A Spotlight on Jeremy Goldstein’s Professional Background

Jeremy Goldstein is a seasoned lawyer serving his clients in the Greater New York Area, and other parts of the United States. He specializes in advising founders, CEOs, and other managers on issues related to executive compensation, corporate management, and other sensitive management issues. At present, Jeremy runs his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.


How did Jeremy Goldstein develop his career?

Mr. Goldstein started his career after completing his undergraduate studies from Cornell University, and postgraduate studies from the University of Chicago.

After studies, Jeremy started working as a partner at a Merger and Acquisitions firm based in New York City. He guided various entrepreneurs through the intricate process of conducting mergers and acquisitions, as well as completing underwriting tasks and corporate reorganizations.

While serving the New York-based firm, Jeremy helped Miller Brewing Company to acquire South African Breweries, and he merged Morgan Chase with Bank One Corporation. Furthermore, Mr. Goldstein superintended the acquisition of other giant companies like Duke Energy, AT&T Wireless, and FleetBoston Financial Corp.

After some time, Jeremy Goldstein quit his role to establish and manage his law firm. He collaborated with like-minded legal experts to co-found Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a company that helps its clients conduct mergers and acquisitions.

Also, the law firm provides legal advice to business managers facing critical administrative issues.


What inspired Jeremy Goldstein to start his law firm?

According to his article posted on blogwebpedia.com, Goldstein says that he opted to start his company due to the ever-increasing demand for legal advice concerning corporate conflicts.

During that time, many reputable compensation consulting firms abandoned their parent organizations to take advantage of the opportunity. This move impelled Goldstein to start his law firm.


How did Goldstein develop his business?

Unlike the competitors who were in a rush to get more customers, Jeremy Goldstein focused on providing professional services as a way to attract more customers. He only chose cases that his legal team could manage diligently.

Apart from providing professional services, Jeremy Goldstein focused on establishing close relationships with clients. In return, the satisfied clients referred their friends who needed Goldstein’s legal services.


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