Mike Nierenberg: His Impressive Portfolio and His Newest Appointment

Michael Nierenberg has established himself as one of the best performing investment managers in the industry. He is a man of innovation and great work ethic which is highly evident in the services that he has rendered for big names in the industry of financial and investment management. Mike Nierenberg has served in the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a the managing director and head of the Global Mortgages and Securitized Products division – and Mike Nierenberg was the man responsible for all the sales and trading affairs within his division. He also served as the Head of Global Securitized products for JP Morgan, prior to joining the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In JP Morgan, he also served as a member of the management committee of the investment division.

One of his longest services was rendered to Bear Stearns, he spent almost a decade and a half in this company. In Bear Stearns, Mike Nierenberg held multiple senior leadership positions and was the head of Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Trading Operations. Mike Nierenberg was also the Co-head of Structured Products and Mortgage-Backed Securities. In his later years in Bear Stearns, he served as one of the Board of Directors for the company. He also spent 7 years at Lehman Brothers and worked for the company’s adjustable rate mortgage business.

Mike Nierenberg’s extensive experience and knowledge in the investment management industry, his skill and his expertise has led them to his newly appointed position as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of New Residential Investment Corporation.

New Residential Investment Corp. is a company that is focused on managing investments related to residential real estate. They drive returns for their stockholders via investments in Servicer Advances, Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights and non-Agency Residential Mortgage Backed Securities and Associated Call Rights.

Mike Nierenberg is the perfect fit for the spot as the director of New Residential Investment Corp. because he can utilize all his knowledge and experience in keeping the company at the top of its game and making sure that New Residential Investment Corp. remains as one of the leaders in the residential real estate investment industry.

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