Top Ten Tips List by UpWork

Formerly known as Elance-oDesk, Upwork is a freelance company that allows businesses and independent workers to collaborate and work on various different kinds of projects. Recently UpWork released a list of ten tip to advance through your to-do list. The first tip is to capture everything. This simple tip simply says to capture any and all available and incomplete tasks and put them in a to-do list. The next tip is to prepare your list in advance. This tip simply implies that it is a waste of time to start the day planning out a to do list. So instead of making the to do list in the morning, make it the night before.

The next tip is to keep it all in place. This tip is a call back to the first tip. This simply means that you should make a to do list and keep it all in one place, meaning if you write on paper keep it on paper or if you use your iPhone keep it all on there in one place. The fourth tip is to attribute time. This means write down how long it will take and when you anticipate on finishing it. The next tip is to know your priorities. This means know which tasks are important and know which ones are the most important. The next tip is to keep re-evaluating. This means keep deciding which tasks are the most important to finish first. The next tip is stress-free delegation.

This means assign yourself a quick task to do and finish it so you don’t forget. The eighth tip is to zoom in and out. This means evaluate how each task plays a role into the overall project. The ninth tip is batch process. This means if you have to repeat a task several times, do them all at once. The final tip is to assign energy levels. This means that you should decide which tasks are longer and more difficult and which ones are quick and easy to complete