What Is Igor Cornelsen’s Advice To New Stock And Forex Investors?

Igor Cornelsen is a former investment banker who managed millions of dollars in accounts for major clients in Brazil and around the world. He is currently retired but enjoys following the financial markets and figuring out which investments whether stocks, bonds, mutual funds or forex funds are the ones to buy. Cornelsen does advise people looking in the stock market to look for damaged stock or lower priced investments that haven’t yet been found by the mainstream media. He does say you need to carefully research the company before buying it, but buying low is usually the right strategy to sell high as opposed to taking a short position.

Igor Cornelsen is from Brazil and holds a bachelor’s degree from one of their top business schools at the Federal University of Parana. He had tremendous financial acumen that landed him a position at one of the Multibanco bank branches at an entry level, but then later as an executive and major portfolio manager. The bank was later bought by Unibanco and while serving at this bank Cornelsen would become CEO. During his time as a high profile executive in Brazil’s banks, Igor Cornelsen also was an advisor for the Brazilian government’s Ministry of Economics department. Around 1995 he retired and started his own private consulting gigs.

Cornelsen pays close attention to many foreign markets but encourages investors to always consider Brazil when considering forex trading. Some tips he recommends are getting familiar with their banking system and knowing who the major banks and their clients are. He has also warned that the government has put some extensive regulations around foreign investments due to some of former President Roussef’s policies having led to financial trouble. But Cornelsen says getting around the red tape can lead to some very high returns on Brazilian investments.

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