Randal Nardone Made His Fortune What it is Today

Randal Nardone is an ambitious lawyer who ended up making quite a fortune with his entrepreneurial skills. He attended the University of Connecticut and obtained his Bachelor of Arts as well as Science. He became a billionaire with partners Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Michael Novogratz and Wesley Edens. He owns an impressive 53 million shares that are worth $16 billion. He has also earned an additional 100 million in cash net payouts since the year 2005.

Randal Nardone is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone has also made it to have a place on the Forbes Billionaire list. The Fortress Investment Group was the very first hedge fund to go public in 2007, and the firm managed around $70.2 billion in assets in 2016.

The financial industry has become very successful as well as advanced and developed. In the 2010s banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies are considered to be the top industries rather than the more traditional types of industries such as oil and the railroad. Fortress Investment Group has made many of its founders extremely wealthy, and Randal Nardone was even ranked 557 on the Forbes 2007 World Billionaires list which is a very coveted position to be in. He is now one of the main leaders in the world in the financial industry and has built up quite the impressive resume.

Nardone was previously a member of the executive committee of the Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm before joining Fortress Investment Group. He was managing director, and he is also in many executive positions at Eurocastle Investment Limited, Alea Group Holding, and Brookdale Senior Living. For decades he has been where the action is, and he has established a very efficient allocation of capital which has helped to und many developments all over the world.


Fagali Airport; ‘The Little Samoan Airport That Could’ Is Now An International Hub In The South Pacific

The chain of islands, known as the Samoan Islands, are found in the central vicinity of the South Pacific. Fagali airport, which operates out of the Samoan Islands, is located on the Samoan island of Upolu, which is the second largest of the two islands that comprise more than 90% of the island chain’s entire land mass. It’s also the island which specifically houses about 75% of the nation’s entire population. Fagali airport , which is small and can be found in the village that bears the same name as it does, serves the Upolu capital city of Apia.

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Since its creation, the airport has had its share of ups and downs, including its unremarkable beginning as a rural, unpaved air field. Then, in the summer of 2002, the airport took some significant steps towards modernity. Paved and sealed, it enjoyed a brief period of use before being summarily closed three years later due to a host of concerns, including safety and noise. Flash forward to the same summer period, just four years up the road, and ‘the little airport that could’ gets a second chance at International travel status according to cheapflights.com. In 2009 it underwent renovations and was again reopened for the use of the traveling public. This time it stayed open.

Although once a government-overseen entity, Fagali airport is now privately owned by Polynesian Airlines. There are regularly scheduled flights departing from and arriving at Fagali, including from the largest of the Samoan islands, known as Savai’i, and also from Pago Pago, the capital of American Samoa, which is located southeast of the Samoan chain. Both Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air fly out of Fagali Airport. Would be passengers have the option of contacting the airlines directly, or accessing them on several different websites online. Due to its nature as a tourist hub, there are a number of luxury hotels within easy driving distance of the Fugal airportas well as an array of eating establishments and also the Royal Samoa Golf Course.

Check more about Fagali Airport: https://www.wingsjournal.com/fagali-complete-travel-guide.

Top Ten Tips List by UpWork

Formerly known as Elance-oDesk, Upwork is a freelance company that allows businesses and independent workers to collaborate and work on various different kinds of projects. Recently UpWork released a list of ten tip to advance through your to-do list. The first tip is to capture everything. This simple tip simply says to capture any and all available and incomplete tasks and put them in a to-do list. The next tip is to prepare your list in advance. This tip simply implies that it is a waste of time to start the day planning out a to do list. So instead of making the to do list in the morning, make it the night before.

The next tip is to keep it all in place. This tip is a call back to the first tip. This simply means that you should make a to do list and keep it all in one place, meaning if you write on paper keep it on paper or if you use your iPhone keep it all on there in one place. The fourth tip is to attribute time. This means write down how long it will take and when you anticipate on finishing it. The next tip is to know your priorities. This means know which tasks are important and know which ones are the most important. The next tip is to keep re-evaluating. This means keep deciding which tasks are the most important to finish first. The next tip is stress-free delegation.

