Elena Ford Takes the Ford Motor Company into the Future

The Ford Motor Company has a long history of manufacturing, selling, and servicing cars. Founded in 1903 in Detroit by Henry Ford, it is now the 5th largest automaker in the world. In 1913, Ford introduced moving assembly lines into auto manufacturing, reducing production time of the Model T to 93 minutes, faster and cheaper than ever before. Because of this approach, the middle-class American public could now afford a car. Sales took off, and the company has stayed in business so long that many descendants of Henry Ford now work at Ford Motor.

Since its start, Ford has never stopped striving to increase customer satisfaction. No one knows this better than Elena Ford, Henry Ford’s great-great-granddaughter. Recently promoted to Chief Customer Experience Officer at Ford, her first order of business was to find the best way to guide Ford into the future. Elena Ford wants Ford Motor Company to continue being one of the top companies in the world.

Elena Ford is all about improving the customer experience when buying or using a Ford automobile. Her goal is to make the Ford customer’s experience as stress-free as possible. People have three main concerns about cars — buying, financing, and getting them serviced. Anything that would ease customers worries about these issues would improve things for customers, and for Ford employees too. To accomplish this, she tracked performance and results from all over the world, listening to customer and employee feedback. She also studied companies that have an excellent reputation for caring for customers, such as Nike and Amazon.

The result of this was FordPass, an app that gives customers more control over their car experience. A car owner can use the FordPass to find and pay for parking and fuel, thus assuring a smooth commute to work or school. The app provides easy tracking of car financing, allowing customers to make or schedule a payment and review account history. A customer can reach a Ford representative through the app to help with any problems.

Elena Ford and the rest of the Ford team continue to enhance the customer experience by paying attention to their customers and employees. Their input and suggestions are an important part of making sure that Ford continues to grow and thrive. Henry Ford would surely be proud that his family is continuing the company he started.