The Origin of Neurocore and its Treatment Options

The organization was established in 2004. The main objective of the pioneers was to provide medical aid to their clients who suffered from brain-related problems. The treatment at Neurocore involves assessments and also offering training to that can help the patients to resume their daily routines. The patients include both children and adults. The medical practitioners at the health facilities utilize medical protocols such as EEG and neurofeedback. The practices help to overcome sleeping disorders, stress management, and other related conditions. For the patients with breathing problems, the doctors use neurofeedback and biofeedback. At the end of the processes, the mind-body connection is greatly improved.

Over the years, the organization has gained international recognition for the adoption of neuroscience. The clients can get medical assistance from the facilities situated in Michigan and Florida. The facilities have also welcomed athletes and franchises to enjoy their services. As part of its primary goals to improve the patients’ experience, Neurocore partnered with the Portland Trail Blazers to include brain rooms. The new platform is expected to benefit more people who visit the health institutions for training. The brain rooms are fitted with modern equipment that are meant to ensure the healthy condition of the brain, endocrine, and the respiratory systems.

Neurocore hopes to introduce more innovative services to their clients and adopting better technology with time. To achieve that, the specialists at the facilities are expected to research more areas of Neuroscience. The brain is a vital organ in the body and it coordinates our perceptions and emotional reactions. More research by various scientists is underway to discover more abilities and understand the functioning of the brain. The origin of neuroscience can be traced back to two Italian scientists known as Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta. Currently, there are many treatment options for depression. Initially, the options included the use of antidepressants and psychotherapy.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a certified plastic surgeon, and he is also a part of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He studied surgery in the University of Michigan and proceeded to have comprehensive training at the Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital where he focused on cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sameer is based in Dallas, Texas and he has been in the medical surgery field for more than 20 years. His main areas of expertise in surgery include; the eyes, nose, face, and breasts. Aside from his professional life, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has three children.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a well-known surgeon in Dallas. Bearing in mind that he is not a native of Dallas, the recognition he got was from the satisfaction the people got through his services. It’s not even surprising that he has joined the Dallas surgery team. Having lived there for about eight years, the people have embraced him and learned to appreciate his business. He not only gets clients from Dallas but also outside Dallas.

He admits that what keeps him going and relevant is his passion. This passion makes him strive to learn more. Dr. Sameer has unique trending patterns in his career, and this continues to sell him and his business too. It is for this reason that he participates in numerous national plastic surgery activities and meetings to improve his skills and at the same time sharing his knowledge to inspire other surgeons.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar work has placed him a limelights, for instance in various medical articles and journals. He also received the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor Certificate recognition. When he is not working Dr. Sameer contributes to the community by giving his time and skills where needed for example Smile Bangladesh, a non-profitable organization, which aids children with the cleft lip condition. He also enjoys spending time with his children and considers this the best achievements.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: Two Officers Who Have Made InnovaCare Health Thrive

Before joining InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides had worked in various companies. In their different capacities, they have made several healthcare companies see the light of the day. The interesting part is that both of these medical practitioners have earned the same level of experience. Rick Shinto, for instance, has been in the Medicare industry for 20 years. Penelope Kokkinides has the same amount of experience. However, the latter has worked with InnovaCare Health in two separate terms. In these two terms, Penelope Kokkinides has also served in different capacities.




Rick Shinto




In 1998, Rick Shinto started to test his waters in the medical industry as an internist and pulmonologist at a medical facility situated in the South of California. This first position, although a junior position, would later make a difference in Rick Shinto’s life. Today, Rick Shinto is the President of InnovaCare Health, which he joined in 2012. The best part of it is that Rick Shinto received the 2012 Entrepreneur of The Year Award. He received the award after bringing tremendous changes in the company. For more details visit Ideamensch.




Work History




After his internship at a facility in the South of California, Rick Shinto joined MedPartners, Cal Optimal Health Plan, Pathway management Company, and NAMM California as Vice President in charge of Medical Management, Senior Medical Officer, CMO as well as Operations Manager, and Senior Medical Officer in charge of medical management respectively. Shortly before Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare Health, he had worked with Aveta Inc. This medical and healthcare company was sold when Rick was still its CEO. He moved to InnovaCare Health where he currently serves as the company’s president in charge of health management. Since joining InnovaCare, Rick Shinto has brought several changes that have improved the image of the company. Check out





Penelope Kokkinides




This is the second time Penelope Kokkinides is working for InnovaCare. When she joined the company for the first time, she worked as a Chief Management Officer. Ms. Kokkinides has over 20 years of experience in the clinical programs sector. Over the years, she has worked in different healthcare companies in different capacities. Penelope Kokkinides is an accomplished clinician versed in clinical programs. She has worked for Touchstone Health as its operations head, Centerlight HealthCare as a chief management officer, AmeriChoice as the company’s Care Management and the VP of the Care Management, and as the Operations Head in the business unit at the UnitedHealth. She is currently the Chief Administration Officer at the InnovaCare Health.