This means assign yourself a quick task to do and finish it so you don’t forget. The eighth tip is to zoom in and out. This means evaluate how each task plays a role into the overall project. The ninth tip is batch process. This means if you have to repeat a task several times, do them all at once. The final tip is to assign energy levels. This means that you should decide which tasks are longer and more difficult and which ones are quick and easy to complete

Gareth Henry: Profile in Courage

Gareth Henry is a badminton star who has won multiple medals competing for Jamaica in international competitions. Henry is also a gay man, who has become an activist for LGBTQ rights. Henry fled the country of Jamaica in an effort to receive asylum in Canada. In 2008, he was granted refugee status by the Canadian Government. Although Henry currently resides in Canada, he still represents Jamaica in badminiton at the international level.

Henry is currently the 316th ranked badminton player in the world and he has 154 wins. His ranking has steadily risen since 2011, when he emerged on the international badminton scene. Recently, he won a team bronze medal at the 2018 Pan American Men’s Team Championship. He also won a gold medal in the men’s doubles event at 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.

Henry is prominent for his social activism. He devotes much of his efforts to helping LBGTQ people escape persecution in Jamaica. Gareth Henry, a gay man, has long been an advocate for LGBTQ people. He bravely volunteered to head the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays after its previous director was murdered, even though he knew the peril he would face.

In Jamaica, his outspoken identification as a gay man put him in grave danger, as he was targeted for attack by the island’s police force. Homosexuality is a crime in Jamaica and the island is regarded as a bastion of homophobia. Henry’s efforts to report the attacks to the Jamaican authorities went unheeded. Gareth Henry has 13 friends that have been killed in Jamaica simply for being gay. Henry endured multiple attacks from Jamaican police, and after a long campaign of persecution at the hands of police, Henry was forced to flee the country and seek asylum in Canada.

Gareth Henry is still prominent as an activist. He assists in attempting to relocate LGBTQ people around the world who face persecution and danger in their home countries because of their sexual identity. As of 2016, he has assisted over 60 people in finding refuge in new countries.

Western Union and PSI Pay

Due to Western Union’s money-movement functionalities and ecoPayz’ platform integration, ecoAccount online holders can use Western Union’s global retail and digital network to transfer money from the UK. PSI Pay, the first UK-based online wallet Agent for Western Union, offers ecoPayz branded products. ecoPayz customers can use the Western Union mobile app or Western Union’s retail Agent network across 150 countries and territories. UK customers can now send domestic or international money transfers into banks from their ecoAccounts. This will help Western Union integrate into the modern digital financial ecosystem. Jonathon Amrani of PSI Pay Ltd., said the company was excited to work with Wester Union and reach more people through their network. The 2017 World Retail Banking Report said non-traditional firms’ services and products are used by almost one-third of banking customers worldwide.

Western Union has 550,000 retail Agent locations in over 200 countries. It moved more than $300 billion in principal in almost 130 currencies in 2017. For every second of the day, they process 32 transactions. Western Union helps move money, connect businesses, family, and friends to promote economic growth.

PSI Pay is one of Mastercard Worldwide and Visa’s Principal Issuing Members. They issue debit, prepaid, and virtual payment cards. Bitcoin and other currencies have effected the way people make payments, but there is some confusion about the differences between cryptocurrency and e-money. Cryptocurrencies are not centrally regulated, while e-money depends on government regulation. The value of bitcoin is determined by supply and demand in the system, while e-money is determined by the exchange of fiat currency in the electronic form. Psi Pay is regulated and authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, and it offers alternative payment solutions to companies. It offers secure and convenient payment services to businesses and individuals worldwide. They pride themselves on transparency, efficiency, and clarity. Psi-Pay members can deposit and withdraw funds from the local banking network in 44 currencies across 173 countries. Phil Davies, the managing director of Psi Pay, says he is keen to cross match technology solutions with effective and intelligent security and risk management tools that provide everyone with a safer environment.




