Edwin Miranda Weighs in on Agency vs. Consultancy

When a business is trying to expand its market share and attract new customers- as well as reinvigorate the dedication of existing customers they would traditionally hire a marketing agency to help them push forward their ad campaigns. While this worked for a long while, a changing society has forced marketing into a new direction.

With the advent of the internet and smartphones, advertising has had to step up its game. According to Edwin Miranda, it’s no longer enough to just have a polished ad campaign: You have to stand out from the crowd and find a way to connect to your intended audience. Often, marketing agencies are too rooted in past methods to achieve this goal.

Filling in this gap are advertising consultants, who are better positioned to push an ad campaign beyond being a simple campaign. Consultants such as Edwin Miranda specialize in audience connection instead of snappy slogans. They do more than come up with a new art style for a company: They help connect the company to the public in new and innovative ways, using creativity and passion instead of formulaic ad tactics to create something fresh and original for each new campaign.

Companies and the market are taking notice: As Edwin Miranda points out, four of 2017’s top 10 advertising agencies were actually consultants, proving that consultancy is a rising force in connecting companies with customers. By focusing on the client-customer relationship over flashy gimmicks consultants are having a major impact on sales and market shares.

Indeed, many advertising agencies are hiring consultants to help them land and keep clients. But they often keep consultants as outside help, limiting the benefits that consultants can bring to their businesses. Edwin Miranda formed KOI IXS to bridge these gaps and provide full service creative advertising to clients.

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3 Lessons Companies can Learn from Lincolnshire Management in Acquisitions

Lincolnshire Management, Inc. is home to some of the best transitions in the corporate world. According to pundits, the company has assisted tens of companies to transit from one form to another. One of their recent successful acquisition is the deal between Sentinel Capital Partners and one of their longest and the best clients, Holley Performance Products. According to professionals, the deal was instrumental in setting an example in corporate acquisitions. The representatives of Holley Performance Products pointed out that Lincolnshire helped them in protecting their interests. On the other hand, Sentinel Capital Partners pointed out that the company handled the whole process with a lot of professionalism.

What can other companies learn from this acquisition?

Lincolnshire Management is a brilliant company when it comes to research. In this particular deal, the company ensured that each party was getting the best deal by doing all the background study. Although the company has worked with Holley Performance Products for sometimes, research was critical. Some of the areas Lincolnshire paid attention to include financial status and more importantly, the future of each company. T.J. Maloney points out that his company has a responsibility of helping each party understand the situation of the other party before making any commitment. In this deal, for example, Lincolnshire researched for many months before signing the deal in October.

Second, Lincolnshire Management ensures that the processes are in line with existing laws and within the market ethics. Although the acquisition market under regulation, there is a huge room for unprofessionalism. Fortunately, Lincolnshire Management is founded on professionalism, and the company’s management points out that the company handles every bit of acquisition within the legal parameters. This approach to corporate transactions has enabled the company to work with many and different entities in this niche. In 2019, T.J. Maloney points out that the company plans to continue being a transparent company and more importantly, a law-abiding company.

In conclusion, the deal between the two companies shows the importance of having qualified employees in a company. These professionals are instrumental in researching and ensuring that Lincolnshire Management is one of the best run companies in corporate transactions. See employee reviews at Lincolnshire here https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Lincolnshire-Management-EI_IE108393.11,34.htm.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: The Leading Force of InnovaCare Healthcare

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a corporation that offers healthcare services through Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. The corporation has been successful because they use technology to establish effective, affordable, and sustainable healthcare products. Furthermore, the corporation has thrived because of its exceptional leaders, which include Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. InnovaCare Health designs products that are unique to each clients needs. The primary mission of the corporation is to improve healthcare management and create effective solutions to meet the challengers in the healthcare industry.

The corporation’s two primary programs are MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. InnovaCare Health has more than 200,000 individuals who are registered members. Through quality and affordable healthcare plans, InnovaCare Health’s Medicare Advantage plan has received the highest accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance in 2011.

Who is Rick Shinto?

