Oxford Club of The Agora, gives investment adivce

The Oxford Club is an exclusive, international, and private network of elite and truthful entrepreneurs and investors with its primary mission being fostering the financial, wellness, and educational growth of its members while protecting their wealth. The Oxford Club, as an independent global economic organization, has more than 150,000 members in over 100 countries globally, adding to their affiliated clubhouses in the host countries. Among the many privileges the club members enjoy, one includes numerous investment opportunities, thanks to its indomitable research prowess since 1989 when it was founded. The investment philosophy of the Oxford Club, as well as the ability to convey new investment ideas to the members, has passed the time test, with almost three decades of successfully delivering their mission through all market conditions.
One of the founders of the Oxford Club, who is also the founder of Agora Inc., William Bonner, helped in steering the club’s mission and vision, which was formerly known as the Passport Club when it was founded in 1989. The founders’ core vision was creating a privately-controlled financial club that brought together investors with a common interest in identifying and pursuing unique opportunities on a global scale. The investors also agree that the most lucrative investment opportunities are found via personal connections as opposed to the mainstream press.

The analysts at the Oxford Club use asset-allocated and market-neutral strategies of investment at different levels of risk in the assessment of opportunities with lower risk portfolios but offering the highest gains. The information is relayed to the investors on a monthly basis mainly through the Oxford Club’s educational arm, Investment U as well as their Wealthy Retirement program in the form of published educational advisories and premium research services. Additionally, club members receive information-sharing opportunities through regional seminars, global financial tours, and online exchanges. Members of the Oxford Club are also eligible for The Oxford Communiqué which is a newsletter often ranked as a top performing portfolio in the country.