Sheldon Lavin Runs A Meat Company Based On Sustainability

Not too long ago, a university in India held a ceremony at their Global Vision Academy to recognize a man who turned a small meat supply company into a global network that supplies supermarkets and fast food chains including McDonald’s all over the world. That man is Sheldon Lavin of OSI Industries who was once a financier who used his financial growth strategies to build a huge food portfolio at OSI. Lavin was honored to receive this award and for him, he attributes the company’s sustainability model to its success. Sustainability, he says not only is about being conscious about how the company operations affect the environment, but also about how it’s socially responsible, and even more so responsible in every nation’s economy.

Sheldon Lavin worked at an investment bank for years before he met the owners of Otto & Sons, the name of OSI before it was later changed. He left that position to run his own consulting firm where he met the owners of Otto & Sons and subsequently served as a financing middleman. He became more involved with the company as the years went on, and as Otto & Sons partner McDonald’s announced plans to open new restaurant locations they asked that Sheldon Lavin take a role in leading Otto & Sons. He was made a partner owner in the company and appointed CEO and Chairman where he has served for over 40 years, but even now he doesn’t plan on retiring just yet.

Sheldon Lavin has built a culture not only of sustainability, but also of respect and family in the way everyone is treated. He even once said in an interview that he likes being called Shelly instead of Mr. Lavin. Along with the Global Visionary award, he’s also received the Edward C. Jones community service award for his partnering OSI Industries with non-profit groups like the Chicago Inner City Foundation and the Boys and Girls Clubs. You can usually see more statements from Lavin by going to OSI’s Facebook page.

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Adam Milstein And His Donation Innovation

Adam Milstein is mostly know for his generous and charitable contributions to the Israeli and Jewish-American communities. Adam Milstein and his wife Gila have also co-founded several highly successful non-profit pro-Israeli organizations. Among these organizations is the Israeli American Council (IAC). It was founded in 2007 and is based in Los Angeles, California. Other organizations are the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the Sifryat Pijama B’America. All of these organizations have the common goal of promoting the unification of Israeli-Americans as well as helping to nurture a stronger sense of Jewish identity among the children of first-generation Israeli-Americans.

Adam Milstein first came to the United States with his family in 1981 and soon earned his MBA from UCLA. After completing his formal education he went into the commercial real estate business where he was able to quickly move up to the position of managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties firm. Adam Milstein currently lives in Encino, California with his family which includes three daughters, two grandsons, and a granddaughter.

Many of the charitable deeds that were attributed to the Israeli-American community were inspired from the charitable actions of a friend of Adam Milstein. That is when Adam and his wife began to co-found several non-profit pro-Israeli organizations. Adam and his wife have implemented what’s known as the Donor Forum. The Donor Forum provides a facilitated method of creating a closer relationship between philanthropists and soon to be non-profit organizations. The couple is also well known for continuously assisting pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish non-profits to get established. The couple helps them by providing the organizations with resources through their own organization.

Adam and Gila also participate in the events themselves to ensure their success. They actively participate and give their own time to work with people. Recent events have been able to raise substantial amounts of money. A recent event held by the Israeli-American Council was able to raise over $16.5 million. The donors that were able to assist in the raising of this lucrative amount of money were Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. Many of the participants feel that the IAC has made tremendous progress over the years.


Dr. Mark McKenna: Featuring Early Background Information

Dr. Mark McKenna serves as Medical Doctor. He also has license in medicine and surgery from the Board of Medical Examiners of Florida State and Georgia. The Doctor also was open in saying he believes he was an entrepreneur since birth. When he was growing up his parents were both self-employed. Dr. Mark McKenna thinks that he got shifted to him an entrepreneur mind. Also, his parents gave him wonderful examples of what should be expected from an entrepreneur. That was by his parents businesses.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s father is an experience surgeon with a private practice of his own. Also, his mother is an owner of a publishing company of her own. When he was really young his parents who were his examples introduced him with an impression of independence. That sense was never given up. Currently, he believes that he can’t see working for anyone else. Also, he’s been entrepreneur since going into a work environment.