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Talos Energy uses Seismic Technologies to Discover oil Deposits Under the Ocean Floor

Talos Energy Inc. Is a company that uses Seismic Technology to find gas and oil under the ocean floor. Technical advances in exploration make it possible to find new areas to drill off the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas production company.

The Head offices have locations in the Greater Houston area as well as the Southern part of the United States. Talos Energy was created in January of the year 2012. Four men came together and founded Talos Energy. The names of the founders are Timothy Duncan, John A. Parker, Stephen E. Heitzman, and John L. Harrison.

Talos Energy’s main purpose is to use Highly Technological Exploration Equipment to find oil deposits under the ocean floor. This is done with Seismic Technologies. Seismic Technology uses air guns to shoot sound waves into the ocean floor. The sound waves bounce off of formations under the ocean floor. A computer then interprets the data gathered to form a map image.

Once the map image is created the technician’s read the maps and look for certain images. Furthermore, the technician’s look for the depth of the images that look the best for drilling for oil. Talos Energy experts then take the information and decide the best possible locations to set up a rig and drill.

70 % is the current rate of offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. However, Talos Energy recently merged with one of the founders’ company Stone Energy. Stone Energy is owned by Timothy Duncan. The two companies became Talos Energy.

After the merger Tim Duncan took a long shot and used the Seismic Technologies to explore the ocean floor off the Gulf of Mexico and found a huge oil deposit. This oil deposit turned out to produce 2 billion barrels of oil overall.

It is estimated that Talos Energy will produce 48,000 barrels of oil from the Gulf of Mexico alone. Furthermore, by using the Seismic Technologies Talos Energy can expand its operation into new areas of drilling. Talos Energy continues to expand and grow daily. Who knows how far the company will go?

End Citizens United Backed Candidate Closing in on Texas Senate Polls

An article from Premier Gazette discusses the Texas Senate race involving Republican candidate Ted Cruz and Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke. The article mentions that the most recent poll from nationwide group End Citizens United shows that O’Rourke is starting to close in on Cruz.

The recent poll reported shows that Cruz is now leading by only a margin of 45 to 37 percent. End Citizens United was created in March 1, 2015, with its main purpose being reducing the influence that money has on politics. The article discusses that at the beginning of the year Cruz was leading by 18 percent. These recent polls have shown that O’Rourke is now starting to catch up from behind and odds of him winning this race have started to rise at a dramatic rate. This could lead to the Democrats in Texas having a surprising win in this U.S. Senate race. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

What caused this change in the polls? The article discusses that Ted Cruz had a huge part in decreasing his own lead. A large aspect to the poll is that Cruz is beginning to get in his own way. The poll shows that 61 percent of voters in Texas do not know much about Cruz’s competitor. This can end up being a positive for O’Rourke if Cruz keeps getting in his own way and being portrayed in an unfavorable light. Already the Republican candidate has 49 percent of respondents viewing him in an unfavorable way.

The article goes on to discuss that Cruz has a reputation of putting his needs first over the needs of others. The Senator was one of the people that helped force the recent government shutdown that left many government employees without work or pay temporarily.

The article mentions that O’Rourke is focusing on a more no-frills approach to his campaign. The Democratic Candidate is also very good in his speeches and excite crowds. He has also traveled throughout Texas and worked hard to earn the hearts of the voters.

The article talks about End Citizens United and its dedication to stop the influence that money has on politics. The nationwide group, who is entirely funded by grassroots donors, believes that the power of money allows wealthy people to tip the balance of political power in their favor. This can come at the expense of many people who may not have the money to do anything about this. End Citizens United is working to change this power play in politics. The group[ has completely backed O’Rourke due to his no-frill campaign.

The article discusses how End Citizens United can bring attention and recognition for campaigners. The trustworthy influence the group has gained can bring a candidate’s message to light and spread it to many different audiences who may have not received it otherwise. Visit: