Heather Parry

The blockbuster film, A Star is Born, produced by Live Nation studios is led by the rising leader in Hollywood, Heather Parry. She has astounded movie-goers as well as the cinematic industry with some very impressive, high-quality media marketing for their films. Parry admits that she gets headliners that others cannot because “relentlessly pursues them.” Parry’s vivacious personality that fills the room and grabs your attention also helps her to convince high-profile industry leaders and big-name stars to work on her films. Many of these film industry influencers and movie stars are not acquired by Parry at business meetings or casting calls, but at dinner parties and movie social events. She does not waste these critical chances to get face-time with industry stakeholders with idle chatter or unrelated talk. Parry uses these encounters to pitch scripts and new film roles to stars and movie ideas to other industry officials.

Heather Parry’s company, Live Nation, has many holdings besides just being involved in movie production and marketing. Live Nation also owns and organizes over 100 music festivals around the United States and worldwide. Parry has compared herself to a racehorse with blinders on that is going for the goal without being side-tracked by barriers to her success. Live Nation has also taken on a variety of very controversial and daring social topics such as LGBTQ suicide, PTSD, abortion, religion, terrorism, and other edgy and avant-garde topics. Parry seems to show no fear and busts through all the barriers that have held back others in the past. This is one of the strengths of her success. Insiders claim that we can expect to see more trend setting programming from her company as collaborations and relationships are being formed between her company and Netflix to offer more streaming programming that has her company’s ethos and vibe.