Rick Shinto has more than 20 years of experience in the medical industry. He started his career as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. Mr. Shinto was the vice president of MedPartners and was given the task of medical management. After his time with MedPartners, he moved to Orange County where he was a senior medical officer for Cal Optimal Health Plan. He served as the senior officer at NAAM California and was responsible for medical management. In 2008, Mr. Shinto served on the management staff at Aveta Inc. and was later promoted to CEO. He remained at this position until the company was sold in 2012. Currently, he is the CEO of InnovaCare Inc., and his diligence and capability are a few reasons why he was named Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012.

Who is Penelope Kokkinides?

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc., and she also served as the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations at the corporation. Ms. Kokkinides has over 20 years of experience in government programs, which include Medicaid and Medicare, and the managed healthcare field. She specializes in creating clinical programs and overseeing healthcare processes and operations with an emphasis on making organizational infrastructure more efficient. She has a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University and a master’s degree in social work from New York University. In addition, she also holds a post-master’s program advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse as well as a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University.


All About Malcolm Casselle And The Company Wax

When it comes to virtual gaming, OPSkins has the highest lead in sales globally. The reason being is because it is a condensed type of technology, which makes all of the decisions regarding sales and purchases be handled through a central position, such as an executive. However, even though OPSkins is the highest lead in sales globally, this condensed type of technology does have restrictions that the company must follow, which is why localized technology can help with decision making processes as well.

WAX, also known as Worldwide Asset Exchange, is a virtual place where individuals can exchange their valuables with another person. The best thing about WAX is that is helps solve two specific issues within virtual trading and that is demolishing and deception. The reason these two help within virtual trading is because it helps to let individuals be able to exchange and purchase virtual items with each other and not have to ever leave the game. When it comes to virtual currency, WAX helps with this issue as well, by making sure that gamer’s who do not have the same tokens, cannot negotiate virtual currencies with one another without having a localized person to assist them.

Malcolm Casselle is the creator of not only OPSkins, but he also created the virtual service market WAX. He went to school at Stanford and received a certification in Computer Science. Malcolm also speaks both Japanese and Mandarin. Malcolm is a very intelligent man who has a very high IQ. The reason being is because he invested into over thirty different companies, which makes him a very smart and productive individual. Before he worked at WAX, Malcolm worked for over two years with Tribune Publishing. In the year of 2015, he also worked at SeaChange International.

In closing, Malcolm Casselle has done so much throughout his career and has become a very successful entrepreneur. Over the years, Malcolm has been very helpful to a lot of individuals. He has created teams based on technology, as well as businesses and merchandise. Lastly Malcolm gets his creativity from games, bitcoins and activities relating to technology.\

Roberto Santiago: The Visionary Behind The Famous Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a well-known businessman from Brazil who has given rise to several well-known ventures. A lot of his projects are done with the intention of helping people in society and contributing in some way or the other. He has worked with a number of projects, but one of the ventures that he is best known for is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago first started working towards the development of the mall in the 1980s, which is when he decided that he would start thinking about the future and investing in plans at that given moment. He knew that if he ever wanted to build a business or project in the future, he would need to use a plot of land, which was the first purchase that he made towards this goal. The piece of land was situated in the Manaira district, and after ten years, Roberto Santiago decided that he would convert this into something worth noting.

Ten years after this, the foundation stone for the mall was laid, and subsequently, the mall was opened for business a few years later. Roberto Santiago wanted to start up a mall that would give people in Manaira a place where they could spend quality time with their family and friends. At that time, there were not many places where people of all ages could come together to have a memorable time, which is why he thought that a mall would be a perfect way to make use of this space.

Once the mall was opened, Roberto Santiago witnessed patrons coming to them from all over the world. People of all ages started to come and use the amenities provided to them by the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. One of the biggest reasons why people started flocking to the mall was because of the numerous shopping sites present here. Brands from all over the world, as well as local favorites, found a spot here at the mall. People started coming to the mall to get their hands on the latest fashion, accessories, electronics, home decor and a lot more.

When it came to recreational activities, Roberto Santiago ensured that the mall had plenty of them. Families and friends who wanted to come together and have a good time could do so at one of the many fun activity stations within the mall. The bowling alley is a good place to start for some good wholesome fun. The arcade within the mall is another place where people can come to have a good time.

