New Residential Investment Corporation: Investing In A Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trust

The New Residential Investment Corp., headed by Michael Nierenberg as the chairman, president, and CEO, is one of the most reputable real estate investment trusts in the United States today. The New Residential Investment Corp. is publicly traded, with the ticker symbol NRZ, and investors are buying their shares because of the continuous increase in the value of the company. The company focuses on investments that are related to real estate business and property development, and since their establishment, they are able to manage billions worth of assets. The founders of the company believe that the $21 trillion real estate and property development industry in the United States would allow them to generate income if it would be under an investment management system. The founders used this opportunity, and they were able to invite a lot of investors who have directly invested in the company.

The New Residential Investment Corporation continues to bring investment opportunities to those who are keen on succeeding in the industry. Aside from his executive position, Michael Nierenberg also serves as the board chairman. He is joined by Nick Santoro, who is the company’s Chief Financial Officer, and David Schneider, who is the company’s chief accounting officer. The three are working together to reach their goals.

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