Anil Chaturvedi and His Incredible Streak of Prestigious Banking Positions

Most of the opulence that banks enjoy would most likely come from the excellent work of their managing directors or bank managers. It’s the dedication of these hard-working managers that shape the progress of these banks. It’s not just in the money that investors give. It’s not just even in the global economic climate. It is most likely because of the dedication and also strategies of bankers like Anil Chaturvedi that make or break the survival of a bank in the long run.

There are many professional pursuits we can list down here in the career of Anil Chaturvedi, but one of the most important, formative and inspiring is the work that he has done for Hinduja Bank Switzerland as its Managing Director for its Private Banking programs. With Mr. Anil’s involvement, Hinduja Bank has seen a lot of growth in its engagement with clients who need assistance in private banking as well as in tapping opportunities between Europe and Asia. Being the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank also means that Mr. Anil is the man responsible for issues involving mergers, acquisitions and restructurings of distressed assets and credit syndication of their diversified clients. Without the expertise of Mr. Anil in capital raising and international organizations, it may be hard for Hinduja Bank to sustain its remarkable record of providing quality private banking assistance to varied high-ticket clients.

We should probably also not forget that Mr. Anil had once been the Managing Director of International Affairs for Merrill Lynch. His work had led to an expansion of the bank’s operations in USA, Europe and India. He is invested in major investment solutions for high net-worth clients, and his work for them had seen incredible satisfaction and approval from those who saw real value in the advice he dispenses.

The prestigious position of being the Manager of Development and Planning for State Bank of India that Mr. Anil held is also a strong indication of his abilities. He was able to assist small-scale businesses in India to tap marketing opportunities in Europe. His implementation strategies for these clients have also resulted to about $500 million in combined asset growth for just 4 years of rendering service.

How to accept global customers and clients without breaking the bank

In an increasingly connected marketplace, successful businesses need to retain and attract customers and clients from around the world. With razor thin margins and tight competition very difficult to find a way to pursue these opportunities without taking on considerable expenses when it comes to banking payment processing.

Traditional banking comes loaded with fees, making it very difficult to break out of your company’s home nation. In many cases, international companies will open subsidiary offices and operations in order to take advantage of these markets. While this may work for the largest companies, smaller companies often struggle to get the investment capital needed for such an endeavor.

This is where smaller, boutique payment processors can bridge the gap between full-service banking and the lighter needs of small businesses. Companies such as PSI Pay focus entirely on payment processing rather than traditional banking. By doing things this way they are able to avoid costly regulation and other expenses, allowing them to keep costs down and their prices low.

Because they focus on payment processing rather than banking PSY Pay is able to offer payment transfers to any country in the world as well as instant currency changing across 44 world currencies. Companies are able to get instant payment processing without having to hold money from each and every country they do business with.

Another way that PSI Pay is able to reduce costs is to limit the amount of outside transaction processing required. Once a client is set up with PSY Pay they are able to make instant transfers to any other client on the network. Not only do the funds clear instantly, it comes at a much lower cost the competitors such as Visa.

This also includes transfers between departments within your own company. This can be useful for payroll purposes, as well as for allocating funds between departments. Executive leadership can ensure that each apartment is allocated their budget instantly and without additional expense.

These main corporate accounts are what are the main benefits that set Psy Pay apart from every other payment processor on the market. Rather than simply act as a necessary service they choose to add additional value to a business management, helping their clients reduce their own management costs as well.

As time goes on traditional banking is becoming less and less relevant to modern-day business. It really does seem as though small payment providers are finally taking hold and disrupting this centuries-old industry.

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Seguros Executive Octavio Lazari Will Be Bradesco’s New CEO According To Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Bradesco is coming off one of the most profitable years in its 75-year-old history. Wall Street is singing the praises of CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and the members of his executive team. Wall Street is also celebrating the illustrious career of 91-year-old Lázaro de Mello Brandão. Brandão is the departing Chairman of the Board, and Cappi is taking his place. That scenario is not unusual. Trabuco Cappi and Lázaro de Mello Brandão are a team to reckon with in the banking industry. Cappi owes a lot to Brandão in terms of banking opportunities. Brandão was instrumental in hiring Cappi forty-nine years ago.

Mr. Brandão and founder Amador Aguiar put a small bank in Sao Paulo on the map, and they never stopped expanding their vision of their bank. When Cappi wanted to work for Bradesco in 1969 as clerk, the bank was already in a major acquisition growth spurt. Cappi wasn’t a numbers man in terms of education. But his personality, quick intellect, and his desire to be a banker was all Amador Aguiar and Brandão needed to prove he could be an excellent bank trainee. Cappi was not only an excellent trainee. Today, Cappi is an excellent bank executive with accommodations and awards to prove he has what it takes to be in charge of one of the largest banks in the world.

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Mr. Aguiar is long gone, and Brandão is finally leaving the bank after 75 years of service. But in true Brandão form, he is giving Cappi the opportunity to take over for him. Cappi didn’t hesitate when the bank’s board voted to make him the new chairman. He is taking over Brandão’s responsibilities on the board, but he will also be available to assist new CEO, Octavio Lazari with the challenges facing the bank in 2018 and beyond. Lazari is an excellent leader, and he knows how to make the numbers work. He is the current president of Banco Seguros, the insurance division of Bradesco. That division makes a lot of money for Bradesco, and bank employees feel that’s the reason Octavio got the job instead of one of the other six candidates.

According to IT Vice-President Mauricio Machado de Minas and chief risk officer Alexandre da Silva Glüher were candidates for the CEO job, but both men are up for a director’s seat, so they will still play an important role in executive decisions going forward. Andre Cano, another candidate, will stay in his position as human resource vice-president. And Josué Pancini and Domingos Abreu will stay in their executive roles as well. And Marcelo Noronha will also be part of the new executive team, according to a recent press release.

Some Brazilian bankers question Bradesco decision to change the executive team structure right now. But the bank didn’t have a choice. At 67, Cappi is too old to continue as CEO, and Lázaro de Mello Brandão is at the end of his banking career. Plus, Bradesco has to show internal movement in order for investors to feel confident that the executives are changing as banking changes in the 21st century. Banking is a tough business, and bankers are only as good as their last profit returns. Fortunately, Cappi and his team are riding the crest of unprecedented profits and growth, so all the internal changes make sense.

But the changes still have to go through the shareholders, and that meeting will take place March 12th. Cappi will get shareholder approval to be the next chairman, Lazari will get the ok to be the new CEO, and other executive team members will get the nod to be directors.

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