Harry Harrison believes in humility, diversity and collaboration

Harry Harrison is renowned in the financial world for formerly being the head of Barclays Non-Core in London. He attained this position from 2014 to 2017. Harrison is an experienced entrepreneur and has worked at Barclays for the last two decades in the trading and investment departments. With a BS in Economics from the University of Warwick and Master of Philosophy in Finance from the University of Cambridge, he is one of the most experienced financial experts in the field.

Today Harry resides in New York with his wife Amy, who a firm called Anthemis Group which provides advisory services and Digital Financial Services to customers.

The origin of the idea to start the firm

The idea of the company started with a curiosity to know how organizations run. For example, companies start a business model idea and transform it from theory to become micro level organizations. After choosing a finance career in school, Harrison knew he was destined to the financial world. He studied his career in finance in the last over two decades and ventured into his career.

In an interview, Harry says he does not have a typical day since he left Barclays. Before leaving Barclays, the bank wanted to wind a business worth $110 billion, and he left the job after successful completion of the project. The entrepreneur wanted to take a break because he felt that he needed an opportunity to explore the outside world whereby he is not working with a renowned financial institution. Since the left the coveted financial institution, he has experienced a lot of different things. He loves staying at home as a dad and experiencing life with his children. He goes to play with his children, helps in doing assignments, goes to the field trips, and he says life has been exciting.

Today he gets a chance to read an exciting novel or watch a favorite television channel. When he is free, he has tried Pilates and yoga. He has also tried to play golf although he has not yet succeeded in this. He loves to spend time with other entrepreneurs where they can share ideas and have fun. For example, his wife is an entrepreneur too, and they spend a lot of time together.