Everything you need to know about Allied Wallets

Allied Wallet Ltd is a firm that specializes in providing customized payment solutions to consumers and enterprises. Allied Wallet offers payment processing services in multiple currency denominations across counties worldwide. The company also provides merchant services such as; credit card processing, eWallet, business pro integration, global payment gateway, ACH payment, PCI compliance, business pro, payment gateway, and online processing, and ACH services for use by financial institutions. The firm was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Major Developments at Allied Wallet

Addition of New Payment Options for Italy E-Commerce Market

Dec 18 18

Allied Wallet has added Trustly, Klarna, and MyBank to its list of payment options. The move is aimed at bolstering and supporting Italy’s fast-growing e-commerce market. Italy has over 19 million online shoppers who spend approximately €21 billion each year. The growth of Italy’s e-commerce industry can be attributed to the fact that 80% of Italian consumers opt for home deliveries. Italy’s e-commerce market is the fastest growing in western Europe. The country’s online sales have more than doubled from €9.6 billion in 2013, and it is projected that it will reach €28.8 billion by early 2022. Another factor that has led to Allied Wallet to add more payment options in Italy is the projected growth of the fashion industry. Fashion spending is big in Italy and is expected to grow exponentially by 2021.

Addition of New Payment Options for Malaysian E-Commerce Market

Dec 4 18

Similar to the case in Italy, Allied Wallet has added new payment options to support Malaysia’s rapidly growing e-commerce sector. Other than releasing new payment options, Allied wallet has developed compatibilities with several existing payment options including Malaysia’s most popular; 7-eleven, AirCash, and RHB Now, among other payment options. The reason for this development is to facilitate seamless, quick, and secure cash transfers. Allied Wallets payment options are designed to facilitate cash transfers between the banked population and the population that heavily relies on cash payments. Currently, more than 80% of Malaysians do not have credit cards to facilitate credit/debit payments making Allied Wallet’s payment solutions integral in facilitating online payments.

Learn more about Allied Wallet´s payment options at https://www.linkedin.com/company/allied-wallet