For those who like to enjoy good food, Roberto Santiago made sure that they had plenty of options to choose from. The mall is home to a wide range of eateries from a number of different cuisines.

Ronald Fowlkes Knew What it Took to Support Law Enforcement

Even though there are so many people who do not support law enforcement, there are still many people who have chosen to support law enforcement officers so they will have a chance to make their community better. Ronald Fowlkes is one of the few people who know what law enforcement officers go through and he tries his best to make sure he can provide them with the support they need. He also knows what it takes to give people a chance to experience having all the right tools without any issues that would normally come from being a law enforcement officer.


As long as Ronald Fowlkes was doing his best to make sure people understood where they were coming from or what he was doing, he knew there would be things that would happen that would allow him to be better at the industry opportunities than others had before. It was his way of making sure people knew what they were doing and people knew how they were going to be able to provide services to others who were in the industry and who were becoming a big part of the law enforcement community.


Ronald Fowlkes saw law enforcement as his way of making sure people knew what they could get from different situations. He also knew law enforcement was going to continue to be relevant. Since he had been a police officer himself, he knew what it was like to work without the right equipment. He wanted to change that for everyone who was in the industry. He wanted to see them have the right equipment and all the chances at the success they could use to get better at different things. It went back to the hard work he could put in and the things he could do to make sure he was actually helping these officers.


As long as Ronald Fowlkes was putting effort into Eagle Products, he knew there would be chances for him to be successful. He knew law enforcement officers would be able to take a lot away from what he had done and what he was doing to bring attention to these issues. It all went back to the hard work he could use and the things he could do to make sure he was as successful as possible. It was his way of making things better for everyone in the law enforcement community.


Eric Lefkofsky: An Entrepreneur Involved In The Fight Against Cancer

In a recent blog post entitled ‘Death to Cancer, Byte by Byte’, entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky says there’s an urgent need to use data science to help cure cancer because it’s finally possible. There are two transformative advances taking place in science today. Scientists can sequence a cancer patient’s entire genome affordably and doctors are growing in their understanding of how to fight cancer using the human immune system. The next step is creating data-driven approaches to matching the optimal cancer therapy to the cancer patient’s genetic makeup.

The FDA recently announced the approval of a type of immunotherapy designed to treat cancers based on its specific genomic profile. It’s the first time the FDA used genomic profile instead of anatomical tumor type as the criteria for the drug approval process. Scientists still don’t know why immunotherapy helps some patients and not others. Technology company Tempus has gathered about 150 geneticists, computational biologists and immunologists to work with the company’s engineers and data scientists to answer that question.

Combining the genomic and clinical data of each patient is the key to deciding on the right cancer therapy for a specific clinical context. To do this requires advanced computing technology to analyze tumor biopsy images, process clinical records and integrate RNA and DNA information. Mankind now has the tools eradicate cancer, Eric Lefkofsky explained.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of the technology company Tempus. The company built a groundbreaking operating system designed to help doctors and researchers in their battle to eradicate cancer. Lefkofsky also co-founded the e-commerce marketplace Groupon, venture fund Lightbank, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings.

Eric Lefkofsky has degrees from the University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Law School. He’s a University of Chicago adjunct professor and on the board of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Art Institute of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry as well as World Business Chicago.

A generous philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky and Liz, his wife, established the private charitable Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006.

George Soros’ Act of Kindness

George Soros is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author aged 87. He is considered one of the world’s most wealthy investors. He is a great supporter of American liberal political causes an American progressive. He has been one of the world’s most popular givers having donated most of his wealth to minorities.Soros is known to donate to groups that have been subjected to discrimination in the past. He is also known to support movements that seek to reduce bigotry in the world such as feminism. Soros is an important advocate of people’s rights to determine their own destiny without being oppressed by the majority.

Political affiliation

As per the Center for Responsive Politics, through the 2003–2004 election cycle, George Soros gave $23,581,000 to various 527. On September 27, 2012, Soros said that he was giving $1 million to the super PAC backing President Barack Obama’s reelection Priorities USA Action.

