most significant shaping as a business leader have come at a time when the economy was not ideal or when his company was experiencing a particularly difficult period. Wirth believes that the current economy will turn around and ultimately result in strengthened businesses and leaders.

During the interview, Wirth was also asked to discuss whether or not his business would suffer greatly due to the drought because of the specific industry he worked in.

Andy Wirth admitted that the Squaw Valley Ski resort faced significant difficulties in the day to day operations of a Ski Resort in the middle of a long lasting, state wide, drought. Wirth, however, quickly dispelled the idea that the ski resort business would suffer a loss because of the difficulties caused by the California state wide drought.

Wirth stated to the interviewer that Ski Valley Ski resort would continue to work hard to deliver quality service to its customers and that they would work as hard as possible to ensure that not a single visitor to the ski resort would experience a lacking resort experience because of this drought.

Read more:

Andy Wirth –
How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Michael Zomber is Extremely Knowledgeable

Japanese culture is growing in popularity throughout the country. Americans love watching Japanese movies, cartoons, and reading Japanese literature. Many films and books are looking to capitalize on the growth in popularity of Japanese culture by incorporating elements of Japanese history and culture into their work. One great author has put wonderful effort into learning Japanese culture and regularly shares his knowledge with his readers.

Michael Zomber has long been an expert on antique arms and armor from around the world. He has contributed to several History Channel television shows. While he is an extremely well-known expert on armor, he specializes in understanding Japanese history, particularly Japanese swords. He feels that these swords have contributed heavily to Japanese history and he has become a valuable asset to many films. More than a dozen films have brought him on as a writer to ensure that the film is historically accurate.

Zomber is extremely proud of his work as a consultant on several films and books, but he is even prouder of his own work. Zomber has written several amazing books, which have received great reviews. Jesus and the Samurai is an excellent book from Michael Zomber that analyzes the virtues of the samurai and compares them to those of Jesus Christ. This book gives great insight into the religious views of the Japanese people. Another book, Shogun Iemitsu tells the story of two young samurai. This book gives a ground-level perspective on life as a samurai, while also allowing the reader to learn more about Japanese armor and weaponry. Zomber is proud of every work he has released, but he is even more proud of his documentary film.

Soul of the Samurai is a documentary film from Michael Zomber. He wanted a way to pass his knowledge of the samurai down to other people. Zomber worked with several other Japanese history experts and his beautiful film gives insight into the history of Japan’s warrior class and into the weapons they work with every day. Zomber is proud of this film, and the film received critical acclaim from several historical societies. He hopes to build on the success of the film and to release several new projects in the near future.

Japanese history is filled with interesting stories, and Hollywood is looking to bring these stories to life. One major asset that Hollywood should look to in the future is Michael Zomber.  Check out Michael’s documentary on Bushido online.

Sam Tabar Shows His Philanthropic Side

Financial wunderkind Sam Tabar has recently showed support for a company called Thinx which specializes in helping American and African women. He has added it into his portfolio when it comes to investing. Thinx is a company that sales fashionable underwear designed for the incontinence and menstruation of women. These undergarments work as sanitary pads that can be used over and over. One advantage that this gives women is that they would be able to go to work and school in spite of their period. The company has been started up through Kickstarter. As of right now, five styles of underwear that mix style with function are being offered to women.

Sam Tabar as a capital strategist and an attorney sees the value in this business plan. His experience in these fields have allowed him to see companies that have a lot of promise in profiting and can also achieve their goals in an ethical way. He knows when a company truly has something legitimate to offer. He can pick out the trustworthy from the unethical companies that cheat their customers. His portfolio consists of many profitable investments. This shows him to be a trustworthy person when giving advice on investments and business opportunities.

Among the activities that Sam Tabar took part in was the counseling of clients, even giving them tips on issues like the formation and the structure of hedge funds. He has also dealt with employment issues as well as issues with compliance to regulations. He follows all of the rules that make sense while at the same time thinks outside of the box in order to come up with new solutions. He also respects companies that do similar things which is why he invests in companies like THINX. They help solve a major problem that affects women throughout the globe.

Sam Tabar has a lot of experience in financial and legal matters. He has worked in companies like Bank f America, SPARX, and Roth & Zabel. Among the activities he does for his job is to cater to hedge funds. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about hedge funds and regulations. He has graduated from Columbia Law School. He understands how to be an ethical businessman. One thing that he is very passionate about is in finding practical solutions for people. He is also willing to help those that provide these same solutions to different groups of people.

Sam Tabar has a successful portfolio because of his selective manor of choosing a company to invest in. When he believes that a company is special and trying to solve a major problem for people, then he will invest in that company in order to support it. His investments have turned out to profit him in many ways.

Forefront Capital Advisors and Easter Seals Dixon Center Have Partnered To Enhance The Lives of Veterans and Military Families

In February of 2016 Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Capital Advisors, announced a new partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center. As part of the partnership, Forefront Capital would donate $3 million to help provide job training, education, health & wellness and advocacy for veterans.

According to Brad Reifler, the reason he and his company have chosen to partner with Easter Seals Dixon Center is because of the impact they are having on the lives of veterans and military families. He believes they are changing the conversation when it comes to how we treat and care for the people who willingly risk their lives every single day.

Easter Seals Dixon Center is a national and local organization that works tirelessly to break down the barriers preventing veterans and military families from getting access to the healthcare, education and employment they need.

