Lime Crime: Bring Your Inner Beauty Out!!!

Is there a better line of beauty products for the spring season than Lime Crime??? I … think not!!! With many types of eye palette colors (oh, ‘dat purple ‘doh!!) along with their ultra-convenient compact versions, foundations that make the ultimate canvas for you to express yourself with, bold and beautiful lipsticks that will last you all day, and don’t forget that head-turning lip gloss along with nails that would make a cat jealous, Lime Crime has everything you need to bring your inner beauty out!!! And, always remember, that Lime Crime’s products are vegan and cruelty free!!! Outstanding, if I do say so myself!!! … And, I do! has all the specific deets you’ll need. But, we’ll cover a few here as well. The Venus eye shadow line is quite impressive, to say the least. First, there’s the original Venus with 8 VERY nice neutral palettes: Venus for a bold velvet matte, Shell for a beautiful pink glow, Aura for a stunning golden ivory glow, Creation for a wicked rust matte, Icon for an earthy dirt brown pearl matte, Rebirth for that juicy nectarine matte, Divine for a strong, dusty stone matte, and Muse for a deep, dark, burgundy matte. All beautiful and sure to make you stand out from the crowd! The Venus 2 and 3 have 8 more exceptional color combinations each to choose from. And the Venus XL has 18 shades and 4 finishes, all fit for royalty!!! The Venus, Venus 2 and Venus 3 are a steal at $38.00 each, and the XL goes for $56.00.

And don’t forget those signature lipsticks!n The Plushies for that soft and supple goodness, the Matte Velvetines for subtlety (which is everything; nudge-nudge, wink-wink) and yet, a bit of bold, Metallic Velvetines for some vibrant and beautiful sheen, and the Diamond Crushers for that ultra-bold, statement making glossyness to make you standout. And don’t forget the bundles and Diamond Crusher Unicorn Cracker Box (which is usually sold out, go figure!!!). With to many colors to list, these lipsticks are more than competitively priced from $12-$20. The bundles might be a bit more. But, if you really like experimenting, they are WELL worth it!!!