Open Society

More than 30 years ago, George Soros established Open Society. It is a foundation promoting human rights and democracy in more than 120 countries. The work and name reflect the impact on Soros’s thoughts on Karl Popper’s philosophy, which Soros first bump into at the London School of Economics.In his book Open Society and Its Enemies, Popper disputes that no ideology or philosophy is the last arbiter of truth and that cultures can only do well when they permit for freedom of expression, democratic governance, and respect for one’s rights. This is the take at the center of the Open Society Foundations’ work.During the 2014 Ebola outbreak, open society supported treatment centers. Recently, the organization has increased concern on the United States, investing in programs to protect lesbians and gays and reduce abuses by the police.

The act

In 2017, the Open Society Foundations stated that George Soros had transferred $18 billion of his wealth into a donation that would be funding the upcoming work of the foundations, making his total giving to the organization to over $30 billion since 1984. This act has changed Open Society into the second-largest charitable foundation in the United States.


All through George Soros’ charitable legacy, one thing that has stayed constant is the vow to combat the world’s most stubborn problems. He has been recognized to emphasize the significance of confronting losing causes.Indeed, a lot of the problems he has taken on and which he would be the first one to confess this, are the kinds of matters for which a whole solution might never appear.

There Is Speculation About a New Roc Nation Deal By Desiree Perez and Jay Z

There is speculation in the air about what Jay Z and Desiree Perez are going to do next. The deal that Roc Nation has with Live Nation is going to be ending soon. It has lasted since 2008, but the term for the deal was only for ten years. While Live Nation will continue touring with Jay Z, they said that they will not be doing any more music recording, as music recording is not something they will be doing with anyone anymore. This means that Jay Z must be thinking about how he can cash in with his stakes in Roc Nation. Jay Z can sell his stakes in Roc Nation.

Desiree Perez is the COO of Roc Nation. It is said that she and Jay Z met with the CEO of Universal Media Group. This led to speculation that Universal Media Group may be thinking of buying off Roc Nation. That would give Jay Z the money he needs to start developing more artists. Universal Media Group already has a small investment with Roc Nation, according to people who know what is going on. However, it is thought that Universal Media Group may be looking at purchasing a bigger stake in Roc Nation.

Another insider said that Universal Media Group is extremely happy with their current deal with Roc Nation, and would be even more delighted if they were able to make a bigger deal.Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. She is well known for her big deals, including her role in cutting the deal between Rihanna and Samsung. She has been associated with Jay Z for over twenty years.Desiree Perez is known for being a really good deal negotiator. It is said that she is the best at crunching numbers. She is well respected in the industry.

Reasons Why Glen Wakeman Is a Major Force in Business Circles

For many years, Glen Wakeman has been able to prove himself as an astute entrepreneur. His contribution in the business arena is there for everyone to see. For instance, he is one of the co-founders of Lauchpad Holdings LLC. It is important to note that the company was founded in the year 2015. Ever since the inception of the company, it has played a major role in the development of software. As a businessman of international repute, Glen Wakeman has had contributions in various sectors. For instance, he has made significant contributions in performance methodology. His concepts of risk management and management of human capital have been highly successful across the world.

Glen Wakeman has also devised strategies that have enhanced execution in business. Before he participated in founding LaunchPad Holdings, he had held various positions in his employment stint. For instance, Glen Wakeman had been a CEO before. During his time as a CEO, he played a significant role in enhancing business in the areas he managed. Apart from being a successful investor, Glen Wakeman has also played an important role in writing (PhillyPurge). Through his writing, Glen Wakeman has succeeded in inspiring many people to try a hand in business.

There are various reasons why he is highly respected as one of the market strategists. For instance, Glen Wakeman has been able to demonstrate that he is one of the leading figures with respect to emerging marketing. His knowledge in relation to corporate management can also be described as formidable. Over the years, he has been offering constructive advice to various organizations. For instance, Glen Wakeman has played an important role in advising the officials of Dreamfunded.

The accurate methods that he has developed have played an important role in making him a major force in business circles. With regards to business, his reputation cannot be matched. Glen Wakeman has proven his salt in offering advice on different levels. For instance, his advice with respect to matters of angel investing is highly regarded by many people. It is also important to note that he is one of the leading figures with respect to international financing platforms.