Peter Briger: Dedicating time and money to supporting young Entrepreneurs.

When Peter Briger heard that Princeton would start a fund to support Entrepreneurs he was among the first to contribute to the cause. In fact, Briger was among the first three who saw the fund become a reality. He had attended Princeton and graduated with a B.A as part of the class of 86 and had always appreciated what the University had to offer. Peter Briger considered one of the most influential business personalities in America is also one of the most successful Alumni of Princeton University. He began working for Goldman Sachs almost immediately after completing his degree before he attended the Wharton School of Business to study for his MBA. His credentials would help him move up the corporate ladder, and by 1996 he was a partner at Goldman Sachs.

This would help propel him into another point of his career when he joined Fortress Invest Group. This is the organization where he has been able to achieve really huge career success in an organization that currently oversees more than forty billion dollars in assets. His rise to the top has not been easy, and as such he understands the journey that aspiring Entrepreneurs have to go through to get to the top of the food chain. By investing in a fund that helps young entrepreneurs at startup level, Peter Briger was investing not only in individuals but in what would become potentially life-changing concepts.

The fund uses a panel of judges to sieve through a number of proposals to establish the most promising ones.The chosen proposals are then awarded a hundred thousand dollars in seed money as well as advice from experienced entrepreneurs to help them get through the unforgiving world of entrepreneurship. This contribution is in line with Princeton’s dream of growing entrepreneurs and making it a trend within the university. Already the fund has been able to achieve some level of success with the initial four awardees doing well in the industry. Peter Briger, on the other hand, continues to achieve career excellence as he was recently appointed Co-CEO of Fortress Investment group helping him become more influential as he is already Co-Chairman of the Board.