Brad Reifler was quoted as saying on his Twitter, “Forefront Capital Advisors” mission is to make a significant difference in the lives of veterans and the military community, while simultaneously supporting our clients’ financial future.”

Partnering with the Easter Seals Dixon Center is a very smart business move on the part of Reifler. By doing so his company is able to help provide financial education to veterans and their families. This will give them a competitive advantage and enable them to lead successful lives after they have served their country.

COL David W. Sutherland, US Army (Ret.), and current Chairman of the Easter Seals Dixon Center, expressed great gratitude for Forefront Capital picking them to be their charity of choice. He believes this is the perfect opportunity for both organizations to help veterans and military families lead happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

About Brad Reifler

Wikipedia shows Brad Reifler is a very successful entrepreneur and investor who has worked with companies all across the United States. He started his career in the early 80’s when he founded Reifler Trading Company. The firm was responsible for managing hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts.

Before selling the company to Refco Inc in 2000, Reifler Trading Company had become one of the most successful independent futures operations in the country.

In 1995 he would start up yet another successful financial services business, Pali Capital. Reifler was the CEO of Pali Capital for 13 years. During that time the company experienced exponential growth. At its peak it was earning well over $1 billion in commission income, had over 300 employees and had offices in four different continents.

Currently Reifler spends the bulk of his time and energy focusing on Forefront Capital, LLC. He started this company in 2009 and has once again turned it into one of the most successful companies in the country. has Reifler’s full story.

New Line of Coffee Has Increased Health Benefits

Coffee is one of the most loved drinks in the world. Recent studies in the coffee industry and the health industry have brought some good news to those that love their daily brew. The company Organo Gold has introduced a new product line that infuses Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as “The King of Herbs”, into their coffee and tea.

Ganoderma Lucidum is a 4,200 year old Chinese herb that alkalizes the body, facilitates detoxification, boosts oxygen delivery through the body, strengthens the immune system, and controls inflammation. The best news of all is that this new line of health improving coffee isn’t just good for your body, it’s pleasing for your taste buds. While the health world tends to lean towards the belief that if something has been around for thousands of years, it simply must work, Organo Gold feels differently about their products. Instead of just blind faith, they urge customers to try a box of tea or coffee and you’ll feel the difference for yourself.

Organo Gold is an independent distributor of coffee and tea products. The company is based out of Canada and run by Bernardo T. Chua. Chua is originally from the Philippines where he spent years working in the multi-level marketing industry. He was an executive with Gano Excel where he was transferred to Hong Kong and then Canada before finally making the move to the United States. He moved to California where he became the president of Gano Excel USA, a company that marketed products with ganoderma.

After years of vast experience in the industry, CrunchBase tells that Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 which is a group of companies together that operate under the parent company name of Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur. His company sells a range of healthy bioactive coffee products that include numerous different healthy herbs or plants. As of 2015, he has rebranded his company to simply be called Organo.  Bernardo can be found on Twitter, and he’s also got a few speeches on YouTube worth watching.

Kevin Seawright’s Great Vision For The Youth In Newark

Kevin seawright and the newark community economic development corporation from Kevin Seawright

Who is Kevin Seawright?

Kevin Seawright is the CEO and Executive Vice President of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation of Newark, abbreviated as Newark CEDC. Before joining Newark CEDC, Kevin was the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer while working for one of the leading Departments of Recreation and Parks in Maryland. In this department, he administered over $50 million being funding from the city, state and federal government.

Kevin later served as the leader in fiscal management of education where his duties included helping in the preparation of budgets with annual total exceeding $200 million. He also played a key role in the development of schools in the area and gave insights into solving other related infrastructure problems whenever they arose. Under his watch, development of modern infrastructures and renovations worth more than $600 million were done.

Kevin was also the Collington Life Care Community’s Director of Operations. In this capacity, he managed more than 500 residents, negotiated contracts and also acted as the overseer in operation funding and construction of over $5 million.

His Vision

The Newark CEDC has formed partnerships with several organizations including NewarkWorks and other prominent persons in the city. The intended result of these partnerships is to assist the youth in Newark to secure jobs for summer 2016. As the leader of the company, Kevin hopes that the participation of Newark in this year’s Youth Summer Employment plan will equip students in Newark with tools to help them graduate and become successful.

About Summer Youth Employment Program

Kevin Seawright’s plan aims to provide Newark student residents with a paid summer work experience for a duration of six weeks. This experience is expected to boost the rates of college graduation in the area. Some of the activities in the program include job training, lectures to empower the youth, financial literacy levels as well as college readiness programs.

This year marks the first year that applications to the program will be made online. The whole process has been significantly shortened to only 30 minutes down from six weeks. The plan is set to begin on 5th July and will run for six weeks up to 16th August. The participants of the program will pay their student employees the set minimum wage.

The Goal of the Plan

It is a major goal of the program to expand the employment opportunities to the students from 3,000 jobs in 2015 to 3,500 jobs this year. In addition to this, Kevin has worked hard to secure partnerships with TD Bank and Santander Bank, two prominent banks, intended to equip the students with basic financial skills like how to open savings and checkings accounts for themselves. This basic skill is important because it is the foundation of financial success for the present and also for the students’ future.  There’s an interview with Seawright on LocalTalkNews that goes into greater depth.