Dick Devos and the FAA

Dick Devos has been named to the FAA’s Management Advisory Council. For many years, Devos has worked alongside the aviation industry, although many only know him from his days as the President and CEO of Amway. He has been working in other industries as well as helping his hometown of Grand Rapids since the 1990s.


In the early 1990s, Devos was just coming out of a sales role at Amway, where he had led global sales. He wanted to help Grand Rapids expand and become a rapidly growing business epicenter. To do that, he gathered all of the business leaders together and looked at different areas of the city that could be built to bring in new traffic and commerce. The first idea was to build a sports arena and convention center, but the plans were far outside of the downtown area and business district.


Devos saw that as a warning sign because it reminded him of what had happened in Detroit when the teams left and there was no need for a sports arena. He wanted to bring some kind of sustainable building to the area, so they decided to build a Performing Arts Center. In fact, over $134 million has been donated to Grand Rapids and education from the Devos Family Foundation. The foundation has given these contributions and helped build a variety of different centers for community and growth.


Most people see Devos as a businessman, but he is more than that. He has several pilot licenses and a real passion for education. He has championed educational choice along with his wife, and he has run for governor. While not successful in his run, he was able to get a taste of the political spotlight and finally find an area where he can continue his legacy. He has worked alongside the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford Airport for many years, bringing in new business and helping the airport expand.


In the early 2000s, he worked with the airlines to create an international business traveler center as well as new food court upgrades.


Most people don’t realize that Devos has joined the FAA as a volunteer and will be meeting with the council every three months to help the FAA plan and decide upon different regulations and budgets.


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