A Look at Chris Burch’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Every entrepreneur draws inspiration from someone in the industry, whether it’s in leadership or just a family member. An excellent entrepreneurial role model inspires emerging individuals to pursue successful strategies in business. One such person is Chris Burch.


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Describing Burch

Chris Burch is a revered entrepreneur. He has invested in several businesses across the world. Fondly known as the founder of a firm called Burch Creative Capital, he has accomplished a lot as a leader, and dedicated business professional. Also, he has invested resources in different emerging companies including Faena + Universe a hotel in Argentina and ED, a lifestyle brand established by Ellen DeGeneres, refer also to (Elitetraveler.com). In an interview with IdeaMensch, Burch admits that starting Burch Creative was an idea from his curiosity when he noticed that different services required some sense of touch to be presentable to consumers. He used this analogy to help various businesses thereby founding Burch Creative.


The Beginning of his Career

Burch’s career dates to 1976 when he was an undergraduate student at the college of Ithaca. He worked closely with his brother Robert where they started a clothing line called Eagle’s Eye worth $2,000. They bought sweaters at $10 each and sold at $15. Chris Burch would later contract a factory that produced a new apparel line called preppy sweaters. He sold these pieces door-to-door. Within a decade, preppy sweaters expanded to different campuses followed by retail stores. Surprisingly, the company started making $140 million in sales annually. Over the years, Burch has grown his empire by investing in other investor’s businesses. He hopes that this gesture will offer them the chance to sell their brands to more clients.


Investing in Faena

In 2004, Chris Burch worked with the prominent architect Philippe Stark as well as Alena Faena to establish Faena Hotel. The business was worth $100 million. Ten years later, he invested in Faena’s real estate projects called Faena House.