Life, Career, And Successes of Bhanu Choudhrie

Born in 1978 in Delhi, Bhanu Choudhrie studied at the University of Boston where he specialized in International Business and Marketing. Bhanu has been the executive director of the C&C Alpha Group Ltd. From 2001. Today, the group has a massive portfolio of investments that range from care homes in the UK to luxury award-winning spa hotels in Mauritius and India. Bhanu Choudhrie is the man that new and young entrepreneurs want to follow. First-time entrepreneurs take any tips and tricks he has to offer seriously. All this has been possible thanks largely to his passion and dedication in his work and willingness to help others. Check out this link

Bhanu Choudhrie relocated to London from the US in 1999 where he first worked as an intern at the JP Morgan company. However, upon moving to London, he saw a myriad of opportunities just waiting to be tapped and grasped at the chance. Bhanu has always said that the transition was one of the most exciting things he’d ever done in life.

In 2008, he won the prestigious Asian Entrepreneur of the Year award which he says was an exhilarating experience. Having been born in India. But then, most people would feel ecstatic by the feeling of receiving such a reward in their homeland. Being able to learn and develop business in that country and even meet new people. However, atop all that, the feeling of appreciation itself is fascinating. Bhanu Choudhrie believes that if he, having gotten to the point he is in life, so can anyone else.

The C&C Alpha Group is a family-run company with Bhanu at its helm. The company has invested in numerous areas like hotels, healthcare, restaurants, and even real estate. However, other fields like healthcare are tightly regulated and controlled in the United Kingdom. But that only makes it more interesting and exciting as you get to meet new people and personalities in the industry every time. Bhanu Choudhrie loves meeting new people and interacting with them which makes his job even more exciting to him. Bhanu also loves Asian arts so much to the point that he is working on promoting the local Asians to sell more Asian art in the United Kingdom. He loves life, and that shows in everything he does.

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