Edwin Miranda Weighs in on Agency vs. Consultancy

When a business is trying to expand its market share and attract new customers- as well as reinvigorate the dedication of existing customers they would traditionally hire a marketing agency to help them push forward their ad campaigns. While this worked for a long while, a changing society has forced marketing into a new direction.

With the advent of the internet and smartphones, advertising has had to step up its game. According to Edwin Miranda, it’s no longer enough to just have a polished ad campaign: You have to stand out from the crowd and find a way to connect to your intended audience. Often, marketing agencies are too rooted in past methods to achieve this goal.

Filling in this gap are advertising consultants, who are better positioned to push an ad campaign beyond being a simple campaign. Consultants such as Edwin Miranda specialize in audience connection instead of snappy slogans. They do more than come up with a new art style for a company: They help connect the company to the public in new and innovative ways, using creativity and passion instead of formulaic ad tactics to create something fresh and original for each new campaign.

Companies and the market are taking notice: As Edwin Miranda points out, four of 2017’s top 10 advertising agencies were actually consultants, proving that consultancy is a rising force in connecting companies with customers. By focusing on the client-customer relationship over flashy gimmicks consultants are having a major impact on sales and market shares.

Indeed, many advertising agencies are hiring consultants to help them land and keep clients. But they often keep consultants as outside help, limiting the benefits that consultants can bring to their businesses. Edwin Miranda formed KOI IXS to bridge these gaps and provide full service creative advertising to clients.

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