Talkspace a new way to do Therapy

Personalized Therapy a Text Away

Have you ever entertained the idea what it would be like to have your own therapist in the case you were experiencing a crunch in life and you needed some real feedback from someone rather than your friends telling you what you want to hear? Talkspace is such an app that allows you, for a small fee from $49-79/ week, to contact your therapist and have you contact you daily. Talkspace has over 1 million users and have received positive reviews.

First Sessions

The first online meeting, according to users, is a question and answer session where Talkspace management ask you some personal question, which will be used to tailor your sessions to your individual needs. After the initial session and usually within 24 hours your individual therapist will contact you to introduce their self to you. Though the first session is a bit intimidating, since you are about to share some very personal matters, knowing that your therapist is a bonafide and highly capable, and highly skilled professional, really is a plus, according to users of Talkspace.

Credentialed Therapist at Work

A Talkspace subscriber will has all the credentials of their therapist before they begin a session. Sessions thru Talkspace is where you meet a therapist that is professionally trained in a real accredited medical school to carry out the work of therapy.

Talkspace has over 2000 licensed therapist who’ve registered with Talkspace to help individuals at a time of need in their life. A big appeal of Talkspace is that it costs less than traditional therapy.

Solid Therapy and Feedback

For those who have used Talkspace report that their sessions have provided life-changing feedback from their sessions via text. One person even said her feedback was like sharing with someone troubling moments and gaining perspective thru the person you are sharing them with. For those who are interested in one to one sessions Talkspace also offers these services.

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