Dr. Mark McKenna would spend free time working late at a local prison undergoing medical examinations. While doing that he made enough money to create his first investment. This was in real estate. Quickly he established his first company. This was called “McKenna Crescent Investments. The company consistently grew. This took him to both start up Universal Mortgage Lending and obtain Uptown Title. This was as time went on. They would construct and create real estate properties that were populous. This company portfolio gave him the chance to get everything done in-house. They would plan and construct financing, residential real estate properties, begin financing of mortgages.

Over fifty-five people in the company had jobs. That was until hit of Hurricane Katrina. Not that long millions of his money left his portfolio, his company began to come alive again. Low-income housing that was destroyed in the flooding was reconstructed or modernized.

The Doctor also has a new company called OVME. This company gives the ability to link those who want to advance themselves with practitioners of improved heath. This is a clinic that mixes Uber’s advantage with ShapeMed’s experience and standard.


Dick Devos and the FAA

Dick Devos has been named to the FAA’s Management Advisory Council. For many years, Devos has worked alongside the aviation industry, although many only know him from his days as the President and CEO of Amway. He has been working in other industries as well as helping his hometown of Grand Rapids since the 1990s.


In the early 1990s, Devos was just coming out of a sales role at Amway, where he had led global sales. He wanted to help Grand Rapids expand and become a rapidly growing business epicenter. To do that, he gathered all of the business leaders together and looked at different areas of the city that could be built to bring in new traffic and commerce. The first idea was to build a sports arena and convention center, but the plans were far outside of the downtown area and business district.


Devos saw that as a warning sign because it reminded him of what had happened in Detroit when the teams left and there was no need for a sports arena. He wanted to bring some kind of sustainable building to the area, so they decided to build a Performing Arts Center. In fact, over $134 million has been donated to Grand Rapids and education from the Devos Family Foundation. The foundation has given these contributions and helped build a variety of different centers for community and growth.


Most people see Devos as a businessman, but he is more than that. He has several pilot licenses and a real passion for education. He has championed educational choice along with his wife, and he has run for governor. While not successful in his run, he was able to get a taste of the political spotlight and finally find an area where he can continue his legacy. He has worked alongside the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford Airport for many years, bringing in new business and helping the airport expand.


In the early 2000s, he worked with the airlines to create an international business traveler center as well as new food court upgrades.


Most people don’t realize that Devos has joined the FAA as a volunteer and will be meeting with the council every three months to help the FAA plan and decide upon different regulations and budgets.


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NewsWatch TV: A Suitable Marketing Partner According To Various Reviews

Making its claim to fame in 1989, NewsWatch TV is an entertainment source that many have come to know, love, and faithfully tune in to. Offering 30 minutes of engrossing content, NewsWatch TV centers around the following topics: political campaigns, business affairs, medical breakthroughs, product releases, fashion, technology, travel, and tourist hot spots. Most prominently, though, NewsWatch TV is renowned for their celebrity interviews. In fact, some of Hollywood’s finest have appeared on their program. From Bradley Cooper and Mila Kunis to Will Smith and Carrie Underwood, superstars of elite status have given NewsWatch TV their esteemed stamp of approval.

While NewsWatch TV takes pride in their celebrity endorsements, this news outlet shines most when flexing their marketing muscles. In other words, NewsWatch TV partners with companies of varying sizes to promote products and services via personalized campaigns. Though delivering enthralling stories is their shtick, NewsWatch TV also has a genius for advertising. The outpouring of adoration they’ve received from clients validates this claim. In fact, here are what companies find most rewarding when partnering with NewsWatch TV.

In addition to being marketing connoisseurs, NewsWatch TV also has considerable influence. As it happens, their show airs on nearly 100 million households. No doubt a staggering figure, companies relish the idea of making it to such a substantial amount of television screens. What’s more, working with NewsWatch TV doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Up-and-coming brands even state that their modest budget allows for a decent advertising plan. Finally, NewsWatch TV invariably delivers on their promises, generating leads while furnishing companies with a favorable ROI.